wounds are HEALING and scars are FADING------> PLEASE READ!!!!!

I've mentioned calamine lotion on this site many times before but I want to scream it out for everyone to hear and to understand that IT REALLY DOES WORK! My skin has seriously never looked better. Being that I'm still in active recovery from CSP, I relapsed a bit yesterday and went to town on my chin. I was so angry with myself but instead of spiraling out of control, I just took a deep breath, washed my face with my antibacterial face wash and applied a thick layer of calamine lotion all over my chin and let it be. This morning, the wounds were already healing over and the swelling and inflamation had subsided immensely! After washing my face in the shower, I applied another thick layer and left it on for about 4 hours. When I washed it off, they again looked even better than when I first woke up this morning. My hopes are that they will be completely healed within the next few days... I will keep everyone posted. My chin aside, the rest of my skin looks INCREDIBLE! I've been using calamine lotion consistenly for the past month and the results are AMAZING! My scars have faded about 50% and my skin actually looks NORMAL. I don't feel so ashamed walking around without makeup on in front of my husband and kids, and when I am wearing makeup, my complexion has never looked better. To achieve the same results, you have to be consistent and use it every night. After washing my face at night, I apply a THIN layer (apply a thicker layer ONLY on the areas where wounds are present) all over my face and leave it on overnight. In the morning I wash my face and apply a zinc-based moisturizer before applying my makeup and then go about my day. I've done this for a month straight and I can honestly say that I am a believer. Calamine lotion has helped with healing my self-inflicted wounds, fading my scars, and evening out my overall skin tone. The best part about it is that it's dirt cheap. I spent $1.44USD on ONE bottle! PLEASE give this a try... I promise you won't regret it!

Hello! I have been researching for tons of stuff here in the internet that might help me with these scars that I got from chicken pox already a month ago and I got a lot of reviews about this calamine lotion. Can you please tell me exactly the name of the calamine lotion that you have used? Because I tried to search for it in the amazon but a lot of lotion appeared and does it really work for old scars (my chicken pox scars are dot, colored black or dark gray)? The chicken pox that I got already a month ago left a lot of scars in my entire back and stomach, arms and chest part, and little in my knees and hands. I have been trying a lot of products but none of them helped me. The scars ended up looking clear dot black or dark gray and I am so stressed going out since I honestly don't use makeup and I am just so ashame and uncomfortable with it :-(
Hello newperspective, I wanted to say this forum and your advice are truly a miracle for people who dont know that this exists and who are suffering in silence. I have for many years had to complusion and do pick at any imperfection I find, It culd be a small blackhead or a cyst and I will take my mirror and my pimple lancer and go at it for hours often through out the day. I tried your calamine and witch hazel idea last night after geting a few "blemishes" that are now little craters on the right side of my face, I was truly amazed at the results! they are healed up nicley and no longer weeping! Thank you, Im truly going to be reading the posts on the website and Im so happy I found others who are like me and Its strange but the shame went away completely yesterday when I read everyone's comments and struggles with skinpicking. I have found a family within this forum and please if anyone needs help or to just talk, feel free to message me.
This is my first time here. I pick my face my arms and my upper legs. My sores and scars are disgusting. I pretend that I have really dry skin and that it itches and causes the scabs, scars and red marks. My 11 year old son has started to pick at his scalp and I feel like it's my fault from watching me. I started doing this when I was undergoing ETC for depression. Yes everyone electroshock therapy. I don't think I really needed it. I was addicted to pain pills, which I have been sober from for 6 years, but I do suffer from depression and when I would run out of pills and feel the crash depression that it caused I would call my psychiatric and it appeared that my depression was worse than it is. I didn't know that the crash was caused by the pain pills and starting withdrawal. I was a suburban housewife with a two and four year old. My now ehusband traveled for work and I would go to the hospital three times a week and have ECT and then be left alone to care for my children. I couldn't do it. I think that it really started as a control thing. That was in 2005. When my ex found out about the picking he was disgusted. I used to go hide in the bathroom to pick and he would actually have my children come and spy on me and yell at me to stop picking. So here I am, years later still doing it and I want to stop. I'm afraid that at the age of two because my son saw me that's why he's doing it. I'm going to try the suggestions to start healing. But I think by telling this whole story I just did start the healing. I want to stop so bad. Any suggestions will help me. I WANT TO STOP THIS CYCLE!
Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I've been on this site and I was so happy to see how many people have benefited from the very products that helped get me through all my picking episodes. I am happy to report that I have not picked in months and after 9 years of struggling with this horrible disorder, I no longer experience the urges I once had. I didn't just simply "STOP" but over time, my picking episodes became less and less until weeks would go by without picking and then weeks turned into months. It's been a constant battle within myself and forcing myself to change habits that were adopted over a span of 8 years. It took me a solid year and half to break these habits of picking at every little imperfection and of examining my skin just a little too closely in the mirror. I've broken the chains and I am FREE!!! A lot of the products I've listed on here, I still continue to use because they work! I want to continue to help those of you who continue to struggle in anyway I can and please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions and I will do my best to get on here daily and respond. I want you all to know that you have a friend on here that you can talk to and confide in and who knows the struggle, pain, and suffering you go through every second of everyday. Please allow me the opportunity to help, even if it's just someone to vent to or for product advice. Know that this is NOT FOREVER, it's just a TEMPORARY STRUGGLE that you CAN OVERCOME! XO - Newperspective
I'm not sure if this has been said here yet but zinc oxide works wonders. I haven't tried calamine lotion yet but I can't imagine it being better than zinc oxide which is found in diaper rash cream. I recently stopped taking birth control and had the worst breakout ever which was devastating because I've always had clear skin, less the occasional pimple. I searched for a quik fix and found tons of information on using zinc oxide. I tried it on my chin overnight and by the morning the redness had fully subsided and the swelling went down. I realized that it makes complete sense since zinc oxide helps to heal broken skin, redness and swelling and helps speed up the healing process. Just my two cents on something that worked for me.
I've been picking at skin on my legs and pulling the hair out with tweezers for 5 years now, although I haven't picked in almost 8 months now, my skin is so sensitive and damaged so when I shave my legs they break and out and makes me urge to pick at them. I have tried countless creams with nothing working for me. My skin is overly sensitive due to an allergy to Glycerin and calamine lotion hasn't helped heal my sores or breakouts but I've heard about witch hazel. I've heard and read such amazing things you can use witch hazel for. Once I go buy some and give it a try ill keep you all informed on how it worked out for me but I would recommend anyone with skin picking to give it a shot along with the calamine lotion because the witch hazel actually kills all the bacteria on your skin without over drying or irritating, and reduces redness and swelling instantly as well as fading deep dark scars.
I just had one of my worst face massacres in my history of face picking, I'm so freaking excited about this calamine lotion suggestion. I'm fixing to tear apart all the medicine cabinets in the house, if no luck, I'll have to put on some make up & head to Walgreens. If this works, I'll be amazed. Thanks for sharing! You Rock!
I had severe acne as a teen and tried everything from octagon soap to phenol acted calamine lotion. (Calamine did help-phenolated) But my daughter and three of mt friends cleared up their face like a miracle, with that stuff ProActive from TV. I wish it would have been available when I was a teen. Good luck. I hope I have helped.
Will calamine lotion work for wounds that have already healed and turned into dark scars?
Hey I have OCD and childhood depression- I'm fourteen. I feel kind of weird posting on this since I'm probably younger than most of you guys. I've been picking for as long as I can remember- probably since I was first diagnosed with OCD so in the third grade. I've just started getting acne and I have eczema. My mom took me to the dermatologist and we got something for my eczema but the acne medicine was too much and insurance didn't cover it. I also have dark spots all over and scars from picking pretty much on my legs, face, and arms and I feel like people are staring just at those when I'm in public. I saw the posts on the calamine lotion and looked it up on google but I'm confused. There are lots of different kinds! What type am I supposed to get? And will it react with my eczema? PLEASE HELP!
hi i dont know about the cream but i am 14 to so you arnt the only teen here :) xxxx
I'm 13, but posting here makes me feel better. I don't think anyone cares how old you are. Someone here told me that people don't really stare, we just think they do because we know the scabs are there. Maybe it's true. Just try to act normal and confident, and people will relax.
best way to let wounds heal and scars fade is to just leave them alone
Nadine, agreed, however, that's much easier said than done. Most people with picking habits can't just stop or they already would have.
