I am Young and I Eat the Skin on my Fingers


October 26, 2011

that was really upsetting for you, what you are going through isn't normal honey. You should try to talk to your dad about it and explain to him that you don't really like doing it and ask him to help you. I'm sure your dad loves you so much that he's willing to look for someone who can help you with your concern. A psychiatrist can help you deal with your problem so try consulting one as early as now, don't let any further for the habit to get worst. I'm pretty sure there's still hope that you'll stop the habit the moment a psychiatrist help you. So cheer up lady, your condition can still be managed...:) Anyway just want to share this article here: <a title="Medieval hobbyist forces daughter to fight him with a wooden sword" href="http://www.newsytype.com/12989-fight-with-wooden-sword/">Medieval hobbyist forces daughter to fight him with a wooden sword </a>. You may read it when you find time. Thanks!

October 26, 2011

Thank you for the advice! I talked to my dad about this website and your comment. He said he will "take the psychiatrist idea into consideration". I just can't wait until I can get enough will power to stop!!!!!!!!! Thanks again!
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