Ear Scab Question

So, awhile back I had a pimple in my ear, being the compulsive picker I am, I popped it, knowing it would go to scab. The weird thing is, each morning when I'd go to pick at it after sleeping through the night, there would be several scabs that weren't attached sitting in that small cavity of my ear. Has this ever happened to anyone before? I scratched at it recently until it scabbed and now it's not doing it. I've had more than one pimple scab in there before and I've had the "sluffed" scabs every time. Anyone have this happen before?

Oh gosh...can't say I have. I've definitely had pimples in my ear. I HATE that...I thought it would never go away. Eventually I would clean it with hydrogen peroxide (love that stuff) and a q-tip and it got better and fortunately I didn't pick it. Amazingly actually! I hope someone can help ya! ■ ~why me (whyyou? whyanyofus?)
How does the hydrogen peroxide work? Just kills off the acne?
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