Client Reviews

When asking our clients for feedback, we ask these two questions:

  1. How do you sum up your experience with the program?
  2. Would you recommend it to others who suffer from excoriation disorder?

Here are the replies we get:

1. I would love to provide feedback for you to use on the website. This program was an incredibly helpful tool and I definitely know that more people in my situation could benefit from it. To sum up my experience, I would say that I went into the program thinking that I would focus only on my dermatillomania, but in reality, it was much deeper than that. Through the different sessions, which I completed weekly, I was able to learn just how harmful my thought processes were. My biggest breakthrough was that no matter what I do, I'll probably always feel the urge to release my anxiety, but I don't have to pick my skin to achieve that release I crave. There are other ways to cope with the urge to pick my skin, but it starts with understanding the behavior. I feel like I have a much better knowledge of my tendencies and as a result, I am able to not act on my urges to pick. 2. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone battling dermatillomania. Therapists who specialize in this kind of disorder can be hard to find, but the online program made it so easy to get the help I needed. I was at my wit's end and ready to do something about my skin picking, and immersed myself in the reading and worksheets. If you like self-paced work and are committed to focusing on the sessions and responding to the worksheets honestly and thoughtfully, this program is what you have been looking for. I attribute my success to my ability to do the work on a regular basis (weekly), taking what my therapist said to heart, and my husband for being by my side throughout the whole process. The program really is an investment in your happiness, which at the end of the day, is priceless.

Past client, March 2015

1) I found that having a therapist to review my responses and provide additional reflection was one of the most valuable parts of the program. I think it kept me accountable and may have had a harder time finishing the program if I was working through totally independently. I also really enjoyed the way the program emphasized learning how to be aware of, and accept the feelings that lead me to pick, and reframe my thoughts/urges, rather than just try to struggle to resist the urges. 2) I would certainly recommend the program to others. My only caveat is that the program is not a magical fix/cure-all, but gives you the tools and a strong foundation to manage and reduce the behaviour, which will involve long-term effort. I found it particularly useful in combination with other activities I am using (meditation, hypnosis/relaxation).

Skin picker, finished the program on Dec 2014

The program has been and continues to be helpful. It gave me the means to new and deeper insight into my own life through this insidious disorder or habit or whatever one wishes to call it. I thought I knew it all and had tried everything, but I was incorrect. The program brought the shame, guilt, frustration, hopelessness from darkness into the light to be examined in the context of not being alone. I would and will recommend it to anyone struggling with this disorder. I think it needs to be an ongoing therapy program with aftercare component.

Skin picker, finished the program on Dec 2014

1) I would sum up my experience so far as enlightening and also filled with reassurance that I am not alone with this condition 2) I would highly recommend anyone dealing with skin picking to use your sight and purchase the book and I have already directed one of my friends to view your information on-line.

Skin picker, finished the program on Dec 2014

My experience with the program has been overall very good. While there are similar self-help books, it is much more effective to have feedback from a therapist along the way, and to have a clear 8-week structure that keeps you motivated to work through the various stages. For me, this was the reason to try the online course, as books did not feel 'responsive' enough (or, maybe, I wasn't responsive enough to books). I think the structure of reading sessions and reflective exercises works well, and although I was slightly skeptical at the beginning, I have noticed that I have learned quite a lot. In that sense, the program was definitely beneficial, and I feel that I have all the tools and reasons to finish the skin picking. Yes, I would recommend the program to others.

Skin picker, Dec 2014

I learned a lot of new strategies from the Skin Pick program. I would learn a lot every week and plan to implement what I learned but it was hard to remember everything. I am still picking regularly so I did not get the results I wanted from the program but I do think my habits would become less ingrained if I practiced the strategies more consistently. I do think I am more aware of my picking though and notice my moods and triggers. I would definitely recommend this program to other skin-pickers because there were so many helpful strategies and practices that were taught.

B. Skin Picker, Dec 2014

The program was very enlightening and I would recommend it to others.

E. Dec 2014

I felt myself adjusting as the program progressed. I have seen and noticed a difference in my picking urges and behavior now as a result. It's been such an eye opening experience in so many ways.

I. Skin picker, Dec 2014

I completed the 8th week last Monday. It has given me a base for recovery that I had been sorely lacking. It's an approachable program and its targeted so deeply at what lies beneath the picking behavior patterns. I hadn't wanted to look within and it's all about that and resetting the mind, body and soul to see there is another, healthy way to cope. I'm glad I completed the program when I did. It actually got me through such a tough time in my pregnancy. It's been difficult to say the least and nothing is ever easy, but it's been a gift all the way and continues on. Just a thought, as I know it's a struggle to find any sort of treatment for skin picking and this website and program is a Godsend. I wish it were available locally to all who suffer. I'm sure I'm not alone in that wish.

D. Skin picker. Oct 2014.

Even though I did not complete the program yet (I'm on session 4), I think it is working for me. The content of the sessions is rich and interesting, and provides me with a lot of useful information about the skin picking disorder, and of course about the treatment strategies. I also find the therapist's help useful - some of the concepts introduced in the content are rather hard to comrehend, and my therapist helped me with the difficult parts. Overall it is a surprisingly good program for me, and I'm looking forward to completing the rest of the sessions. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from the same.

Skin picker for 13 years