Research Study on the Relationship Between Caffeine, Self-Injury, and Family-of-Origin Relationships

Anxiety and physical and emotional abuse have been shown to be prevalent among people who skin pick (otherwise known as Dermatillomania). People who skin-pick are often found to have higher rates of anxiety than those who do not and research has shown that most people who skin-pick have a diagnosable anxiety disorder. Research has also reported that people who skin pick have reported higher rates of physical and emotional abuse in childhood than those who do not. Research on stressful early parent-child relationships has demonstrated increased sensitivity to anxiety in adulthood by way of altered dopaminergic and serotonergic systems, which are two neurological systems that caffeine acts upon. The study below aims to examine the relationships between caffeine, skin-picking, and early family dynamics. By participating in the study you may help contribute to society gaining a more holistic perspective of skin-picking and in helping to develop more comprehensive treatment modalities for people dealing with Dermatillomania. Please click on the link below to access the survey. All responses will be kept anonymous and confidential. Thank you for participating. Click Here to take survey This study has been approved by the International Review Board at Alliant International University and is being conducted by Dr. Steven Jella and Cassandra Curtis