Does any know what I'm talking about?! b/c I have no clue..

i have a question regarding white pin-head dots that I am pulling out of my skin, and what the long term consequences for such actions will be. Ok so I've been picking since I was 19. Now four years later my arms above the elbow and my shoulders are dotted with dozens and dozens of dime to quarter sized pink scars, mixed in with 5 or 6 "active volcanoes." Typically the raging volcanoes start out as a tiny blemish of some sort; Ingrown hair, small nick of skin, even a pimple. After continual picking, they quickly expand and often become infected. when the wounds that are infected become scabs they are literally craters in my skin. if left alone for enough time the crater will forum a scab filled with a gooey yellowish substance. However they don't make it past that stage without being picked at continually. My obsession is not with the removal of the scab, but with removing tiny white pin head sized spots poking out of the area under the scab. Once I remove the scab the area underneath is more puss then blood, so I am able to see the details of the infected crater. I think the white things I am pulling out are hair follicules. IDK, like I said the wound is infected and has cratered into my skin so I am assuming due to the cratered area there is no upper level skin to hide the hair folicules. I will use tweezers to pull these tiny buldges out of my skin. When I remove one it pulls out like a weed being pulled from dirt, the section I see is only a portion of the entire thing. So if u made it thru this post and understand what I'm talking about, are they hair folicules?

Your problems not the acne but more like the blemishes under or skin they are paracites Hookworms the name. If or saying that I'uve scabbed off the top of the blemish stop doing it The part where they seep out infection its actually lil larva. Don't scab it. If u look rite on top and focus u will see something that resembles ring worm but look closer that's a seal sorta . It goes dorment for about 4 months then bak for around 4 to 6 weeks to reproduce Resembles letter c looks like horse shoe symbol. That's ur paricite embedded . Get help soon. Them being borred through or body and become external means you had the. Growing in ur lower intestine at least 3 years Don't waists or time at e.r. set a e Refferal to local c.d.c. the med that works is Albenza. A antiparicite also at same time an antibiotics. At least
Help anyone?!? I'm at the end of my rope with this and can't believe there are other ppl out there with this after many agonizing derm visits trying to explain and not being understood. What is the answer??? I can imagine going through the rest of my life with this miserable skin- I'm 26 and I'd rather die than have to spend my life dealing with these sores that NEVER heal. :(
I would like to say that the De La Cruz 10% sulfur acne medicine ointment has worked wonders for me. I have severe acne at 26 years old. I don't know how I went from blemish free all throughout high school and then as soon as I turned 24, i have a total pizza face. I couldn't find a single acne medicine that worked. It was embarrassing, I wouldn't leave my house for weeks at a time until the scabs were tame enough for me to put makeup over them. Anyways, I would like to say that the De La Cruz ointment gave me results after just 2 uses!!!! I had a terrible centralized portion where my entire chin was covered with terrible scabs and pus underneath them. After just 2 uses, they dried up and by day 3 of use, all i had was a little red spot where they were. These were so bad beforehand that people actually thought I had gotten into a fight or some kind of accident because they couldnt figure out why my chin looked so damaged. I had to special order my ointment from Walgreens. Any Walgreens should be able to order it. It was $6.90 if you go to the store and have them order it for you. It is much more expensive if you buy it online. I am so impressed with this product, and I have never felt so clean and pretty since I was 18 years old. I like being able to wear makeup again!! The only downside of the ointment is that it smells like nair hair remover. BUT, I would say that small unpleasant smell is worth going through to get results in just a matter of days. I 100% back this product and I am truly amazed at how quickly it worked for me.
De La Cruz sulfur ointment worked for me! As I mentioned in earlier posts, I believe these plugs are glands that supply the skin with oil. They're firmly rooted to the flesh deep beneath the upper layers of skin so that's why the spot bleeds when they are pulled out. I found that if I remove all the plugs that I see (or feel) and then treat it with sulfur ointment, the wound will quickly dry up. It's just a matter of not picking the scab for about 24-48 hours during the healing. I know how hard it is to resist but believe me it works./// These glands become accessible when there is a break in the skin that is usually caused by a pimple. Since we are pickers, we can't resist popping pimples and removing everything inside them. The irony is that these plugs are beneath the pimple and belong where we see them. Picking them out only makes it worse by allowing us to see more of them. By making the wound larger, we have access to even more and it can take months to heal./// I've tried just about everything and only the sulfur ointment has worked for me. If I get a pimple, I treat it several times with the ointment for a day or so and it simply goes away. I used to pop it and clean it out but that's exactly how the glands get to the surface. Not only does the ointment dry up the pimple but I've found that after a couple of days I can very carefully remove the dried layers of skin and sometimes even remove the dried up gland. It comes out with little resistance and looks like a dried up and deflated core!