I first would like to say that I almost cried when I came across this site! I wish I had found this YEARS ago!! It's so relieving to know that I'm not alone and to read about so many people who feel the exact same way I do. Not to mention the support I've seen in this forum!! Wow! I have been picking at sores since I was a little girl.... I've always known I shouldn't and I've always been yelled at by everyone for it -- parents, grandparents, etc. I even know while I'm doing it that I shouldn't be but it's something I have always just felt like I couldn't stop. I thought I was crazy!! And it's embarrasing! I targeted my face in the past but in the more recent years it has been places that I can hide. I also recently started taking Vyvanse again (for ADD) after being off of it for years and I know that it contributes A LOT to picking but it has gotten out of control. I have so many open places on my arms, my legs and my abdomen and I've gotten back to picking at my face too =/ I work as an admin for a physicians group and I'm horrified when any of them come back to my office! I've been wearing long sleeves just to hide it! (Ohio summers are not great conditions for long sleeves!) I've tried everything in the world from Cetaphil to Neosporin to whatever. I have even visited a dermatologist in the past (though I wouldn't dare go right now because I'd be too embarrassed). I even went as far as to snapping rubber bands on my wrist every time I caught myself picking, which didn't phase me. Never, ever ever ever, have I read or heard about using Calamine! I mean, for poison ivy absolutely, but not for healing/fading.... I went on lunch today and picked a bottle up and after doing some more reading I am going to stop on my way home to pick up some Witch Hazel. I'm pretty excited and am crossing my fingers! Thank you so much for all the information and for being so thorough in your responses to everyone! I plan on visiting often and will definitely provide feedback to how the Calamine & Witch Hazel work out for me! Hope everyone has a great day!
hey i have adhd which is basically add do you actually have it ? xxx
when the calamine lotion goes on an open wound is it normal for it to burn and "pulsate"? it has subsided some but is this okay?
Hi newperspective! PLEASE READ! I really need your help ASAP. I'm going into HIGH SCHOOL in a little less than two weeks. Here's my story: About a month ago I got a couple pimples on my forehead, a little space above my right eyebrow, and I have fairly clear skin. So not knowing how to deal with a couple blemishes, I began to pick at it. (Which from now on I know never to do again.) It sucks because my birthday was the next day. (June 13.) And since then that area on my forehead got worse, bright red skin and fresh open skin was left. I have cried every night since then. My dad also lost his job so right now we are currently poor struggling to pay bills, and I am still really depressed. With the sadness I've been dealing with, I've just put Neosporin on the area of my forehead and put a bandage over it all day and night. So till about today, nothings worked and then I noted the expiration date on the Neosporin and it was in 2006. I got a new one a couple days ago. No improvement. The size of the wound is about the size of a small nickel (coin.) It is sill extremely raw and bright red. The rest of my face is completely clear. I'm so glad I found your story and cure, but I am still a little afraid to know what will happen. I got a few questions that I'm kind of confused about. Right now I'm using the Cetaphil gentle face cleanser for oily skin, following up with a Clean & Clear oil free moisturizer. But I avoid putting the moisturizer on the nickel-sized wound. Then I massage some Neosporin on the area. Like I said nothing is working. So tomorrow I'm buying the Calamine lotion. Here are my questions: 1) Once I buy the Calamine lotion, do I have to apply it like a mask all over my face? Or can I just put a layer around the wound area? Cause the rest of my face is very clear and blemish free. 2) What will the Calamine lotion do? My wound is still pretty fresh and bright red and open. Does it turn it into a scab or what? 3) How long should I leave it on for? And once I wash it off, how will I get it off without irritating the area? Because it dries up like a clay, right? 4) After the Calamine lotion is off, what do I put on it afterwards? 5) Please type me a routine for what you recommend for me. Please get back to me ASAP! Thank you SO much! Hope you can help me heal my skin before going into highschool as a freshman.
