im 20 and ive been eating my finger skin all my life.

i'm 20 and i'm happily married and i have a 6 1/2 month old and i'm pregnant again. but all my life, i mean...since i can remember. i have always bitten and eatin the skin off my fingers, i used to bite my nails too but i stopped that. and i eat the skin on my lips sometimes and even scabs when i get them, i used to cut myself just to get scabs so i could pick them. my husband helped me stop that. the biggest thing i do now is just bite my fingers. and i like doing it, its weird, and my fingers look horrible but it makes me feel better. but i'm afraid of future problems with the skin on my fingers, cuz i've been doing it for years. and i haven't found a way to stop. even strong will doesn't help.

Im 14 years old and i have been picking, biting, and eating the skin around my nails for as long as i can remember.. My mom always says its embarassing because i always do it in public but i just cant stop. I do it in school, also. I have no idea how i can stop. my fingers are constantly bleeding and it hurts to wash my hands with warm water. if anyone has any ideas on how to stop, please let me know because this is embarassing AND it hurts but i dont know how to stop. thanks..
I have been biting my fingers for as long as I can remember. I am now 58 years old. I have tried to stop several times and have succeeded for a short period but if anything stressful comes along I'm back at it again.
i'm 18 years old, and i have been bitting my fingers too for as long as i can remember. The disorder as i have researched is called dermatophagia. According to my research, all evidence points out that it occurs because i am trying to prevent adapting to a change that will not be good for my health. I also have developed compulsion for sexual intercourse. Is this the case for all wold biters in this forum?
I'm 51, and I've been picking and chewing my fingers most of my life. ItDurant stop because you want it to. I think it is a deeper issue, maybe covering pain or something. I've quit for periods of time, even I really set my mind to it, but then I think stress takes me right back there! I wish there were some easy fix, but I really think therapy may be the only way. Tricks and gimmicks don't work. It is a deeper issue. I have a lot of past garbage, and I have done counseling to learn to get past some things, but I've never done therapy for this specific issue. I think it starts out as a way to deal with pain, and becomes habit... but they both go hand in hand. My sister does the same thing! Hers look bloody and raw most the time. I and able to keep mine not looking so obvious, but they are clearly scarred. If you are able to, I would seek therapy for it. It doesn't mean something is wrong with you, it means you want to kick a habit, break a habit, that can be harmful to you. I'm sure it's not healthy to eat your skin, and I know from experience, it wears down your teeth! Seriously! You are young, get help now. It won't just stop, you have to trust me on this! I have no insurance, and I see no end in sight for me. That's my advice, from an expert finger biter!
I have ben biting and i want to stop. I always fall off the wagon immediatly after a week or so. Someone help i'm so glad there are others like me out there.
Hi. I do not really know how to do this. Quite honestly it wasn't till a month or two ago that I knew I am not alone. I pick, chew, and eat the flesh around my fingers. I eat through the skin and I have even eaten part of my muscle on my thumb. I am sixteen I started when I was six. Looking back it might have been from paranoia and stress due to night terrors. I am scared. I can honestly say I am scared shitless of what's going to happen in the real world. I am constantly made fun of about my hands. Some call me a cannibal. I suffer from a severe depression disorder as well as PTSD. I don't know what to do. A decade of this has destroyed my fingers especially my thumb. To the point where my phone barely recognizes that my thumb is human flesh. I want to stop. Liberation from this. My mother quit smoking a year ago and tells me all the time that it is stupid that I don't quit. She tells me she can quit an addictive substance yet I cannot quit eating myself. The first battle I believe is making my mother understand. I have shown her forums akin to this one. She thinks its all in our heads and we can stop whenever. Its so hard to stop. I pride myself in strong will but i can't stop myself. Its terribly embarrassing and I want to be a pediatrician one day! No mother wants there child treated by some guy with disgusting chewed up fingers. People notice hands. A lot. I just want to stop. I stopped once and completely healed but the first tragedy to strike my life ignited the old habit. What do I do? I know I am being repetitive but please. We are all suffering from this. I have read hundreds and hundreds of posts and looked at other sites. I have tried everything that people say has worked for them. Today I only ate one tiny piece if skin from my thumb but what about tomorrow? I do not want to live the rest of my life like this. I really want to be a pediatrician and find a wife. Have some kids. Not have chewed up fingers. Anything. Seriously anything that you think can help me email me at Thank you if you read this long message. Good luck. I hope you succeed in kicking this things ass.