All u did was bring it down. Its still there . It'll return within 4 months. Generally only woman have it do to sexual contamination by administering oral on male. Paricite seeks out of colon and goes to males genitals and scrodum. U get the picture. Don't scab it your further contaminating itself. They look liiberglass strands barley seen with naked eye. Seek help its a form of cancer. Hook warm in my opinion is the cause the silent gun to cancer. Weird I know but its not science. More like common sense. Have them treat u with 30 @200 mill. Once a day also oral antibiotic and antibiotic ointment to better heal or skin. So then what's in Albenza? Gods pill.
Did you fine cure?
Albenza also with oral antibiottics and antibiotic ointment to heal skin. Its a form of cancer. It is cancer.
I have had these for years and the docs I saw were not able to help or even understood what I said about the root/seed...they thought I imagined it. However I just saw a wonderful lady doc today that doesn't know what it is exactly...says it is something in the blood. She does know how to get rid of it. Here is what I got be sure to double check the spelling and some amounts may change based in weight: Clindamycin 150mg bid Hydroxyzine 10 mg bid Ivermectin 3mg x4 stat She also recommened a tapering does of prednisone at the same time which I have to wait on due to my own health state. I am excited that this might actually work. The doc made mention of the "itchy, crawly" feeling WITHOUT my mentioning it. I had only described as splinters. I will try and let you know how it works for me.
Misdiagnosis. Symptoms right on the money. Your forgetting to mention that that itchy feeling are by dark blemishes and old pimples that are probably seeping. Wrong meds. Have him run a stool smear glass test and let me know how it goes. Much to talk about. Have him proscribe 30to40 day prescription @200 m of once a day Albenza with 15 day oral antibiotics for infection and antibiotic ointment to heal skin. Contact me at 909 334-0990
i really need help please ! i had accidentally scratched my little sister where she had the exact same thing but after all the blood came out there was this thing that started coming out and at first i thought it was pus but i couldn't remove i wiped at it then she said it hurt. Did i really hurt her that badly. please help me im getting kinda scared of what i did to her shes only 6 years old
Haily u have reason go be alarmed this is very contagious especially in the shower. There's a cure fore u. Your holding paricites in ur body and You've had them about 4years to the date if finding them. U have hook warm. Treatment 30 days of 200mill once a day with oral antibiotic to help heal and antibiotic ointment for skin. Its going to feel very spiritual when first taking it. So much us going to detach off ye skin. Trippy I know. A lot of think black follicles. Don't worry its not or hair. Thank god they name a pill that cures cancer. Oops did i just say that. Lmk how it goes . Contact me at 909-334-0990. Be waiting on your call. Oh higeins and cross contamination all over your apt/ home. Bleach and alcohol and a lot of patience. Recommend using gloves period tell u get cured especially car clothing foot handles knobs act Everything u touch c.d.s DVDs everything. Watch where u cough. Try not to swallow or spit. If you are contaminated your saliva is full of a Spores. A.c. system at home needs to be serviced. Spores in the air go in yr lungs. Good luck and god bless. Feel free to call me anytime. Oh and slow down on or fat intake they feed on lower intestine wall eating off yr waste. try using magnesium citrate once every 2 or 3 days helps flush out till u get the proper help. Have them run a stool smear glass test. But by no means go to hospital waste of time.go to someone u can trust. Take care
Haily u have reason go be alarmed this is very contagious especially in the shower. There's a cure fore u. Or holding par I cites in or body and I've had them about years to the date if finding them. U have hook warm. Treatment 30 days of 200mill once a day with oral antibiotic to help heal and antibiotic ointment for skin. Its going to feel very spiritual when first taking it. So much us going to detach off ye skin. Trippy I know. A lot of think black follicles. Don't worry its not or hair. Thank god they name a pill that cures cancer. Oops did that
Hello All...first time here...sure does "take one to know one" just to relate to us all that suffer here, the only reason one would pick at something is because there IS something there that is very painful to pick !!! Doctors and dermotologist say they have no clue what it is, whaaaa...really folks. You all might think im CRAZY❇....but, I am a 56 year old woman, yas, I've been around for a long time, growing up I had occational breakouts nothing bad or out of control, but this came about a year ago and my story closely relates here. CRAZY❇LADY SPEAKING....I THINK THEY ARE CAUSED BY THE FAMOUS "CHEMTRAILS" thats all folks