I was searching on google about healing a scar on my face that I had picked and now has become an open scar and is totally humiliating when I came across this forum. I almost cried sitting here reading all the familiar stories and it really just made me feel so much better knowing that I'm not alone. I pick my face often as hard as I try not to but the acne is just so shameful and irritating. I am going to try this calamine lotion remedy as soon as I get home today. Thak you so much for being so transparent with your story because it really helpe others tremendously.
I will try this! I'm an avid face and upper body picker. Normally due to acne and other bumps I deem unnatural. I also noticed washing my face and spot treating with baking soda also heals the craters and scabs that I make on myself.
Hey there, im 16 and have been picking at my face and arms as long as I can remember. Recently I got a huge cyst acne between my eyebrows. I left it alone for about a week until it got humongous and I couldn't stand the pain anymore. Long story short I made a mess of it and now i have a huge open wound between my eyebrows. It looks terrible and I can't even look at myself. Thankfully its summer And I'm not going anywhere so I have time to heal. I was wondering if this would work on such a big wound? I really need your help! Thank you, Sophia
hi... intersting post...really nice to hear that calamine works.......would also like to suggest padanjaly herbal products for scars and related problems... www.padanjaly.com Regards
hello, I don't pick my face, but i do pick my arms and shoulders and back where i can reach. would the calamine, witch hazel & repairing lotion regimen work on those areas? and would it lighten the red spots and the raised scars i have in those areas? thank you so much for you post and help. :)
in how many days would the scars be gone?
Hi I'm 17 and I've been picking for probably as long as I've had acne. My mom always tells me don't pick, don't mess with your skin, but it was like there was a compulsiveness in me to do it each and every time I had a pimple. Thankfully I have had no serious repercussions in the past up until this latest time. I have actually picked so bad that I tore off half the first layer of skin on my chin. I am ashamed. It was red and raw and also wetting for the past two days. That was until I tried calamine lotion paired with a vitamin e moisturizer. The wetting disappeared and the skin dried and has started to heal. I have paired it with witch hazel like you recommended and have stayed home from school to continue the skin care process. I did not realize that this was an actual problem for so many people. It is nice to know I'm not alone and that it is possible to stop doing what I'm doing before something like this happens again. This was a sobering experience for me and I now am beginning to realize that everyone has problems with their skin it's just a matter of not caring what other think and realizing while it may seem huge to you it's really minuscule, even unnoticeable, to others. Thank you so much for all your hope, because if I did not find this blog I had little hope for my skin, or for prom in 9 days. By the way do you think that my skin will be at least cover-able with makeup by prom? It is on June 8th and it is May 31st now.
Kudos to you for kicKing it in the butt so quicKly. For being smart enough to take action as soon as possible. And more importAntly " I now am beginning to realize that everyone has problems with their skin it's just a matter of not caring what other think and realizing while it may seem huge to you it's really minuscule, even unnoticeable, to others." You should be verY verY verY proud of Yourself! Best of luck with your prom! CSP - 3 little letters in my giant bowl of alphabet soup!
Wow! I need to try this. I swear I've tried so many things. The worst for me is focused on my scalp. I swear there isn't a spot on there that isn't red, scabbed, or freshly bleeding.
OMG thank you so much. This is really the Holy Grail of Skin.Yesterday I applied 3 layers of Calamine all over my face, paying special attention to the sore. I left if for around 4 hours and removed, i had to put makeup on to go out for a while then but when i removed my makeup last night i was amazed. The edges of the scab were dried up and peeling away and there was fresh pink skin underneath! It has been peeling a bit more today and all thats left is the centre part which is flat to the skin and i can cover it much easier. Im SO impressed and i can see myself handing this tip down to my grandkids someday lol. Sincere Thanks again :D XXX
I was actually just coming back here today to post a cry for help! I've done well all day, and can't keep my fingers off my face this afternoon due to the stress level at the office going up. I have two spots on my face and one just under my jaw on the side that have been making me crazy because they're a little scabbed and trying to finally heal, now that I've tried to be conscious of not picking. They really are healing, it's amazing how fast everything heals when I'm not messing with it. I was worried about the redness left by the spots once they do calm down but I'm headed after work for some Calamine and Witch Hazel. If this works I'm recommending it to everyone I know! I'm in need of a miracle at this point. I feel like if I can heal my skin there won't be any areas that will bug me and I will stay clear longer. Thank you!