Please read my post up further. You are young! Seek help! That is the only way. I am 51, you can't just stop! I do for a period and start again! It is a to hide pain. Go get help! Don't be ashamed. You want to breakit. I believe it is possible, but it won't Be a quick fix. Give it whatever it takes. Don't get frustrated with however long it will take! You don't want to be doing it in 25 years, as I am. It is a real issue, and there is no shame in that. Seek help, that's the best advice I can give!
I'm 25 and think the point is you've got to stop skin picking now, and don't allow yourself to pick. Decide you're not going to pick the skin of your fingers anymore. It's helped me a lot; I haven't picked my fingers for almost two months. Cold turkey has really worked, but I always keep in mind that if I pick any small piece of skin, it'll start all over again.
Ive been eating my skin on my fingers to for al long as i can remember i don't know why.... is it a bad thing?
I am currently a sophomore and I've been eating the skin around my nails since 6th grade. It's been awful having weird and awkward hands. I thought I was a complete freak but I'm glad I'm not alone. I have a few questions: 1.) Should I see my doctor about Dermatophagia? 2.) Does anyone else have a large, abnormal lump (mine is on my right thumb.) that is skin built up. It may or may not be a callous and if so how do I get rid of it. 3.) Can someone please tell me if there is a cure or at least a way to make the marks from biting go away?
My advice, and I have posted to a few others on here, is to seek help. I've been doing it for probably 40 years, and you don't just stop. Some may be able to, and I have for small periods, but I go back to it. Read my earlier responses yo others. If you are able to go to a Dr., do it. You will be glad you did! Don't Just expect you will be able to stop on your own.
Im 12 yr. Old i live in Dallas tx I been bitting my finger sinceb i was 10 yr. Old Idk why im bittiting my fingers and idk how to stop please someone help me tell mevsum to stop bitting my fingers :( i need help plz give me a cure
hi i'm 14 and biting my skin since i was little...i try to distract myself and keep busy. try chewing gum to keep your mouth busy,but not too much because i chewed gum often to much my stomach hurt very badly and you get diarrhea for 4 days and lose weigh a lot. Oh and don't look at you hands! i chew on my thumb the most. i was thinking of putting tape on my thumb but i'd look silly in public O.o plus i'm the only with terrible hands at school!
Honey, try to get help. I am 51 and have been chewing my fingers most my life, mostly my thumbs. If I could send you a pic I would. The scar tissue is terrible. You won't be able to just stop. Seek some professional help, as far as therapy or something. I believe that is the only way to stop. Its a deeper issue, and it becomes habit for dealing with pain. Trust me, I've tried everything except for therapy with this issue. Im a firm believer that it is the only way to deal with this issue.
Hey people, my name is Juan. I'm 14 right now. I've Been biting my fingers since I was 13 till the point I start to bleed. I'm trying to stop as hard but I just can't. It's like those smokers who can't quit smoking. Biting my fingers is Somthing I NEED and can't stop, I don't know why or how I started to bite them but now they are really pink, hard. My skin is tanish until my finger, now it's almost all my hand. My uncle who is a doctor gave me some skin creame to help grow out my skin but no matter What I just can't stop. I'm embarrassed to show my hands at school or public.i used to have these perfect hands now they are chippen away pink wood. Is skin going to grow back? I have heavily ate 2 pounds of skin in 1 year. :( when I saw all these people with the same problem just made my day :) I hope WE bitters will someday be healed <3
Wat was tha cure plz tell me :(
Please read my earlier responses to others who suffer with this.