Beautiful u have much to be afraid of since u said I've had reoccurring symptoms since childhood. I can relate. By any chance u start Developing a pot belly or go inimic or gain stomach. Are u a lot more dehidrated now? Mood swings? Snap. Or health? Not to well. Comes and goes every 4 to 6 months
My girlfriend almost had me convinced that this was in my head. she believes that the sores on my face will heal if I would just leave them alone. This simply isn't the case, they will scab over and the scab will fall off when I am washing or even smiling only to reveal the same sore. Like a splinter in your foot reminds you every step that it is there so do these sores every time I make an expression on my face. These white spots will appear under the scabs and if I can pull one out with tweezers it provides some relief from the pain. Often these white spots go deeper once I touch them, So I dig deeper for them causing the sore to get bigger , but I know that if I can't get it out my face will not heal. I have been to the doctors and the dermatologist and they have given me different acne treatments and ointments for the infection but it doesn't help this problem. It is a very embarrassing problem I am constantly making up excuses to explain to people who ask what happened. I don't like to go out, I have stopped going to the gym, and it Is a struggle to get up the nerve to go to work. I am embarrassed to be seen even by my own family and girlfriend, so I avoid family gatherings. I feel sad that I let this affect my life so much, I know that there are people that have much worse problems who would gladly trade spots. I just feel ashamed and dirty . This affects my relationship as my girlfriend is frustrated by the time I spend I front of the mirror, and how it affects my self-esteem and ability to be my fun outgoing self. She said that she is scared that I am putting these holes in my face causing scars, but loves me no matter what I look like. I know she is concerned and was trying to reassure me but she made me feel as ugly as I think I am. I have watched the videos on demodex and I am creeped out that that is what these little white "slivers" I pull out of my sores could be. I used some tea tree oil last night after watching a demodex mite die in a YouTube video. I hope it works. I am just glad to see that I am not alone. I can't explain this to anyone. Despite what my girlfriend thinks, I am not just picking for the sake of picking, if my face felt fine I wouldn't be touching it. It is sore and it will not heal until these white things are out of my skin.
Hi Jimmy_d, I understand how you feel, and you are certainly not alone. I made a couple of posts on this particular subject..(a few posts down this page) so I won't retype everything...but give the sulfur and antifungals a try. My spots are not completely gone, but they have significantly improved. I'm waiting on the the deepest parts of my sores which still have scabs to heal up. Before I started using the sulfur and antifungals, the scabs would fill up with a yellowish greasy fluid and the scabs would just slide off...revealing the same sore. All the doctors I went to would just give my antibiotics after antibiotics, which only made things worse. And the worst part of all...when I told the derms/doctors that I thought that it was fungal and asked for oral antifungal medication...they refused. I think that this is a yeast which I've learned is very difficult to detect on a culture, but one of the derms refused to even send a culture for a fungus. I think that some doctors have such an ego that they refuse to listen. Anyway, sorry about the rant. I hope that some of the information on this site helps you.
Thanks, for your comments. Does the sulpher come in a lotion, cream, ointment? Which anti fungal worked best?
Hey, One more thing that might help. There are lots of studies that show the many benefits of taking msm supplements. I just ordered some from amazon, so I can't give any personal experiences. One of the benefits of msm (which is organic sulfur) is that it is an anti-parasitic. Can't hurt, so I'm gonna give it a try. I just want to share all of the information that I have learned with everyone. I would not wish this misery on anyone!! Good Luck Mr. Jimmy_D!!
Hey, I ordered 10 % sulfur ointment from de la cruz on amazon. It's a yellow kinda greasy ointment and I was a little worried that it would break me out, but it works great. I couldn't find it in the stores, but I did find some prosacea gel, which says sulfur 1x. It worked pretty well while I was waiting on my order from amazon. As far as the antifungal, I think clotrimizole works the best, which I think is lotrimin (just check the main ingredient on the tube, it should tell you.) good luck and keep me posted!
