Treatment for Skin Picking

People who suffer from compulsive skin picking find it hard, if not utterly impossible, to stop on their own, using just will power. This is due to the inherent nature of this disorder.

It is highly advised to turn for professional help. In any case you should not keep this to yourself, and sharing with others may by itself be a relieving process.

Fortunately, this disorder has been getting some attention from the therapists community in recent years, and more treatment providers are aware of this disorder, gaining experience at treating skin picking patients.

Finding Therapists Who Treat Skin Picking

We began compiling a list of therapists worldwide who treat this disorder. If you suffer from skin picking and seeking professional help, try finding a therapist near you on this list. If you're a treatment provider who treats skin picking patients, get listed for free.

Online Counseling

If you decided to seek professional help, but haven't found a therapist near you, or you prefer online counseling over regular "walk-in" sessions, you may want to consider our online counseling service.


If you're still not ready for counseling or unsure about it, or you just have a specific question about
your condition, you may want to browse our free "Ask The Expert" section. Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions about skin picking.