Wow im going straight out at lunch to buy some Calamine Lotion! I have pretty good skin most of the time, however when im sick or run down i get a few spots. Have a cold atm and developed a deep spot under the skin on my chin. I never really get these :( I knew to leave it alone from past experience.... but i also knew that it wouldnt heal until whatever was in it came out... so i picked. it wasnt bad at first and i got someting out, then i tried again the next day and ended up shearing the top layes of skin off with the friction and my nails as usual. Now i have a huge scab (about the size of the end of a pencil) i have it covered with makeup but its still really obvious. I had some pure aloe vera gel handy so was keeping it covered in that and bio oil. Hopefully the Calamine will work and speed up the healing time as its not too deep. Im also going to try it on the backs of my arms where i have KP, this would be my biggest problem area for picking. I destroy my arms regularly and have done since a young age. I also just wanted to ask, Somebody in a previous comment said the calamine worked for their dark eye circles, Does anybody else have experience with this? Im going to give it a try and ill report back
Thank you, I will try using Calamine Lotion.
Does the calamine lotion cause your skin to peel? I need something to peal the tops layer of damaged skin, and I cannot find anything other than retina, which is too harsh.
Please do not peel your skin away try using lemon, Tea tree oil, honey, baking soda and drink plenty of water. The mark will fade away in its on time try freezing it or just please leave it alone. If your skin peels even just a tiny bit you are removing a part of your body and blood will come out which will cause scarring or their will be a big red sore itchy spot on your beautiful skin. Please do not use Retina that is equall to peeling your skin of and leaving scaring and marks that won't go. I urge you to try Celltone its a breakthrough from bad skin.
So I've probably picked since I was in 3rd grade I don't even think they where pimples at that time any way I've been doing pretty good picking here and there ...... The last 2 weeks have been stressful, and traumatic I sat for the last 2 days an probably picked every tiny bump on my body..... This use to happen when I was younger ..this is my second day with the calamine lotion only I've been washing it off moisturizing then washing, my knees were swollen bright red and throbbing my intire chest as-well some of the smaller marks have already dis appeared the swelling is also gone for as bad as I picked I know some spots might take a minute but I can tell its working ....... I also got some vitamins A witch is for skin, eyes and immune ill let you know how that works out but thank you I probably would've just kept pickin if I didn't try this
I am literally throwing on clothes and heading over to the 24hr store. WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS!!??? :)
Thank you for your advice. I will definitely try the calamine right away. Do u know if it could help flatten raised scars? Just curious. I'm glad to find this group. I've suffered from skin picking for several years and am willing to try just about anything that might work! Blessings
You asked about flatening sores...I got a tip somewhere to take a nail file and gently smooth out the scab...it makes it easier to run your hands over your skin and not feel a rift to grab onto and pick. In addition to that i started using a gritty face scrub on my legs and it also helps create a smooth feeling. The scrub i use isnt made anymore so youd just have to experiment. I would NOT use one for acne because it tightens your skin and makes it itchy. I am so much calmer now when I touch my skin. Reply to let me know if this helped you after awhile...
I found this forum by googling "how to heal open wound and make it scab overnight" and THANK GOD I DID. I am a college senior, a week and a half from graduation and I thought I had lost my mind. I am a diligent student, a hard worker, a type-A, reliable get-things-done girl adn am known for always looking put-together. I AM SO NOT PUT TOGETHER right now. I had a scab -typical for me, I'm a compulsive skin picker- and I attempted to heal it faster with a combo of tea tree oil and vitamin e oil. Something happened where the scab that had formed has somehow been removed and there is literally an indentation where the missing skin used to be. The skin on the outside of the scab remains but the middle is red and raw, as in THERE IS NO SKIN. I put neosporin and a band aid on it, I aired it out, I left it alone (canceled work, stayed home due to shame/embarrasment). I scared my roommates half to death by hysterically crying and I've canceled on this guy I've been seeing for 3 straight nights. HOW can i start this healing process? Will the witchazel and calomine really work? It is a spot as big as a tic tac. HELP me please.