SO thankful for this post! I am pretty sure I have this. It makes me crazy as I try to pull out these disgusting white things deep in my skin lesions, I have ALWAYS thought them to be some type of parasite or insect which basically creeps me out so then I talk myself into thinking I have impetigo brought on by picking. not so. pretty sure this demodex is what it is. I just found a fantastic site and ordered their products. I will repost if they help but wanted to put it out there for other sufferers: Sometimes although we do pick - we don't cause the probelm - particularly if it's demondex. How can we NOT pick? There are white spots that are clearly LODGED into our skin and wont heal they MUST come out.
Hi There, I feel your pain! I've been dealing with this for a long time. I think it's a fungus, particularly a yeast..which can increase demodex if you have them because they feed on the sebum. Here are some things that have helped me. Pyrithione Zinc, Sulfur, and Anti-Fungal creams. I wash the spots with pyrithione zinc (head and shoulders, noble formula bar soap) and then rub some anti-fungal cream and/or sulfur ointment on the spots. Give this a might help you and I hope you see some relief. You are certainly not the only one to go through this...I remember thinking that I was alone dealing with this and that makes things much scarrier. Good Luck and please keep me posted on your progress!
thanks for the post. I will try the pyrithione zinc as well. It is reassuring to know others have gone thru the same thing. I found an article whereby some research showed that MUSTARD POWDER mixed with water kills demodex in SECONDS. So, naturally I mixed some up - threw it on my spots and went to bed. I woke up with a MESS. If it killed any demodex assuming that's what these white things poking out from under my crust is, it also killed lots of GOOD skin in the process. So, now I have a chemical burn from the mustard. URGH. Is there anything you know of to help a chemical burn (raw skin and pain + swelling)? It's SO painful - even so much so I'm forgetting about the other sores. Thanks.
A few other pieces of advice and information that I have gathered (there is no telling how many hours I've spent researching this) I would never advise someone not to seek professional medical help because I feel that would be irresponsible..however, in my case and for this particular health issue, I can tell you that all of the doctors I have visited (both general physician and dermatologist) have been completely useless! (I could elaborate on this, but I don't want to bore you) I've also read of numerous accounts of others dealing with this who have had similar problems with doctors..Second, for me this is not going to be a one and done deal..if this is a yeast (which I believe it is) this will require lifetime maintenance to keep this under control. I learned that the hard way! Third, supplements that have helped me are vitamins A and C, Zinc, and a good Pro/Pre-biotic (I take Syntol). Vitamin A decreases the amount of sebum that glands produce..a good thing for me. I recently added vitamin E to my regimen...bad thing for me. Vitamin E has lots of benefits, but it also increases sebum production...not good. I also ordered some AZO yeast relief that may help. (I have not received this yet and so I can't provide much insight as to the benefits of this product) One more piece of hopefully helpful advice..take a deep breath, hold your head up, and take comfort in the knowledge that this is something that you can get control of. (I have to remind myself of that, especially when my mother-in-law visits and points out and makes fun of the "uglies" on my face!) I'm here for any kind of help and support that I can provide...sometimes just having a friend (even an on-line friend) can really do wonders!
Oh my goodness, I know that's painful...I've had these spots for so long that it has created a layer of dead, hard, and shiny skin on my face. I know that when I started washing with the py. zinc that the dead skin loosened up and then literally just peeled off my face when I washed it. The soap felt like hell's fire on my face and caused it to turn bright red and to swell up...(although helpful for killing the fungus and therefor allowing the dean layer of skin to be removed) Honestly, while your skin is still raw and sensitive, I think the best thing for you to do is to lightly wash it with a gentle cleanser, pat it dry with something that won't stick (maybe a gauze dressing) keep patting it dry if it is oozing or weeping, and let it scab up and heal on its own. Try sleeping with your head elevated to reduce swelling and to keep from rolling over on it and maybe take some ib profen. (Also washing your pillow cases regularly is a good idea) Once your skin has recovered, then I'd start washing it with the py zinc and applying some antifungal cream to it. I hope this helps, keep me updated...
