Does anyone pick at their belly button and ears?

I dont know how long i havebeen picking at my belly button and ears for but im 15 right now and it seems like it hasbeen the longest time ever. i seem to do it now that i think about more when im stressed or doing homework. i dont think anyone else does this but i pick at my belly button and i smell my finger after it smells delightful and i read about other people who say it smells disgusting and i dont understand how i find the smell of mine so addicting. i also tend to start picking at my ears and ill pick out my ear wax and smell it too and just any scabs that i have ill pick at the and eat them as well. i know it sounds so disgusting but i cant help it. i just feel sort of relived after i smell my finger from my belly button and thats the worse i do. i also pick at my nose and eat my boogers... i know what am i five? i know that started when i was reeally little and i though it would stop as i grew but it hasnt. please let me know if you do any of these things as well i need to know that i am not alone. do you smell your belly button? pick and eat your ear wax? pick your nose and eat your boogers? i feel like im the only 15 year old girl that does....

You are not alone, when it comes to picking at your ears at least. I don't do the belly button picking, but I understand the habit. I have eczema in my ears so they itch constantly. I use tissue and twirl it and then stick it in my ear to "scratch" the itch. Sometimes I have a little wax, and I just will smell it and I find that very addicting. I like the smell myself. Call me crazy, Oh well!!!
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