Enroll for counseling service before price goes up.

Our counseling service for skin picking patients has grown in popularity this year, partly due to the fact that people are becoming more aware of their problem and the options to treat it, and partly due to Dr. Ted Grossbart, who's a worldwide known expert at treating Dermatillomania, who leads our counseling program.

Due to several changes that occurred recently in our practice, we decided to alter our counseling price. From Dec 1st, 2011, the price per session of the counseling goes up from $180 to $210.

If you want to enjoy the previous price of $180/session, you can do that by enrolling prior to December 1st, 2011. Note that you will pay the lower price even for sessions that occur after Dec 1st, provided that you enrolled prior to Dec 1st.


For information on the skin picking disorder (Dermatillomania), symptoms, causes and treatment methods, get the Complete Guide to Skin Picking _disorders.

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