What took you so long?


September 03, 2010

I hear you! my boyfriend saw i was reading this and the first thing he said "your not doing anything to stop picking" WTF! I am trying to control it obviously, people that you think would be supportive are at times the less, why is that? Anyways, I am proud of you and that you as I have come to realize that we have a common problem that we must control ourselves to NOT pick!

September 05, 2010

Sometimes, I stop picking for a few days. THen I start to think I am done for good. I think to myself...I am so glad I dont pick my face anymore. A few more days go by and BOOM!!! I did it. I went crazy and picked the crap out of my face for a few hours. THen I have scabs all over. I hate it. I want to stop for good! I guess it takes 12 months for it the urge to stop. So, lets see...that going to be Sept. 5 2011. I am gonna b on this site until then!

September 10, 2010

same here- i use to pick every day when i was younger (in middle school and highschool). Now it is much better. Looking back i think a lot of it was in my mind. Its like in your head it is macrofied, especially when anyone says anything about it or triggers you some how. Now i can go weeks without picking my arms, and then if i have a bad day i'll start picking. another thing that causes it is just wearing a sleaveless shirt. Maybe if you have a picky day concealing the skin under a hoodie can protect you from yourself. I read behavioral psychology and i know that by doing something habitual, you reinforce it. Like with any habit you have to break your physical and mental habit. anyway... what took me so long to come. honestly i didn't know what the word for it was. I never knew about dermatillomania until this website and i am so grateful. I have improved on my own with out this website on my own. Now I am really determined to regain control and not just let it control me (or whatever) and am glad i can use this site for support and information.

September 05, 2010

i know how you feel - my family just don't seem to understand i am trying to stop but it is so hard !!! My family are always getting at me about it and my mum has threatened to take me to the doctors, which i would be so upset about - should i just go , will it help? HOPE IT ALL GOES WELL FOR YOU ALL xx
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