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Online Therapy Program for Compulsive Skin Picking

If you suffer from Dermatillomania (also known as “skin picking” or “excoriation disorder”), and you decided to do something about it, you’re in the right place.

We used our years of experience in serving the skin picking community, performed extensive research of the current treatment possibilities, and created an interactive online therapy program, based on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). It’s an 8 weeks program. During these 8 weeks you participate in interactive sessions, and get full support from a qualified therapist, who will lead you through all the steps of the program.

A Short Video Explaining About The Program:

It has sound - you might want to turn volume down, or use headphones, for privacy.

Evidence Based Therapy That Works

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is the most effective method to date, to treat compulsive skin picking. It is the method of choice that is primarily used by expert therapists worldwide, who specialize in treating this disorder.

Get the Professional Guidance You Need

Your case is unique – you have your own specific symptoms and needs – and it’s important to personalize treatment. That’s why you will get a personal therapist, who will lead you through the program, and give you support every step of the way.

All our therapists are qualified professionals, specializing in treating skin picking and related disorders, and experienced in using CBT for treatment.

Maintain Your Privacy

The program takes place 100% online, which means you can participate from the privacy of your own home, without the need to visit a therapist’s office.

Communication with therapist is text based, via secure worksheets – which particularly fits people who don't like the idea of opening up to a therapist, face to face.

Affordable – a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Face-to-Face Therapy

One of the main reasons we developed this program is to help those who cannot afford traditional face to face therapy. Indeed, 8 weeks access to the program with your own qualified therapist costs what you would pay for about 2 hours of traditional face-to-face therapy.

Moreover, studies show that online therapy based on CBT is not less effective than traditional face-to-face therapy.

Access Anytime, from Anywhere, on Any Device

It’s a 100% online program, which means you can participate from anywhere, anytime. There’s no need to schedule sessions, or travel to therapists’ office, which will save you time. You can access the program from any device (PC/MAC, smartphones, iPad etc).

You’re in Safe Hands

Your privacy is our top priority. This is why special care is taken to secure your information. You are of course guarded by therapist-client privilege (which is a confidentiality agreement, meaning that nothing you share will be disclosed by the therapist to any third party).

Are You Ready to Get the Help You Need to Stop Picking?

Sign up now, and make your first step towards a life free of picking compulsions. You will be assigned a therapist right after signing up, and you can begin the program immediately.

One time fee
Normal price: $400
Limited offer: $239

Some of the Coping Techniques You Will Learn

Become Aware

How to be more aware of your picking, by recognizing and understanding your behaviors.

Replacement techniques

How to minimize picking by replacing it with alternative behaviors.

Reduce Environmental triggers

How to minimize picking by reducing triggers in your environment.

Use your values

Discover your values, learn the costs of skin picking and gains to be made if picking is reduced/stopped.


Learn how to stop controlling your urges and start accepting them.

You are not your urges!

Learn how to distance yourself from your thoughts and urges.

Goals setting

Set life goals based on your values, learn to live your life to the fullest, improve your life in general (not just the picking).


The program is comprised of 8 sessions, each session takes about 1 hour to complete. We recommend completing one session per week, although you can progress with your own pace.

Each session contains worksheets, relevant to session material. After you fill in the worksheets, your therapist reviews your input, and provides feedback. There are no limitations on how to use the worksheets - they can be used to strictly address the relevant issues, or to have an open discussion.

Each session takes about 1 hour to complete. The rest of the time you communicate with the therapist. The time spent varies - some clients spend only a few minutes on the worksheets, some can spend a few hours a week, discussing relevant issues with the therapist.

No, no special technical skills are needed. The program is very intuitive and easy to use. In any case our helpful administrative staff is always there to guide you through any technical difficulties you might have.

Yes, simply notify us that you're stopping the program, and you can continue at a later stage, anytime you chose.

Yes, you can view session materials and communicate with your therapist for additional 8 weeks, after the first 8 weeks are over. Which essentially means you get access to our service for 16 weeks.