I have been suffering from the same problem since August 2012 and have not been able to get an answer from a doctor about what the condition is. I remember that right before I started getting the sores I had an episode of EXTREME itchiness on my palms, bottom of my feet and my pubic region. At first I thought it was some kind of STD but after being thoroughly tested for all STDs the results showed I was 100% clean. The itching continued off and on for about a week and then stopped. Shortly after that I started getting what seemed life pimples on my butt and I have never in my life had that happen before. I had very good skin up until then and so the but pimples really bothered me and tried my best to squeeze out whatever I thought was in the pimple/sore but since it was hard to get a good view and see what they liked like I just attributed it to the heat of the summer and the stressful state of my life. A little while later bumps started appearing on my legs bear my knees. They looked like ingrown hairs and would itch a little bit. If I squeezed them white stuff would come out and sometimes an oddly coiled hair as well. After I squeezed them some would heal normally and some would heal over with a kind of pearly scab. The scab would eventually start the try to come off but it felt like it was almost not real skin but skin with hardened plastic infused into it. I would pick of the scab or the skin underneath it would get inflamed and the sore reopened on its own. Eventually I sat down and really took a look at what was going on with the sore and for the most part everything looked "normal" except for a few sores that had a sort of pale what center. I didn't think much of it still until I started getting these on my back as well. They seemed to form either a linear pattern with the sores spaced out equally in a line or a sort of a curved line and sometimes an S pattern. The sores took forever to heal (up to 6 months) and then reopen in the same place. One time I got fed up and started poking around in one of the sores on my back that I could actually see if I twisted to the side and it looked like there was white dots sticking out of it. So I took a sanitized needle and tried to pull one of them out. I stuck the needle through it and pulled as hard as I could with all my might and it wouldn't cone out. It was not until ring that I few times that it started protruding out of the sore and I was able to grab it and pull it out. It looked like a piece of fiber and it really freaked me out. This continued on my back for a long time. I then noticed that the sores on my butt had little white plus hanging out of them as well and I tried to grab it with tweezers and was sometimes successful in pulling out the little plug. This caused the sore to bleed a lot. I examined the little white plug and it was about 1/32 or 1/16 of an inch long with one side thicker than the other, so if you held it up in the tweezers and looked it it while rotating it would look almost completely flat and then get wider. About a year ago these sores made it to my face. They would start out as regular pimples then get more inflamed until the skin on top would just come off revealing anywhere from 1 to 8 little white plugs. They are hard to get out and when I do get them out the sore bleeds immensely. The sore only heals all the way if all the plugs are pulled out, otherwise it continues to scan scab over and reopen. Sometimes the plugs come out attached to the scab but it's rare. This condition causes me a lot of anxiety, stress, shame and frustration. I avoid being naked at any cost and can't find a way to tell my bf why I'm so self conscious about bring nude. I have become the matter of avoiding certain angles or positions and can't bring myself to try to explain to him what's going on. Does anyone have a concrete answer as to what this condition is? Please help.
Hi my name is Miguel Angel Insurriaga. I'm a 37 year old Latino male from. San Antonio, Texas .want to ask if u finally got the rite help for or problem. Please I wud like to talk to u asap. If possible. I promise not to take up or time. Please call me At 210 - 689-9592. I aid like to share my story to you . Maybe we can figure out something. I feel the pain u go through. Six.
Hey There Noon1138, My suggestion is to go get some sulfur!! I have dealt with this problem for a very long time! I think my condition was a combination of yeast and possibly demodex mites. I read something that a doctor posted on the internet(the writer of the blog claimed to be a doctor). Thte doctor said that he had dealt with this and he said that it was fungal and demodex. The article said that we all have these mites, but they can really get out of control by feeding off of the sebum that is produced by the yeast. My sores always reappeared and wouldn't heal unless the white plugs were removed. Here is what I have found that seriously works...sulfur! I started washing the sores with Dr. Kauffman's sulfur and zinc oxide soap and I noticed that the sores got a little better. So then I went to CVS and bought some prosacea gel, which is only about 1 percent sulfur. It started to really help, but I didn't think that it was strong enough. I ordered 10 percent sulfur ointment from del a cruz lab ( I think that's the name of the lab). I have been amazed at the improvement in my spots!! I think it works because 10 percent sulfur is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasite, whatever I had...the sulfur is drying it out and healing it up. I hope that this information helps you!! Good Luck!!
Are you still using sulfur products and is it still helping? I'm so thankful for this page! I thought *I* was the only one with this problem! AND you all have described what I've been too embarrassed to describe to anyone!! I've experienced these non acne scabby then open sores with white things in them for years. Only to be extracted with tweezers. Thank you so much!!
