punishing my face

I think perfectionism may be a root cause of my picking. I think when I pick at my face I am punishing it in a way. I also get a weird satisfaction from the sting I feel when using toner after picking. Does anyone else do this? It's like, "Take that face! That's what you get for not being smooth and poreless!" I also find myself laughing at this picking issue I have, but the truth is, I want to stop and can't. I hate my skin for not looking better. I also pick unconsciously sometimes. I scratch at dry skin, be it on my face, back, scalp... I pull at split ends... What can I do, particularly in public to keep from these behaviors? Anything worked for anyone? I always worry that people are looking at my picking away and going, wow she's weird.

Am quite sure noone is looking at you thinking you're weird. It's so common and they probably haven't noticed. I have been carrying a rolled up bandage around with me and fondling that instead, or scratching a rolled up napkin. I pick ALL the time. I just about managed to get through one day last week without (consciously) picking. Am hoping that if i can curb the conscious p[icking then maybe the unconscious will follow?? All the best. H2H xo
I never said thanks for the suggestion. So thanks. I find myself picking in the car, at work, everywhere. It's no good.
Does anyone find that talking about picking only gives them the urge to pick more? It's just like smokers who want a ciggarette when you talk about how bad they are for your health I guess. I always thought that was stupid, and now I realize I'm doing the same thing.
its funny, because as i write this i am biting hairs out of my wrists.but the truth is, i think we always do it, but only REALIZE when we are actualy talking about it
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