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mentallymangaartist , 26 Jan 2023

need friends

Hi... my name sapphire im 17 in high-school diagnosed with depression anxiety and bipolar...i find this hard to deal with since i have no friends i get judge and bullied and struggle with my dreams and goals...i cant handle stress well and P.T.S.D. haunts me a lot and my past scares me...IDK how it started but i would use my teeth to rip chuncks of my tounge to point were i do it for hours on a daily bases my tounge heals so i do it when the pain stops im overly senstive so i struggle a lot because idk how to be bold or take things well...but i do this on daily bases i want to stop but now and then my tounge would have this i would bite down and rip my tounge on were ever that pain is.


what should i do...

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