I'm 14 and I've been bitting the skin around my nails since I was 7. I do it when I'm nervous, bored, ashamed or something like that. I'm also bitting my lips until they bleed. I sometimes bite the skin around my nails till blood too. It hurts me and I think its really gross but I cant stop or control myself
have you done anything about it?i'm 14 too and i chew on my skin and lips, mostly my thumb until it hurts or bleeds. It hurts to wash my hands with warm or hot water. and my lips hurt when i try to eat something spicy D:
I'm 15 and have been eating on the skin around my nail since forever.The skin often irritates me and i always end up eating it off.I do so even when I'm nervous.I googled all my symptoms and found this disorder called Dermatophagia and the disease that occurs is Paronychia.I cut the skin till it hurts and bleeds...It gives me pleasure that i can't describe...Back then when I was 10,i had a terrible blister and some swelling & redness on my point-finger.I had to be taken to a doctor because i couldn't even hold a pencil.Now that I'm fifteen I still find it very hard to stop...It's really embarrassing to go out in public with such fingers.Once i had cuts on all my fingers and my friends were really shocked to see.Even i was disgusted seeing all bleeding,red,swollen fingers.As far as i remember i did that b4 sleeping.I really can't help myself.
I stumbled across this website because I'm a finger biter too. I used to bite my nails, but I was able to overcome that minor habit... and replaced it with skin biting. I've been biting at my thumb knuckles or at least 20 years. I know what started my biting. When I was probably around 8 I contracted 2 warts (one on each thumb). My parents had taken me to a dermatologist for countless freezing treatments, electrical removal, and laser removal. All provided temporary relief, but eventually the warts would return. Around 10 years old, my parents gave up on treatments and I began to pick and bite at the warts. At first, my skin would become flat (but raw) and I was pleased. But eventually the wart would grow back. I would continue to pick and bite further down (sometimes using tools). Eventually, I built up large calluses. I stopped biting at them for maybe a while, but then winter would come and the skin would crack.. prompting more biting. As I got a little older, one of my index fingers got what I perceived as a "blemish", it was probably just a blister. But this index finger got added into the mix. After around my mid teens I found that (prescribed) stimulants provided temporary relief from the compulsion. Even just nicotine was enough to provide relief. Sometimes if I have a nail file on me, that can provide relief because the mail trigger is the roughness of the skin. Now at over 30.. I still bite (way more now that I don't smoke or take prescribed stimulants). I go to bed every night with gloves on and fill them with ointment or lotion (depending). I'm at my wits end >.< and the funny thing is, I only bite at the three fingers (two thumbs and one index finger). I feel for you all with this affliction. I'd like to add, my mother told me that my grandfather used to pick any scabs he ever got... Which I guess from reading is a similar disorder.
I'm jane and I'm 15 years old.I have always eaten my nails and the skin around my nails ,but normally my nails. Know my fingers are swallon and have little holes int then I get so embarassed around my friens they even gave them names e.g(underconder) becoz the hole are many in one big circle like eyes ...I wish I had nice beautiful nails like my friends so that I could also take nice pictures and stuff.any advice.please anyone who thinks this is I have to go 2 the hospital.I'm scared what if I got a disease....and again my finger nails are dark like I have blood stuck.I realy don't know what to to .ohw please anyone help .............wish I had normal nails,and beautiful nails
Also, I'm pretty sure I've chipped the corners of my front teeth from all the nail biting I did last year.
I'm 13 and I've done all of those things for years. Strong will hasn't helped me with any of the places I pick. So..... a lot of lotion and chapstick. If they're smooth and soft, they're much harder to pick.
Im 14 and ive been biting my skins around the nail for as long as I can remember..sometimes I bite until they bleed and i have to bandage them..its so embarrasing becauseA people always say eww your fingers..:( I wish I could stop.
Hello my name is christine and to be honest I was super scared of trying to talk to someone About the problem I have but ever since I could remember I've been biting and actually eating My fingerskin and all of my family say I need help when my hands get wet they swell up And have over a 1000 holes on my hand and I'm terribly embarrassed but I don't know how I can stop no matter what I do and its like every finger is severely bitten and my family Calls me a cannibal and I feel super bad I want to see a therapist but I'm afraid of what might Happen I don't know what to do I know I need help I mean I'm 23 I've been married 4 Years and my husband got into a very bad accident so he can barely do anything I would say I'm very depressed so much on my mind I hope somebody can help me.
That's what we're here for.
