general picking!

hi guys, im new to this, i was sat on the bed the other night picking my feet i do this everyday, but the other day i thought to myself why the heck am i doing this, as my foot was bleeding and both my feet were killing me to the point of taking, pain killers! anyway this is how i came across this site i think i knew deep down i wasn't the only one as i watched my mum do this for years, she didn't do it when i was really young she used to bite her finger nails then, really low down, then she decided to grow them, and thats when she moved on to her feet. Anyway this is getting me down i need some support, when my husband sees me picking he tells me to stop, when my friend does it she too tells me to stop, the funny thing is when my mum does it i see how wrong it is and tell her to stop it. anyway thats a bit about me. bye for now. xx

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