Yes, if for any reason you'd like to be assigned a different therapist, simply contact us.

Yes. In this case we recommend you let your current therapist know you're using the program.

We don't recommend nor do we prescribe specific medications. In case you are currently taking medications, or you're planning to start taking medications, we recommend consulting your doctor/psychiatrist. Medication use is not addressed by the program.

CBT is the treatment of choice for Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors such as skin picking. It is the most effective method today to treat skin picking.

Stop Picking - Start Living

Prior to joining this program, our average client has suffered from compulsive picking for 16 years. That's 5840 days of living with picking compulsions. Are you ready to experience substantial reduction in your picking, and see real improvements in your life, in just 56 days?

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 14 days money back guarantee, which means that if you’re not satisfied with the program, you can contact us and get a full refund on your payment.

SkinPick's Online Therapy Program - Mentioned in the News

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User Reviews and Testimonials

We email our ongoing clients, asking to provide feedback about the program. We ask two questions:

1. How do you sum up your experience with the program so far?
2. Would you recommend it to others who suffer from skin picking?

Here are the replies we get:

  • 1. My experience with Skin Pick program has been positive. I started it feeling excited that I had finally found something that can help me fix this problem or at the very least help me understand why I pick. I have definitely learnt a lot about myself and hope that by the end of this program I will have my picking under control. 2. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for help with this behaviour. I did not have any other options where I come from and I would have had to explain too much to the therapist. Here, my therapist knows the problem already and there is a clear program in place.

    Past client, finished the program in Jan 2016

  • I have learned a lot about myself and while I am still picking I feel a lot stronger emotionally. I am happy I took this course even though difficult at times. Yes I would suggest this program to others it is a subject matter hard to discuss face to face. I really felt comfortable talking like this.

    Past client, finished the program in Dec 2015

  • I have been recommending this program and site since I discovered it. I find it to be the most informative and approachable for any user on the topics that revolve around dermatillomania. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to change their skin picking habits. I was a curious skeptic when I first landed on this site. I have dermatillomania, and have struggled to understand it and stop it for over 20 years. I did not understand the correlation of my skin picking to OCD and your site opened my eyes. I read all the information in all the nooks and crannies and then with slight hesitation enrolled in the on-line therapy sessions. I found it easier to be open and honest with this program, more than a face to face therapy session. I was brutally honest here. To make this program work, for yourself, you have to be honest and sincere in your efforts. The awareness and changes do not happen overnight, every day has new challenges as well as new accomplishments. I constantly had to remind myself to think in single steps and to not run. I will always have to remind myself to slow down and acknowledge the small, single accomplishments day to day. Am I cured? No. But I am on the road to healthier skin, healthier thoughts and a healthier lifestyle that allows me to cope with and manage my OCD behaviors and my Dermatillomania. My therapist was caring and appreciative of my every effort. They posed questions to further my thought process along the way, and when I needed to take a step back and re do a few weeks, they were very supportive. There is now easy cure, no pill, no program that will solve any case of dermatillomania overnight or in a day. Your cure to dermatillomania is unique to you and only works if you are willing to put the daily effort into your individualized coping plan.

    Not only have I recommended this program in general to others, I gave this site and program specifically to my face to face therapists so they could visit and hopefully find it a place to recommend to other patients in the future. They have all told me they had not know about but were glad I had found it and shared it with them. They even ask me about my progress with the program at each visit.

    Past client, finished the program in Dec. 2015

  • it is really valuable as it helps us understand why we pick and the forum helps us interact with and support others with the same problem. I never understood why I picked before all these lessons.I also liked the worksheets and the detailed answers we had to give. I see complete improvement in my skin-picking. Yes, I would recommend this program .