Thank god theirs others like me. I cant remember a time when i dont have a cut on my fingers, im 13 and i have a bad habit of doing this, i started like 3 yrs ago but i want normal fingers, im sick of wearing bandaids at school to hide it from people, and sometimes it hurts so much i cant even write properly, once it gets a scab i just bite it off. Im doing this self consciously and i never notice until after it starts hurting and bleeding... Ive tried the nail polish foul tasting stuff but that didnt work because i would keep trying to bit until it came off, ive also tried getting some cotton gloves but i never remember to wear them, im a boy and im really worried if this will have any long term effect on my fingers, mostly thumbs. Its usually near the nuckle or on the side of my thumb :( help me!
I'm a 13 year old girl and I do the exact same thing. Whenever I put on a bandaid I just pick that instead and then when it comes off I keep picking my fingers.
I am 17 and have been eating the skin around my fingers since i don't remember when. It started with me biting my nails and eating those too, but i stopped. i used to bite all the way down my thumbs and fingers but it has gotten a little better. now i just keep reopening wounds and biting at the hard callused parts. theres something about it. I don't find it gross at all now, im desensitized to it. i do it when im stressed, out in public, hungry (go figure) and so on. It is really embarrassing however, but i can't stop. I've noticed when i have acrylic nails on, i leave my fingers alone, because it starts with picking then me biting a piece of skin off. I hate lotion so my skin is dry, easy to pick at. the scars, puffiness, soreness and pain is something i am just used to, and i like the taste of blood with the skin. sometimes i do it without even noticed, sometimes i am just ravenously picking and eating at my fingers. the taste and smell of the skin.. i really cant shake it, ive been doing it for so long. My thumbs are the biggest problems. They are scarred terrible. my natural creases to my fingers are skewed because of the calluses. It is a sight. Even though i love doing it, its something im trying to stop. Its hard, really hard because i hate applying stuff to my fingers! but they look so ugly. Im happy that there are other people out here that understand i didnt think there were many people . I bite my lip and inside of my cheek too, but just mainly my fingers.... my poor fingers lol
What you described above is what i am. May i ask, what race are you and which country are you from ( I am a black south African by the way).
Oh my god. This is exactly like me.
I can't believe I found this website... Okay. My name is Lily, I'm 15 and I've been biting my fingers 5-6 years now. I bite the skin off of my fingers, I used to bite to the point of bleeding, but that only happens rarley now. Both of my index fingers are bitten all the way down to the knuckle. It's ALL bitten around my finger. It started with around the cuticle, then down, then all around the finger. I only did this to my thumb when I started, then I eventually went on to all the other fingers. The problem is, I don't know when I bite because I bite when I think. I bite a ton when I'm on the computer, when I'm reading, when I'm taking a test, when I'm watching TV, pretty much everything that requires a brain. :/ I tried the liquid bandaid stuff, that didn't work. I have a full supply of this omega stuff that is made specifically for nail/finger biting, and that works sometimes. But sometimes, I bite so much that the omega stuff comes off and I go right back. To be truthful, sometimes I don't even care. I'll realize that I bite and I'll just keep going. It's embarrassing going swimming, because they prune up and look disgusting, some people thought I had a disease... I just can't convince myself to stop. I REALLY want to, but lots of times I really just don't care. I just don't know how to stop. I'm gonna continue using omega, because its the best thing for me now, but I really pray that it'll heal soon. Finally I get my story out to this website, and I see a bunch of people who are struggling with the same thing.
One of my friends would joke sometimes about me having "finger AIDS". I was really embarrassed and angry at myself for continuing to pick, but at least comments like that make me more determined to stop.