I purchased Adult Acnomel tinted cream at Rite Aid. ( 8% sulfur ) Within 3 days the places on my face were healed. Still I had some pink places for a few days but eventually they went away as well.... This stuff worked for me!!! Thank you so Much!!!!! Better than $1000 spent at a specialist Dr!
I have suffered with these pimples that won't go away for about 10 years. If I am able to extract the white dot in the middle, there is a root that comes out with it. I have finally found out what these are. They are pustules or pimples that are a result of yeast overgrowth (Candida). Yeast overgrowth happens when yeast turns into a fungus usually as a result of antibiotics, birth control pills or prescribed acne medication. Candida is very common and I wouldn't be surprised if half the population has it. There are many annoying symptoms of Candida and it can be serious if it becomes symptomatic. I had a blood test that showed positive in 2 of the 3 tests given. However, an at home test can be done to see if you may have yeast overgrowth. In the morning before you brush your teeth or eat, fill a glass of room temperature water from the faucet in the glass. Next spit some saliva into the glass and wait 30 minutes. If the saliva grows legs like a jelly fish or sinks to the bottom, you have yeast over growth. If it floats, you don't. If you have it, stay away from sugar including fruits and carbohydrates. You may feel die off symptoms at the beginning but eventually you will feel much better. I also suffer from insane itching all over in addition to the pimples I get when it flares up. When I watch my diet, the symptoms go away. Hope this helps.
I'm so glad that I'm not alone with the problem of "picking" Now I don't feel crazy! But Ive noticed that sometimes there are skinny thin white What looks like hair strands in the wound and I would use a tweezer to Attempt to get it out and the more I did it I realized There was a lot more!! I don't think it's nerves Bc it don't hurt or make me flinch like it would if I struck a nerve and I want to know if there is hair That grows inside your body or what this is bc It bothers me and I feel like it shouldn't be there When I know better but it literally looks Like strands of little white thin hairs do if anyone knows What it is or knows if hair DOES grow inside your skin or wounds That would be very helpful. Im currently seeing a doctor to try to Heal my sore so I hope everyone is careful about cleaning and wrapping Their wounds/scabs etc. so it don't get infected or gang green bc that could result in amputation so do everything possible to keep it clean. Picking is a horrible bad discusting habit And everytime I look and realize what I'm doing to myself I can't belive it lol but I'm glad to know I'm not alone Once again anyone w answers please let me know!!! Thanks!!!
OMG - I get these TOO! There is actually a scab on the base of my scalp - if I let it go a day then i am guaranteed to have at least three clusters of these fat white hair follicles stuck to the scab when I pull it off. Seems like by now there would not BE any hair follicles left? BUT I am absolutely OBSESSED with pulling them out - when I pull the scab off I can feel them pulling out of my skin - the leave little holes behind and it is a feeling of it being *clean* if that makes sense .. Getting all of that stuff OUT Of the pores. :( Also - not sure if this is the case for anyone else but if I DON'T pick the scab with that cluster of follicles are then the whole area burns like it is on fire. Pulling it out is the only relief I get.
My biopsy just came back. prurigo nodularis
The same problem has been bothering me for years and years and years. I did some digging recently and I think that these white spots really are regenerating hair follicles surrounded by islands of developing skin. They may be inflamed due to a skin condition, but if one leaves them alone for long enough, they should develop into healthy skin on their own. The key is to leave them alone long enough and just not worry about them for a month or two. See: In this case the skin is burned, but the damage should be similar to skin after being picked or injured in some other way.
I am so glad I found this site. I've been compulsively picking for years and have a face full of scars to show for it. Nobody understands the compulsion and I cant explain it. I like to assume I suffer from dermatillomania. Anyway... I know exactly what you mean. A lot of times they pull out with the scab or need to be tweezed out, but leave a perfectly clean hole behind. I think these are the follicles/hair trying to grow back from underneath the scab, but they look like whiteheads so I always want to pull them out. Ultimately this usually ends up in an even larger/more infected crater which yields a bigger scab and this more spots underneath. its a vicious cycle. Glad im not the only one!