    Past client, finished the program in November 2015

  • Don't expect that this therapy is some miraculous cure for all your problems. Skinpicking won't disappear by itself. You have some independent work to do and it is by no means easy. However, this program provides you with great help on your way. The therapist's responses have always been very timely and I felt that I could address her with all sorts of questions, not only the ones related to skinpicking. She has always been very patient and helpful. ... In order to get the maximum effect of this program, I would recommend you to follow all the instructions and take them seriously. I am happy I have completed it: I believe it has set me on the right track.

    Past client, finished the program in Oct 2015

  • I feel relieved that now I truly have a better understanding of the why, when, how, etc. behind my reason for picking. I am confident that I can overcome this and get back to living the well-rounded, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle I desire.

    Past client, finished the program in Oct 2015

  • I enjoyed the process and felt the changes inside. Change is hard work! But I am so glad I did this and thank you for all your help along the way. 1) Yes I found this program valuable! I saw a mild reduction in picking. I think I need more time to internalize what I've learned which is why I'm making the notebook! 2) Yes I would recommend to others!

    Past client, finished the program in Sep 2015

  • 1. I found the program to be very helpful for me to learn more about my thoughts and behaviour regarding my Dermatillomania. I have become more aware of what triggers me and what I can do instead, as well as learning to deal with anxiety and stress a different way. My behaviour awareness has risen which makes is easier to make mindful choices based on my values. I believe now that I have the power and tools to, with long and hard practice, break the bad habits I so long wanted to eliminate. 2. I would definately recommend this program for anyone who's suffering with Dermatillomania, this will help if you are committed!

    Past client, finished the program in Sep 2015

  • The program was a positive experience overall, however there were times when I struggled and picked more as my awareness of picking increased. If this [happens] don't be put off, continue with the program as this increased awareness will be turned on its head for you to make more positive decisions around your picking behaviour. It can be difficult to face that inner you, but you learn a lot from this insight. As a skin picker for around 25 years this is the start of a process of me reducing this habit, but the program has definitely given me a great start and lots of tools in my belt to reduce and hopefully one day stop picking. I definitely pick less now and I am less distressed around my behaviour, leading to less reason to pick. I have tried hypnotherapy in the past and this has helped temporarily but the tools that you learn in this therapy are more portable and usable in everyday life without having to find somewhere quiet to listen to audio, the lessons have also helped me in other areas of my life too. I would highly recommend the programme for skin pickers and others with habitual negative behaviours. If you are concerned with the online element, even though I don't know what my therapist looks like or sounds like I felt supported by her, and even though I didn't use her beyond the worksheets I knew that I could run things past her if I had questions and she would respond quickly. Thanks for helping with this long-term infuriating habit, I am grateful.

    Past client, finished the program in June 2015

  • 1. I feel like I learned some new ideas such as stimulus control, competing response and mindfulness to help alleviate my skinpicking habit. I also have some exercises I can do instead of picking. 2. I would recommend the program to others with this problem. There really isn’t very much information on the internet about skinpicking and it was never something any doctor ever mentioned to me when I went in to have them examine my ears after picking at them. All they did was give me a prescription for a topical cream which only helped temporarily.

    Past client, finished the program in June 2015

  • 1. The program was very appropriate, supportive, effective, and beneficial for me to stop picking. The therapist was very qualified, especially, taking into account the nature of the behavior (e.g. unhealthy attachment, crying out for attention) and the duration (relatively short) and structure (online, in writing) of the program. 2. I would definitely recommend this program to others wanting to stop picking and to better understand their behavior, perhaps, with a few caveats to modify or hone expectations: a. it’s really what you make of it; picking is dependent on your individual experience and the effort to stop is at your own initiative (this is relevant to all forms of treatment, not only this program) b. the program is a great tool and guideline, not a silver-bullet solution; c. the program touches on other important components like life values which is good, but for various reasons I would still suggest that others completing the program try to stay focused on skin picking itself; d. lastly, the form and content of the program is not tailored to the individual; it is essentially the same for everyone regardless of who the applicant is and whether s/he has maybe just learned about skin picking and picks for hours or has read about it and is perhaps close to breaking the habit or has already stopped, etc..

