eczema and skin picking

I had a really bad outbreak of eczema following dermatitis back to eczema, it was terrible. My skin was so dry and brittle and it was so easy to break the skin when scratching that when I did little sores started to form. I had 100 of these little sores all over my body and I got eczema partly from stress and a low immune system too. I must have gotten into an irritant my body couldn't handle. Anyways I found that I started to peel off the scabs. I noticed it then for 3 months it was just automatic. And now that most of the sores healed I have scars of little brown circles all over my body now. And to be honest I didn't realize that I had a skin picking problem. I would pick at all my scabs and rip them off even if they weren't itchy. And I thought this was so odd but I started eating the scabs. It is such a disgusting habit but it just comes automatic. I don't know. Has anyone hear gone through something similar?

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