O M G i cant believe other people have this problem no one i know understands and thinks when i get all digging and i mean digging they thing its all gross and i am like do you not see like the 6 big hard balls that came out of my arm and they are like the size of where you thread a pin from then the hole will bleed for a few min and then it will drain a bunch of clear fluid and i have no idea what to do has anyone found any other sites relating to this specific problem because i am dieing to get rid of it they will heal up and almost go away but then it will come back and get bad all over again
I FINALLY AFTER MONTHS OF MISERY FIGURED OUT THE ANSWER TO THE SAME CRAZY PROBLEM ALL OF YOU DESCRIBED. I have spent hours trying to figure this worm under scab won't heal issue. I've had dozens on my face. It so simple it makes me want to cry that it took so long to figure out and to realize I was self creating the problem. Not ringworm FYI.... CONTACT DERMITITIS FROM AN ALERGIC REACTION TO NEOSPORIN AND POLYSPORIN. I stopped using both and only used tea tree oil for one day and all 5 of my existing sores do NOT have any of the worms under the scabs this morning. THANK GOD. (I did clean the inside of each sore really well before using tea tree) I am guessing tons of folks on this thread use these ointments trying to control infection of small sores that turn into big sores over time, it's the ointment in my case. I had to share this once I realized what my problem was. Good luck everyone!
Misdiagnosis try again. hurry and try again becuzu u know. It goes dormant roughly around another 3 to 4 months. Then it resurfaces for about month and half. Drops a bunch of trash on or skin then ur body reabsorbs that mess?
I am amazed that you posted this! I just looked Contact Dermatitis on Google and that is exactly what I have! I just went to the Dr. for one of my sores and she said, "DO NOT PUT NEOSPORIN ON YOUR FACE!" Our skin on our face is much too sensitive to be putting Neosporin on. I don't know about Polysporin, but my Dr. advised me to use Vitamin E oil only, or Cortisone cream. ALSO, I told her I had been using Coconut Oil to keep the sores moist. She said to NEVER put that on either! Coconut Oil is apparently a breeding ground for bacteria! If you get a really bad, open and infected sore, check out Hibiclens. It is anti-microbial and will help keep bacteria and microbes out. I am so glad that you shared this! Thank you!
Are you serious? All I use is coconut oil. It's supposed to have antibacterial or anti microbial or some kind of bacteria fighting agents.. I've been using it not quite 6 mos yet. So what did you switch to after she said no coconut oil or your face?
Having the same issue as the lady that was stating pregnant and started breaking out and pick scab and white root come out . Wondering if you knew what this was and why I keep breaking out . Starts out looking like a pimple and then a big bump under skin which is sore . I pick it and ten long white root come out . Some are a lot of them and just one comes out
I hate these spots! I had them on the inside of my arm when I was ten, after a year or so they went away and left me with some really horrid craters in the inside of my arm. Then a few days ago I noticed the pores on my face looked lager than usual and one of my spots had been there for a while. So I investigated and pulled out a long white thing and nearly had a heart attack!i forgot about it for a day, thinking it was nothing then looked closely at my pores and discovered white heads poking out of them so I got some tweezers and pulled one out. I knew I couldn't ignore it this time so i came to the conclusion I had gotten them again and I really feel like crying. When I had the spots when I was ten I when to the doctors about them and I can't remember what name he gave them, but I do know he said that you could have the for six months to five years!
Anyone with skin issues that do not heal.research morgellons it is very important and supposed to be a new thing but I have had it for 7 you're now and it was regonized sense 2003 we are all exposed to this it is world wide but the worst part is who did it to us .It is not ingrown hairs nor pimples .Check it out but remember we are not supposed to know.
I've noticed this same occurrence on my face recently. I have mild acne, so at first I thought it was related to my acne. But after some research I'm pretty sure its related to a vitamin I have been taking. I recently started taking Biotin, which is supposed to promote health in your hair, skin and nails. Biotin is also found in multivitamins and some people just produce it in greater quantities, just depends on genetic makeup. Anyways, my point is that Biotin is directly related to the skin's ability to produce Keratin. I stopped taking my multivitamin and biotin supplement for a month and the keratin bumps healed and disappeared. So just something to think about...if you're taking any kind of multivitamin or biotin supplement there is a high probability it is related to the keratin deposits and sores on your body.
