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Children's book on subject of CSP and Trich

We got an email from William Michael Davidson. He's a father of a girl who has Trichotillomania. He wrote a book called "The Dragon Who Pulled Her Scales". It a children's book telling a tale of a girl dragon who has a secret...

Long ago, in a world where dragons were the world's protectors, a beautiful dragon named Ellam lived in a cool, misty cave. Although Ellam liked to have fun with her friends, she had a secret. She liked to pull out her scales. Ellam was always careful to cover her body--she didn't want anyone to see that she was missing her scales. That is, until one day when Everwynn, the great king of dragons, needed someone for a special mission. Someone without scales.

Join Ellam on her exciting journey as she discovers that everyone's wounds have purpose, and the storms we travel through are part of a greater plan.

It was real heart warming to get the message from William about this book. I hope it will be a source of hope and encouragement for both kids and adults who struggle with trichotillomania or skin-picking.

You can get the book on Amazon.

And here's the facebook page of the book.

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