I'm right there with you sweetheart
I am 35 and also doing this and other bad habits as described on these forums. The best fix I have found is a product (in Canada) called Polysporin. You should use cuticle scissors as has been mentioned, or just dedicated nail clippers works for me (I'm not very dexterous with tiny scissors, the clippers are way easier) and cut any protruding pieces of skin, avoid biting it off but if you REALLY GOTTA DO IT - well, this is the last time, ok! You can even push back your cuticles and remove them. Then, scrub your fingers and hands well and dry them and apply a very small amount of polysporin to every finger you bite. It will heal super fast and you won't want to put your fingers in your mouth with it on. Just apply it once or twice a day. It will actually start looking better the first day. Put on a polish that distracts from it too if you like (before putting on ointment). Pretty nails help me not want to bite as much, too. With all that said, I still will chew and find solace in it. It really makes me feel better when I get a good session in! But I feel terrible about the unhealthy aspects of it. The look... Also think it may have caused some jaw and teeth alignment problems. The polysporin is my magic fix for when I fall. No I don't work for them - lol, I just wanted to share something that really works for healing periods. *love to everyone here*
I'm 14 and I've been biting my nails and when i get the chance or seen loose skin i always bite it i tried using this stuff to stopped biting my nails (It's really gross) but that didn't work. Over the school holidays i put band-aids on my fingers and it helped but once you take it off it looks like you've been in water for too long I've tried sitting on them but didn't help i'm not a very still person one of my thumbs recently started to heal and as soon as it was eatable i started chewing on it :/. I honestly want to stop eating my fingernails and the skin around them it makes my hands ugly and i'm getting more self conscious about them please help...
Hi all, had this for years! I can't believe so many other "wolf-biters" with this problem. I used to get to the point where my fingers would be so sore and bleed all the time. I took up classical guitar a few months back which I had to grow long nails to play effectively - I was so determined to do this! Eventually my nails grew and remained long enough to achieve my goal yet the skin problem still persists! My mind has now compensated my success with what I believe is an obsessive 'perfect' fingers goal by biting the skin evenly to give a perfectly smooth finish (much better than bleeding though!). I have recently started working in a laboratory and this is a major health and safety issue and I am determined to kick the habit!
Yeah came across this site like most people,I'm 10 yes I'm ten but I bite around my fingers normally at school when I'm bored I've stopped biting my fingernails and my lips but now I started chewing on not just around the nail near the knuckle I have a horrid swelled split lump that I bite at it bleeds sometimes but I hate(like other people) showing it too friends they take the mick about it but about a month ago it turned yellow then turned back to the red swelling split lump on the middle of my finger I have even tried the bitter stuff you put on nails but that didnt make a difference I hate the lump and my bleeding stabbed fingers I usually start biting like I said when I'm bored and if I see some skin that's a little bit peeled it hurts like hell and I need help FAST the swelling lump is getting worse it won't heal even if I leave it plz any ideas?
I'm 37 and I've done this as long as I can remember. My husband tells me, "don't chew." I can't tell you how many times a day I hear, "don't chew." Even when he tells me, and I'm looking him in the face, I can't make myself stop. I wish I knew 1) WHY I do this? and 2) how to start healing. I read someone's comment about using cuticle scissors and a rough nail file. I have to try something because my fingers are embarrassing!
OMG !!!! i cant believe i have stumbled upon this site, im 28 yrs old married with 2 children and all of my life i have bittin the skin around my nail and my nails, and i chew the inside of my cheek behind my lip, i bite the skin around my nails so deep it bleeds all the time but i cant stop even when it hurts i have to fight myself not to do it, the skin grows back and its hard so im constantly picking it and biting it off so they never heel, i notice when i get my nails done with acurlyic nails it helps me not to bite ... but its just temporary, my husbands is constantly on me about it, ive tried everything but i cant he calls it a nervous habbit but i do it even when im not nervous, i would really like to stop but i cant control it, i too am embarrassed of my hands but i dont cover them up, i just dont let people stare at my hands for to long .. i wish there was somthing that could be done, but i am happy that i found other people that have exactly to the T ... what i do .. !! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE OUT THERE its hard to overcome this but not as hard as some things in life stay positive everyone....=) Bless
Hi I'm Ele and I'm 12. I am a biter too, it used to just be my fingernails and then I stopped. But then I got into the habit of biting the skin around all of my fingernails, its only the loose skin that irritates me, and then I started back on my fingernails as well. At school I don't want all my friends to see so I keep my hands hidden but it's hard when I'm writing or typing something. I also bite the inside of my mouth just behind my lips, and that gets really annoying because my mouth gets really sore. I have tried willpower but it doesn't really help because my fingers take a long time to heal. Please help me before I go out of control!