Ever since I got pregnant with my last child who is 4 years old now...I started to break out with ...pimples I'd call them...I'd leave them alone at first thinking they'd go away....they didn't..just got harder and bigger and hurt like a SOB. I told my doc about them and she said it was because of the heat and for me to put powder under and around my breast to help. I personally knew there was more to it..prior to this my breast were scar they are scard horribly! After I pop them...they don't I thought perhaps...I needed to take vitamins...bought all kinds to help improve name it I took! They didn't go day while I was messing with one...I noticed under the scab there was,what I call a "white looking root" sticking out from the middle of the sore. So I got twizzers and gently pulled it out slid out and came to a point...a root! it was solid in touch and the hole from where it came from started to bleed..I cleaned up the wound and it healed!! These sore started to pop up all over my breast...some sores having 1 root and some with upwards to 3 in one sore! I have no idea what these things are...I'm just hurt by my breast looking like a battle ground...I'm ashamed to show my husband...I once had beautiful skin/breast. I'm just tired of fighting these sores and their god forsaken roots of hell! Always looking for feed back... thank you!
Hello there. Are u still having symptoms . Pretty sure. If possible please contact me Miguel . I knew there wud be more and it sux even more when u r walking in a store and can actually diagnose people around me. must be do to Having it since childhood. Hate it but been actually able to cure people just by making them aware. They ask how I know. There's alot to it but after at least being able to share this. It makes it that much easier knowing that there's wrong and rite and that its never rite to not no or be misguided by drs. Somebody's not telling us something. Stated fact do to what I've discovered through desperation and absolutely no help here in medical community. Its gotten to the point that it has my brother of 38yeRs in the I.c.u. hanging on to life
I have the same thing and have had them since 2008 and it seems like they started when I went back to tanning:( Anyway I would NOT leave them alone and keep using tweezers to pull them out and I have scars on both sides of my face from it:( I have them again and they hurt and drive me CRAZY and even with the scars I can't seem to leave them alone? They have moved down the sides of my neck now:( Going to the Derma Doc soon
Been picking these stupid things out of my arms since college days. I had names for them...tubes, balls, cones, cylinders, etc. If I didn't have my tweezers in my pocket, I would be filled with anxiety. I would even leave work to run and get tweezers at a pharmacy if I forgot them that day. I would work on them watching TV at night and up with a collection of them on the arm rest. They drove me nuts, and consumed hours of my time harvesting them. I thought they were just clogged grease pores, or infected hair follicles. I spent some time looking at them under a microscope and always saw a small black hair running up the middle of them. Most were about 1/32" in length, but some of the imbedded "balls" were larger than a pin head. The craters they left would be filled again within a week. Eventually, the long riders would clear up, but there were always new crops to pick at. You can feel a tingling sensation when you brush your finger over them as if they are somehow connected to a nerve. I am 55 now and have blotched skin all over my arms that stays pink wile the rest of arms get tan in the summer. I am often asked at the pool what happened to my arms. I would estimate that I had well over 1,000 of these things in the 30 years they were growing on my arms. No dermatologist or neurologist was ever able to identify their source or give me a solution. I had a massive heart attack three years ago. I went code blue for 30 minutes, suffered a stroke, had complete renal and respiratory failure and after a month in a coma came out with two mechanical heart valves and no feeling on my left side. Staph infection in my heart was the culprit. My white blood cell count was 25,000...4 times the normal amount when I "died". I have not had any white arm buddies since my operation and I wonder if they were a sign of impending doom. If you have had these nasties for any length of time, please see a cardiologist. Joel
^^ I'm assuming post is old but hope comment doesn't get lost. Anyway, those little white grains or beads (somewhat like blackheads but not) is exactly what I constantly pick at all day. I've found them while picking my arms, legs, neck, back, shoulders, & even scalp. Idk why they r there and more so how to stop and just leave them be! I don't even know y I started to really? To be really honest, I used to do drugs over 10 years ago & my skin was actually flawless in comparison. Just overwhelmed
I am so glad that I found this website. I have been picking since I was 17. I also have wondered about those white tube-like things that I pulled out. I get a sense of relief when I pull them out that makes me feel horrible afterward. Everyone I know thinks it is so easy to stop what I am doing if I only put my mind to it but it is not. When they tell me to stop it is only temporary. I don't even realize I am doing it sometimes. Sometimes I am not even thinking about anything. The Dr.s that I have been to just want to dope me up on anti-depressants and anti-depressant boosters but I don't think I should have to have pills to stop this. I looked up the keratosis pillars and I do not believe that is what they are because they only show themselves after the scab has been pulled off. I hope that this site can help me stop picking, it has really done a number on my self-esteem.
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