    Past client, finished the program in May 2015

  • 1. I joined the program after several largely unsuccessful attempts to stop using other methods. My experience of this program was positive. I found some of it quite challenging (but appropriately so, because to change does require challenging your previous thoughts/behaviors). I was impressed that the program was so multifaceted and comprehensive. It was really invaluable process and really helped me to turn things around. 2. Yes, I would wholeheartedly recommend this program - because it worked for me...despite the fact that I'd already tried many other ways with no success, so had been doubting whether anything would really work.

    Past client, finished the program in May 2015

  • 1. I would love to provide feedback for you to use on the website. This program was an incredibly helpful tool and I definitely know that more people in my situation could benefit from it. To sum up my experience, I would say that I went into the program thinking that I would focus only on my dermatillomania, but in reality, it was much deeper than that. Through the different sessions, which I completed weekly, I was able to learn just how harmful my thought processes were. My biggest breakthrough was that no matter what I do, I'll probably always feel the urge to release my anxiety, but I don't have to pick my skin to achieve that release I crave. There are other ways to cope with the urge to pick my skin, but it starts with understanding the behavior. I feel like I have a much better knowledge of my tendencies and as a result, I am able to not act on my urges to pick. 2. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone battling dermatillomania. Therapists who specialize in this kind of disorder can be hard to find, but the online program made it so easy to get the help I needed. I was at my wit's end and ready to do something about my skin picking, and immersed myself in the reading and worksheets. If you like self-paced work and are committed to focusing on the sessions and responding to the worksheets honestly and thoughtfully, this program is what you have been looking for. I attribute my success to my ability to do the work on a regular basis (weekly), taking what my therapist said to heart, and my husband for being by my side throughout the whole process. The program really is an investment in your happiness, which at the end of the day, is priceless.

    Past client, March 2015

  • 1) I found that having a therapist to review my responses and provide additional reflection was one of the most valuable parts of the program. I think it kept me accountable and may have had a harder time finishing the program if I was working through totally independently. I also really enjoyed the way the program emphasized learning how to be aware of, and accept the feelings that lead me to pick, and reframe my thoughts/urges, rather than just try to struggle to resist the urges. 2) I would certainly recommend the program to others. My only caveat is that the program is not a magical fix/cure-all, but gives you the tools and a strong foundation to manage and reduce the behaviour, which will involve long-term effort. I found it particularly useful in combination with other activities I am using (meditation, hypnosis/relaxation).

    Skin picker, finished the program on Dec 2014

  • The program has been and continues to be helpful. It gave me the means to new and deeper insight into my own life through this insidious disorder or habit or whatever one wishes to call it. I thought I knew it all and had tried everything, but I was incorrect. The program brought the shame, guilt, frustration, hopelessness from darkness into the light to be examined in the context of not being alone. I would and will reccommend it to anyone struggling with this disorder. I think it needs to be an ongoing therapy program with aftercare component.

    Skin picker, finished the program on Dec 2014

  • 1) I would sum up my experience so far as enlightening and also filled with reassurance that I am not alone with this condition 2) I would highly recommend anyone dealing with skin picking to use your sight and purchase the book and I have already directed one of my friends to view your information on-line

    Skin picker, finished the program on Dec 2014

  • My experience with the program has been overall very good. While there are similar self-help books, it is much more effective to have feedback from a therapist along the way, and to have a clear 8-week structure that keeps you motivated to work through the various stages. For me, this was the reason to try the online course, as books did not feel 'responsive' enough (or, maybe, I wasn't responsive enough to books). I think the structure of reading sessions and reflective exercises works well, and although I was slightly sceptical at the beginning, I have noticed that I have learned quite a lot. In that sense, the program was definitely beneficial, and I feel that I have all the tools and reasons to finish the skin picking. Yes, I would recommend the program to others.