Hi. My name's Veronica and I'm 15. I chew the skin around my fingers and I have been for a long time now. My parents always yell at me when I do it but I can't help it at all. I feel so embarrassed about my hands. I hate passing back papers in class because my hands look disgusting. I wear long sleeves all of the time so I can hide them. Seeing this forum makes me feel so much better that I'm not alone.
I am relieved to know that I am not the only one that eat their skin off their fingers. I started picking and eatting the skin off my fingers when I was 12. I am now 34 years old married with 3 kids and I still do it. My husband, kids and friends always fuss at me to stop. It is a long and bad habit of mine. The way I started was by a cut on my thumb and pointer finger. After the cuts healed, skin was left around the area. I didn't like the way it looked or felt so I started pulling it off then biting it off. The skin kept growing back and everythime I felt it or saw it, I just had to bite it off. I know it is mental. When I feel the hard skin or see it, I can't help it. I bite it off to get rid of the skin and it grows back and I keep doing it. It is a cycle. My thumb and pointer finger is hard and discolored. I tried filing it and covering it with a band aid. When I have the band aid on, I don't bite my skin. I notcied that it is set in my mind to bite automatically because I put my finger to my mouth even with a band aid on...the great thing is I don't bite it. I notice keeping my hands busy keeps me from biting as well. I have eatten off layers and layers of look like I have a disorder and this may very well be a disorder that has not been diagnosed as one. I will call it Ictus Distal Phalanx disorder. Ictus is the latin word for bite and the other 2 words mean the upper part of your fingers. there are other names for the different section of the fingers but the ones I bite are the upper parts on all my fingers. Added to lighten the sadness of the situation. I will read other comments to see if there is some things i can do to completly do to stop. I am ashamed of people seeing my fingers and I hide them, I don't even like to hold people hands because they will feel my fingers. It's so bad I can scratch with those chewed skin fingers not my nails but the skin I can scratch with and it relieves the itch...saaaaddddd. I know.
I've been doing this for a long time, too. I've been able to tackle a few other addictions, so now it's time to tackle this one. I've been pretty successful so far and have discovered that the person who told you to buy cuticle or trimming scissors is right. I use those when there is loose tempting skin, but I've also found that using a rough nail file to file around all of my fingers as they gradually heal is also very helpful because they are so calloused and rough. Filing the skin not only keeps each fingertip (and sides) smooth, it also gives me something to do to keep me from picking and then biting. I did it as badly as you are describing, so you might try both of these approaches. As your fingers gradually heal, keep them filed and smooth and trim any excess with scissors. It will help, I promise. Good luck to both of us. I haven't bitten my fingers in three months and I seem to have finally hit on a helpful approach.
somehow im a little glad im not the only one having this problem, but i feel sorry tho. for everyone else who has this. ive been starting ever since i was born by just putting my fingers around my mouth as i got older like around 3/4 i started putting my fingers in my mouth and chewing on them. now ill be 18 in march. and my fingers are very smooth and very pink like till the bottom of my fingers, they are very tight and i think ive lost lotta skin layers. cause its very smooth and very pink almost red. when i relax my hand and fingers they almost make a fist of theirselves, because my fingers have gotten so tight and it scares me sometimes. sometimes i eat it without even knowing that im doing it. even in my sleep im doing it. my parents have brought me to any docter in holland cause i live here in holland. but i am turkish. they said they cant help me and that i just have to keep telling myself to stop. my mom has put stuff like vaseline and all that kinda stuff but it didnt stop me then i pull them off and eat it afterall, and i cant stop it. when im eating it i know i shouldnt be doing it i tell myself in my head to stop and i even be like shit but its like my fingers and mouth has its own mind i just cant stop it and i wanna get rid of this im really done with it. ive been wondering if theres something like a clinic? id do anything to stop this habbit addiction or what ever this may be. i hope atleast all of u will succeed.
