Client Reviews

When asking our clients for feedback, we ask these two questions:

  1. How do you sum up your experience with the program and was it beneficial?
  2. Would you recommend it to others who suffer from excoriation disorder?

Here are the replies we get:

I feel extremely proud that I was able to stick through and complete the entire program! As you mentioned, it was very difficult but I knew it was worth it, and it certainly has been. My face looks a thousand times better already and everywhere I go, people say, "wow, your skin looks great!"

Past client, finished the program in Dec 2017

My experience with the program was definitely beneficial. I would totally recommend it to anyone who is struggling with Dermatillomania. However, do not expect a miracle to happen because it is not what this program is offering. There is no miracle solution and anyone who tells you they found one is a liar. There is no cure to Dermatillomania. To overcome this, you have to work hard. This therapy has taught me so many things about the behavior and about myself. My journey is not over (and who knows if it will ever really be) but this program has given me better tools to learn to live with my problem. It has given me back some of the hope I had lost. I had a wonderful therapist who worked with me week after week with a lot of patience and understanding. This has helped me a lot more than I thought. After picking for years, it is only normal that things don't change overnight. The key: patience and practice.

Past client, finished the program in Nov 2017

1. This program is very insightful and well-organized. I learned how to listen to my body and mind, and take care of them. It was difficult to delve into my problem areas, but my therapist and the strategic layout of the program guided me through the process smoothly. 2. Yes, I am really impressed with this program. P.S. My therapist is really great.

Past client, finished the program in Nov 2017

Amazingly beneficial. Therapist was very knowledgeable about this subject and was able to guide me to examine thoughts and feelings and provide methods to deter behaviors. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has a picking issue.

Past client, finished the program in Nov 2017

1. I would sum up this experience as life changing. I learned more than I ever thought I could about my condition and along with that information, I was given the tools to successfully overcome my picking problem. It was extremely beneficial. 2. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone suffering from this type of behavior. This program is worth every penny and I am so thankful I went through with it. I have taken what I have learned and applied it to not only my picking problem but to several other areas of my life. Because of this program, my life and my outlook on life has improved significantly. I am very grateful for SkinPick and my therapist!

Past client, finished the program in Nov 2017

the experience was very beneficial. I learnt lots of methods that help me in my day to day life and my condition improved dramatically during those 8 weeks. I'm not completely "over it" yet but I have the knowledge to deal with it during day to day life and I feel much better about myself. One of the most important things that helped me in the first weeks of the program is the assurance that I'm not supposed to improve immediately and that it is ok that I pick. Yes , i would recommend it to others who have this condition.

Past client, finished the program in Sep 2017

I have found this to be a very helpful programme. I never expected it to deal with issues such as my values and goals - I had initially thought there would only be a focus on dealing with surface behaviours. This has been a nice surprise as discussing these things and setting value-based goals has helped me in many other parts of my life, as well as the picking behaviour. In terms of the picking, I know I still have a long way to go and it will take work on my part. But I have a lot more hope that I can get there and that this programme has helped me to put a good foundation in place for true improvement (which I have never managed to achieve previously). And yes, I would recommend this programme to someone else looking for help with this behaviour. One of the reasons I have never felt confident about seeking help through therapy is having to face someone in person - the shame is too great. I really appreciate the ability to speak freely and anonymously through the online programme. I'm also grateful for your understanding words along the way which has made me feel a lot more comfortable. Thanks again for all of your support

Past client, finished the program in Aug 2017

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU!! You have been such a tremendous help and I am so grateful for that. You have truly changed my life bcause picking no longer rules my it. I would love to provide my feedback: 1. My experience with this program has been nothing short of amazing. Before the program, I felt alone and like I would never be able to stop picking my skin. Now, I don't have any problems whatsoever with skin picking. I will forever be grateful for this program! 2. I would absolutely recommend it to someone who needs it. It works!

Past client, finished the program in Aug 2017

I would like to say that my experience with the program has been very positive and successful. I am not totally cured by no means but it has made me aware of my triggers and definitely helped me to cut down on my self destructive skin picking behavior. It holds me accountable if this makes sense. I highly recommend the program to someone else looking for help. Having someone to talk to really does help with your treatment towards a cure.

Past client, finished the program in Aug 2017

I would absolutely recommend this program for someone who is dealing with similar behaviors such as skin-picking. The program helps you to break down what seems like an insurmountable issue that you have no control over into smaller, more manageable pieces. Investigating the whys of the behavior is the first step in stopping it. Thank you for helping me to gain some control back in my life. I can leave my house without makeup on!

Past client, finished the program in July 2017