I have the same problem! Please let me know if this worked for you and how long it took to heal. I am so mad at myself for picking a pimple so much that a huge patch of skin has ripped off my face. It looks like a huge crater on the side of my chin. SO embarrassing! It has been one full week since the skin came off and it has not gotten one bit better! I was so diligent last week to not mess with it and put neosporin on it every night after it happened. I've had to go to work but I am so embarrassed to look at people. I shut myself in for two days thinking the extra time with neosporin would help heal it fast. But it didn't!! I know it sounds bad, but I was desperate to dry it out yesterday and used rubbing alcohol on it to do so. This morning the scab came off and now I'm back to square one a full week later. At this put I'm loosing hope of it ever healing. After discovering this site, I ran out to my nearest Walgreens and bought some calomine lotion, and I already had the witch hazel. I really really hope this works!!!
sororitygirl, I have the same thing; I just accidentally ripped off a patch of skin. Please tell me did it get fixed? Did yeah the calamine work?
I hope since your post you have tried the calamine lotion, it seems like this post is legit and I want to try this out as well. I am also a senior in college graduating soon! Congrats! It feels great, right? Anyways, I hope this comment finds you well and your issue is healing up quickly! Don't be so hard on yourself :)
Wow im actually on my way to the drug store its 1030pm and im totally freaking out! I found this site and feel so much better that im not the only one going through this!! I can relate to everyone! I was looking for something I can buy to put on my face tonight because I have a really important date tomm night and I cant cancel, but my face is a disaster and I don't leave the house when its this bad. I broke out really bad and going through a really stressful time and I do have anxiety. I will sit with a magnifying mirror for hours and pick my acne try to pop it and use tweezers! Then it scabbed and of course I just had to pick all the scabs off and now im left with huge unhealed bright red blotches all over my face! So embarrassing. I have to see this guy tomm I canceled on him twice already and hes from out of town. So thank god I read this! Im going now to get the calamine and im praying by tomm night the redness will go down and I wont feel insecure! Does anyone have any other advice on what else to use like face lotions for dryness and ladies, how about foundation that will actually cover and stay! Thanks so much for the calamine posts I feel totally hopefull!!
Has anyone tried BandAid's calamine spray? My face isn't the problem. It's my legs, back, and butt: some hard to reach places.
Hi! So my prom is in a few days (today is Tuesday night and my prom is this saturday) and OF COURSE i starting getting a really bad "under the skin zit" over the weekend. I also picked it even though i knew i shouldnt...*sigh*. now i have a really big (about the size of a quarter) wound on my face. it isn't raised or anything, but its weeping and impossible to cover with makeup (which is the worst bit!!). i went out and bought calamine lotion when i read this ( i have CVS brand). should i leave a thick layer on the area overnight, or should i just leave it on for a few hours till i go to bed? Also, do you think it will be healed enough by saturday to be unnoticeable under makeup? Thanks so much! comforting to read im not the only one who picks even though i know i shouldnt :P
Something that may help stop the weeping so you can cover it during the time you will be out (get a styptic pencil it will be in the shaving items isle) and dab the area dry and quickly apply the pencil before it starts weeping again, do this as many times as it takes to get it dry. Then I would get something like a cover liquid that is specifically for blemishes, such as salicylic acid which matches your make-up and /or skin color. Then wash it well but don't scrub with something gentle like Cetaphil antibacterial soap bar before bedtime and wounds heal better with less scarring when kept moist. If you don't have an infection that needs the antibiotics the just purchase some Aquaphor to keep it moist.