I am responding to your story because my wife is Turkish and I have been married to her for 18 years . I actually lived in Istanbul for over 5 years and speak the language. My wife is a school teacher and I was an English instructor at a English school there. This is my story as I just found this blog and I have been bitting my nails and picking at my skin since I was a small child. As I got older it progressed to my cuticles,feet,etc. I am now 48 yrs old and I have gone through almost all of those years with bitten up disgusting lookiing nails and cuticles, but its not just the fingers, I sometimes pick at my feet and anything else that can be picked, I have full blown Dermatophagia and I can tell you there is no cure. Take it from someone who has been suffering from this compulsive disorder for almost a half a century now. Furthemore its hereditary because my Mom suffered from it, but she's 78 now and was able to stop. My brother still does it,my brothers son, my nephew has it bad. Okay now here's the scoop. I have litterally tried everything possible over the years to stop and nothing ever worked for long term. Those nasty tasting nail polishes did nothing. Keeping my hands lotioned up only worked temporarily. I tried the mouth guard thing and that was an uncomfortable waste. I went to all kinds of therapy for compulsive disorders and wasted a lot of my time and money doing that. I go through band-aids like water wrapping the butchered fingers up when they become so disfigured and causing me terrible pain. Its just amazing how the human body and mind build up such a tolerance for pain. What I found that worked a little bit,but always temporarily and was only possible in the confines of my home was lotioning up my hands really good and wearing very thin tight fitting cotton gloves, which by the way are very hard to find . This prevented me from picking and healed them up quicker so I can unmasked them and leave my home to destroy them again. Its a terrible decease and its embarrassing as I always find myself hiding my fingers because I don't want people wondering and thinking what is wrong with this persons hands. About 3 years ago I broke my wrist and had to see a doctor and he immediately asked me whats going on with your fingers so I had no choice but to tell him my problem and he says to me as most people have said in the past ' YOU NEED TO JUST STOP DOING THAT" oh how I wish it was that easy, but then he tells me how he hs seen people have their fingers amputated because they did what I do . Infections occure from bacteria in the mouth. So I ask him how bout I use sterilized tools to pick would that be better, by the way I was dead serious. He told me I need a behavior therapist that specialzes in compulsive disorders such as mine. I told him i'v been there and done that so the bottom line is this is something I have to live with and if they amputate a finger or two al least i'll still have some fingers left to work on.If anyone knows a sure cure or something I really wish I can stop this madness, but I am defeated as this disorder controls my life.
I suffer from the same problem. Ive been doing it since high school. I absolutely hate it. I want to stop but i cant. Its not that i do it when im nervous or bored because i find myself doing it all the time. I probably do it less when im around people but i know i still do. I think its so unattractive and i would do anything to stop. i tried so many times but i always go back to it. some type of satisfaction. I dont know what it is and why. I hope that i can find a way to stop. People dont realize how hard it is and that i actually suffer!!! Anyway i find some kind of comfort that there are people that have the same problem. I wish there wasnt though :/
So I've read through a lot of these comments. I used to be super embarrassed about my cuticle biting as well. It wasn't just that, however, I would literally eat my cuticles and the skin on my fingers and the skin on the crease of my thumb. Gross, I know. Not sure when it started because it used to be only my nails but once I started eating the skin it was something I couldn't quit and it was going on for probably ten years? I had the same issues, my skin was very noticeable when i went swimming or showered for awhile. People would be like "what's wrong with your finger? Why is it red?" which I always lied about. Finally one day I decided I'd had enough. Here is what you can do to stop: First, go out and buy yourself a set of nail clippers and also a cuticle cutter. Next, clip every loose bit of skin off of each finger. Any skin that you would be tempted to want to chew off. Make sure there aren't any hanging cuticles or "tough skin" that you would be able to pick at. Once you have that done, cut all your cuticles with the cuticle cutter. Along the top of your nails closest to your fingers. Then retrim any skin that it might've made tempting to bite. Once that's done, it's all mental. Anytime you look at a piece of skin you are tempted to bite, pull out your clippers and cut it off. If you happen to bite it off (try not to) then immediately take it out of your mouth and discard it. This for me was key. After becoming conscious of the fact that I wasn't getting the reward of eating that little bit of skin, every time it would end up on my tongue I'd discard it. Seriously, this is what fixed me. Now anytime I accidentally chew skin off I immediately spit it out just out of habit. My fingers are perfect now and it's been since January or so that I've been doing this. I feel so much better about myself and I'm no longer embarassed for people to see my fingers if I'm on a bus or train or something. Try it, it works!
can your skin heal even if alot of layers are gone and is hard?
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