Skin Picking / Dermatillomania research

Skin Picking / Dermatillomania research

Today little is known about compulsive skin picking with regard to its causes and treatment methods. These are some of the efforts currently made by the scientific community in the field of skin picking research.

  • A study investigating associations between perfectionism, experiential avoidance, affect-regulation, and self-punishment in compulsive skin picking, that is being carried out as part of an undergraduate research project at St. Mary's University College, England. Learn more...
  • Department of Psychiatry - University of Minnesota. This study is aimed towards identifying treatment options for those dealing with CSP. Learn more...
  • Research Study on the Relationship Between Caffeine, Self-Injury, and Family-of-Origin Relationships Learn more...

Researchers who are conducting studies on CSP related topics, and need our help (in form of input, publishing surveys etc) are welcome to contact us now.

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