Something that may help stop the weeping so you can cover it during the time you will be out (get a styptic pencil it will be in the shaving items isle) and dab the area dry and quickly apply the pencil before it starts weeping again, do this as many times as it takes to get it dry. Then I would get something like a cover liquid that is specifically for blemishes, such as salicylic acid which matches your make-up and /or skin color. Then wash it well but don't scrub with something gentle like Cetaphil antibacterial soap bar before bedtime and wounds heal better with less scarring when kept moist. If you don't have an infection that needs the antibiotics the just purchase some Aquaphor to keep it moist. You can do a rinse with the Witch Hazel before putting on the Aquaphor. You might want to purchase lot of gauze and lay this over the Aquaphor so you can apply a good thick layer and gauze will help keep it there instead of your pillowcase.
Hello ellebelle1031! I don't recommend leaving the calamine lotion on overnight - it's best to let your skin breathe. You can leave a thick layer of calamine lotion on for 30 min - 1 hour at a time (like a mask) and then wash it off. I experienced the best results when I didn't leave it on for longer periods of time (it can clog your pores and therefore cause new problem areas to form). I would also suggest using witch hazel in conjunction with the calamine lotion - it really does help a lot and makes a HUGE difference in the overall healing process. After you've washed off the calamine lotion, soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and apply it all over your face (not just the problem area). The witch hazel truly helps with the overall health of your skin and creates a more smooth, even tone and texture. I'm preferential to using T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel. I hope this helps and so long as you don't continue to pick the area and continue to treat it with the calamine lotion and witch hazel, I promise your skin will look so much better by your prom night come Saturday and your skin will cover up beautifully with makeup. :) XO - newperspective
so in October you said to leave it on over night now we don't?
Hello everyone! I came across this post yesterday after searching on Google ways to even out a red skin tone, and boy am I glad I came across this! It worked so well on my skin that I even made myself an account just to post on here how good this stuff is! Anyway...I will give you a brief description of my skin. My skin is normally oily, but because of the harsh winter weather in the UK right now my skin is incredibly dry and inflamed. I constantly have blotchy red cheeks,a red chin (from scars and spots), and little small bumps on my forehead which were spots at one point, but are now at that stage where there are bumps that won't go away! I also have blue/purple under eye circles, blackheads on my chin and nose, scars above my top lip and quite visible pores on my cheeks. Overall, my skin isn't great...but it isn't bad either! I hardly get spots (anymore that is!) and only really get them when I'm due to start my period. I could feel 2 cystic spots forming near my eyebrow and thought I should stop these suckers from forming. Anyway, I read this post and luckily I had a pot of 100% pure Calamine cream in my draw and dabbed some on the parts where I could feel it hurting. I also read that it helped with evening out the skin tone so I thought...what the heck and I applied it basically all over my face. I left it on overnight and when I woke up...WOW!! It had literally transformed my skin overnight! The blotchy red cheeks I have had for years had vanished (I think it could be Rosacea), my pores were invisible, the blue/purple circles I had under my eyes had reduced by about 70%, the cystic spots I could feel were flat and didn't hurt anymore, and the bumps on my forehead I have tried to get rid of for ages have nearly gone, the red scars I have had faded dramatically and even the blackheads have gotten smaller! If it did all this in one night...imagine the results in a week! Thank you so much for this post...you have transformed my skin! :-)
The person who originally started the post about the Calamine and Witch Hazel said they would not leave it on over night because it can clog pores so be very careful and just be sure to wash well and this is just my advice but if you are going to do it again over night go out and get some St Ives sea salt and sea kelp exfoliant and use that to clean but don't rub hard. You will be amazed at how smooth and wonderful your skin feels. I use it on my knees, elbows and feet too but only do it a few times a week, maybe just on the days you have left the calamine over night and always end with a moist cotton ball or pad of Witch Hazel. I know we all have different skin and some items might not work as well for others but we do have these awful blemishes in common. I'm almost 54 and went for years with clear skin and I had these horrible things start showing up in almost a year now I guess. I went to a dermatologist (mine are the ones that actually started out looking like boils now they just look like normal pimples unless I pick it and then it becomes the Thing from hell. It has a lot of little whiteheads inside it and sometimes one large one right in the middle so I have try really really hard not to touch my face. She actually said that it did not look like acne but she didn't know what it is. She did 2 cultures, one for bacteria and the other for fungi. They both came back negative but I had already started using some antifugal cream which could have caused a negative results.
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