    Skin picker, Dec 2014

  • I learned a lot of new strategies from the Skin Pick program. I would learn a lot every week and plan to implement what I learned but it was hard to remember everything. I am still picking regularly so I did not get the results I wanted from the program but I do think my habits would become less ingrained if I practiced the strategies more consistently. I do think I am more aware of my picking though and notice my moods and triggers. I would definitely recommend this program to other skin-pickers because there were so many helpful strategies and practices that were taught.

    B. Skin Picker, Dec 2014

  • The program was very enlightening and I would recommend it to others.

    E. Dec 2014

  • I felt myself adjusting as the program progressed. I have seen and noticed a difference in my picking urges and behavior now as a result. It's been such an eye opening experience in so many ways.

    I. Skin picker, Dec 2014

  • I completed the 8th week last Monday. It has given me a base for recovery that I had been sorely lacking. It's an approachable program and its targeted so deeply at what lies beneath the picking behavior patterns. I hadn't wanted to look within and it's all about that and resetting the mind, body and soul to see there is another, healthy way to cope. I'm glad I completed the program when I did. It actually got me through such a tough time in my pregnancy. It's been difficult to say the least and nothing is ever easy, but it's been a gift all the way and continues on. Just a thought, as I know it's a struggle to find any sort of treatment for skin picking and this website and program is a Godsend. I wish it were available locally to all who suffer. I'm sure I'm not alone in that wish.

    D. Skin picker. Oct 2014.

  • Even though I did not complete the program yet (I'm on session 4), I think it is working for me. The content of the sessions is rich and interesting, and provides me with a lot of useful information about the skin picking disorder, and of course about the treatment strategies. I also find the therapist's help useful - some of the concepts introduced in the content are rather hard to comrehend, and my therapist helped me with the difficult parts. Overall it is a surprisingly good program for me, and I'm looking forward to completing the rest of the sessions. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from the same.

    Skin picker for 13 years

  • It is great to be able to do from home. Weekly sessions are a good idea, give enough time for the last session to get assimilated. Each week has enough covered, to think about and try out, but not too much, so that it is doable. I would suggest SkinPick's program as a good learning environment to anyone who wants to understand and change their picking behaviors.

    Skin Picker for 8 years

  • Actually I've been suffering from this disorder most of my life. I tried going to therapists, both talk therapists and CBT. And that actually helped other areas of my life, but it never helped with my picking. I suspect the reason is that these therapists didn't treat picking specifically. Whereas this program is focused on skin picking. And I actually stopped picking almost completely since I started the program! I have to confess that I wasn't using the worksheets as needed (I skip it mostly), but the material covered in the sessions is most useful! I'm certailnly more aware of my picking now, and I found the habit reversal sessions very usefuil (specifically the tips about switching the action with something else, and taking notice of environmental factors).
    Would I recommend it to someone? I think I would. Especially for this price, it's a no brainer. Whereas I think that maybe going to meet an expert would be more efficient for some people. But then again, it would cost much much more. And you'd have to find one! (Which I wasn't able to find in my area).

    I'm certainly happy I found your program. Thanks!

    Skin picker for 17 years

  • I've tried different things over the years to deal with my picking, but nothing was really effective. I decided to give your program a try, because it seemed innovative and promising. I haven't yet completed the program (I'm midway), but I can already say it is more effective than anything I've tried in the past.

    Skin picker for 16 years

  • First, let me tell you I'm so happy I found your website and enrolled in the program. I have been following you for a few years now, and when I heard you created the progam, I immediately joined.

    It is well structured into sessions, each session dealing with a specific aspect of the disorder and of treatment. There are a lot of practical tips which I find very useful when dealing with my picking. But the best part is of course being able to discuss my issues with the therapist. I don't think I would've gained as much as I did if it wasn't for her. She's so compassionate and professional, and I'm discussing many other issues with her (some are directly related to dermatillomania, others are totally unrelated). Bottom line is that my life got better since I started the progarm. And I certainly recommend it to anyone who is looking for help to deal with dermatillomania.

    Skin picker for 25 years

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