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The most effective way to deal with Dermatillomania is turning to professional help. We offer online counseling for Dermatillomania patients:

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The Complete Guide to Compulsive Skin Picking Disorders will teach you:
  • All about the treatment methods that work.
  • Therapy systems that have proven effective in treating compulsive picking.
  • When to use medication, and when to avoid it.
  • All the possible causes of the disorder.
  • The nature of compulsive behaviors and related disorders.
  • ...and much more
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Visit the info section, where you'll learn about skin picking, its symptoms, causes, treatment, similar disorders and more. Selected articles:

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  • Visit the Forum, where you'll find other people who have Dermatillomania. If you haven't yet talked to others about your disorder - this is your chance. Here you can tell your story, ask questions, and support others who have same compulsions as you do.
  • Visit our "Ask the Expert" page, where you will find answers to commonly asked questions about skin picking.

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We're maintaining a list of treatment providers who treat compulsive picking disorders. If you're seeking professional help, try finding a therapist near you on this list. If you're a treatment provider who treats skin picking patients, get listed for free.

Skin Picking / Dermatillomania research

Today little is known about compulsive skin picking with regard to its causes and treatment methods. These are some of the efforts currently made by the scientific community in the field of skin picking research. Learn more...