New blog by Dr. Ted Grossbart

Recently I had an email correspondence with Dr. Grossbart, whom I know since he agreed to give an interview on the topic of Dermatillomania for SkinPick.

He let me know that he recently written some blog posts on Psychology Today. I really appreciate Dr. Grossbart and his approach for the treatment of skin problems. You can find his blog here. Although he writes about treating skin problems in general, and not necessarily about Dermatillomania, he devotes major part of his practice to helping skin picking and trich patients.

Hello, I just had an appt with my 3rd rematologist. Recommended duoderm for the 3 month old sore in my cheek, and also a medication called "pimozide" the problem is that I currently take lexapro, and have been for 7 years. How safe do you think that would be due to the contraindications with pimozide?
Hi, I am currently seeing a head doctor but I was hoping to find a dermatologist that actually treats the skin. Most dematologist are not familiar with severe skin picking. I would like to see a dermatologist that has experience in treating patients skin with this disorder. I'm not looking for a cure for the disease, I just need to see someone who can help with the healing process of the skin. I have called multiple dermatologist in my area even pediatric dermatologist. Most are insensitive or don't have experience with having these type of patients. If you know of any, please contact me asap. Thanks, Gail ps: I would be willing to travel outofstate

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