Client Reviews

When asking our clients for feedback, we ask these two questions:

  1. How do you sum up your experience with the program?
  2. Would you recommend it to others who suffer from excoriation disorder?

Here are the replies we get:

1. My experience with Skin Pick program has been positive. I started it feeling excited that I had finally found something that can help me fix this problem or at the very least help me understand why I pick. I have definitely learnt a lot about myself and hope that by the end of this program I will have my picking under control. 2. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for help with this behaviour. I did not have any other options where I come from and I would have had to explain too much to the therapist. Here, my therapist knows the problem already and there is a clear program in place.

Past client, finished the program in Jan 2016

I have learned a lot about myself and while I am still picking I feel a lot stronger emotionally. I am happy I took this course even though difficult at times. Yes I would suggest this program to others it is a subject matter hard to discuss face to face. I really felt comfortable talking like this.

Past client, finished the program in Dec 2015

I have been recommending this program and site since I discovered it. I find it to be the most informative and approachable for any user on the topics that revolve around dermatillomania. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to change their skin picking habits. I was a curious skeptic when I first landed on this site. I have dermatillomania, and have struggled to understand it and stop it for over 20 years. I did not understand the correlation of my skin picking to OCD and your site opened my eyes. I read all the information in all the nooks and crannies and then with slight hesitation enrolled in the on-line therapy sessions. I found it easier to be open and honest with this program, more than a face to face therapy session. I was brutally honest here. To make this program work, for yourself, you have to be honest and sincere in your efforts. The awareness and changes do not happen overnight, every day has new challenges as well as new accomplishments. I constantly had to remind myself to think in single steps and to not run. I will always have to remind myself to slow down and acknowledge the small, single accomplishments day to day. Am I cured? No. But I am on the road to healthier skin, healthier thoughts and a healthier lifestyle that allows me to cope with and manage my OCD behaviors and my Dermatillomania. My therapist was caring and appreciative of my every effort. They posed questions to further my thought process along the way, and when I needed to take a step back and re do a few weeks, they were very supportive. There is now easy cure, no pill, no program that will solve any case of dermatillomania overnight or in a day. Your cure to dermatillomania is unique to you and only works if you are willing to put the daily effort into your individualized coping plan.

Past client, finished the program in Dec. 2015

it is really valuable as it helps us understand why we pick and the forum helps us interact with and support others with the same problem. I never understood why I picked before all these lessons.I also liked the worksheets and the detailed answers we had to give. I see complete improvement in my skin-picking. Yes, I would recommend this program .

Past client, finished the program in November 2015

Don't expect that this therapy is some miraculous cure for all your problems. Skinpicking won't disappear by itself. You have some independent work to do and it is by no means easy. However, this program provides you with great help on your way. The therapist's responses have always been very timely and I felt that I could address her with all sorts of questions, not only the ones related to skinpicking. She has always been very patient and helpful. ... In order to get the maximum effect of this program, I would recommend you to follow all the instructions and take them seriously. I am happy I have completed it: I believe it has set me on the right track.

Past client, finished the program in Oct 2015

I feel relieved that now I truly have a better understanding of the why, when, how, etc. behind my reason for picking. I am confident that I can overcome this and get back to living the well-rounded, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle I desire.

Past client, finished the program in Oct 2015

I enjoyed the process and felt the changes inside. Change is hard work! But I am so glad I did this and thank you for all your help along the way. 1) Yes I found this program valuable! I saw a mild reduction in picking. I think I need more time to internalize what I've learned which is why I'm making the notebook! 2) Yes I would recommend to others!

Past client, finished the program in Sep 2015

1. I found the program to be very helpful for me to learn more about my thoughts and behaviour regarding my Dermatillomania. I have become more aware of what triggers me and what I can do instead, as well as learning to deal with anxiety and stress a different way. My behaviour awareness has risen which makes is easier to make mindful choices based on my values. I believe now that I have the power and tools to, with long and hard practice, break the bad habits I so long wanted to eliminate. 2. I would definitely recommend this program for anyone who's suffering with Dermatillomania, this will help if you are committed!

Past client, finished the program in Sep 2015

The program was a positive experience overall, however there were times when I struggled and picked more as my awareness of picking increased. If this [happens] don't be put off, continue with the program as this increased awareness will be turned on its head for you to make more positive decisions around your picking behaviour. It can be difficult to face that inner you, but you learn a lot from this insight. As a skin picker for around 25 years this is the start of a process of me reducing this habit, but the program has definitely given me a great start and lots of tools in my belt to reduce and hopefully one day stop picking. I definitely pick less now and I am less distressed around my behaviour, leading to less reason to pick. I have tried hypnotherapy in the past and this has helped temporarily but the tools that you learn in this therapy are more portable and usable in everyday life without having to find somewhere quiet to listen to audio, the lessons have also helped me in other areas of my life too. I would highly recommend the programme for skin pickers and others with habitual negative behaviours. If you are concerned with the online element, even though I don't know what my therapist looks like or sounds like I felt supported by her, and even though I didn't use her beyond the worksheets I knew that I could run things past her if I had questions and she would respond quickly. Thanks for helping with this long-term infuriating habit, I am grateful.

Past client, finished the program in June 2015

1. I feel like I learned some new ideas such as stimulus control, competing response and mindfulness to help alleviate my skinpicking habit. I also have some exercises I can do instead of picking. 2. I would recommend the program to others with this problem. There really isn’t very much information on the internet about skinpicking and it was never something any doctor ever mentioned to me when I went in to have them examine my ears after picking at them. All they did was give me a prescription for a topical cream which only helped temporarily.

Past client, finished the program in June 2015