Does anyone pick at the bottom of their feet? My story

Hi, I'm new to the site, so I've been poking around a little, and I've haven't seen any posts about anyone picking at the bottoms of their feet like I do. I'll do this to the point that patches of skin are very raw and it's painful to walk. Sometimes I bleed. I bought Solarcaine to spray on my feet b/c it numbs the skin and kills bacteria, but it also dries out the skin, so instead of helping my feet heal, it just makes my feet easier and less painful to pick. Usually I end up spreading bacitracin or neosporin on the raw areas and covering them with bandaids or gauze, then limping around my apt. The real problem comes when I have to go out or work, especially since I have to be on my feet most of the time at work. I've tried applying lotion to my feet twice a day to make them less "pickable" and have had moderate success, but when I reeeeeally want to pick, I can still do it. I've even tried filing my nails down to the skin, and while it was effective against picking, I just about went nuts. But despite the pain (and I'm a pain-adverse wimp), the embarassment, the expense (bandages, meds), the constant threat of infection, and friends/family always telling me to stop...I still do it! Arghhh! I also pick/bite at the skin around my fingernails and lips, plus I'll scratch sometimes at my scalp and the backs of my arms. But my feet are my biggest problem. Anyways, that's my story, and I was just wondering if anybody else also picks at the bottoms of their feet.

I'm 17 and I pick at my feet obsessively, I use instruments such as pins, safety pins, and other sharp objects to poke under my skin and rip it up. I've caused myself a lot of discomfort when walking around school, and walking around my job. I've been picking at my skin since I can remember, and whenever I feel anxious I pick the most. I'd love to know how to stop and where to start to stop. I used to pick at my fingers around my nails, but that became to noticeable and so now I stick with picking anywhere on my foot I can find hard skin that's easy to pick. I often pick until I can't take the pain anymore or I'm bleeding really badly. I need help from this problem and I don't know where to start, I'm just glad I'm not alone, it's very addicting!
Man o man I am with you guys all the way. I pick all the time. What made me come across this site is I was looking up the damage that picking can cause on your heels cause I haven't been able to walk well for the last week or so. It hurts so bad. I pick alot but its amazing that I only two small spots that brought blood and I am in this much pain. I knew picking was common but no one talks about it. My fiance hates it but I cant help. I sneek to do it when he is around. Its sad. Just wanted to share my story. Thanks
I do pick at the bottom of my feet, especially when there is hard skin on the pad by my big toe. I have spent a good hour or two trying to make a indent to work with. Thanks for sharing
When I read this I almost cried. Everything you explained I do to the exact. I pick my feet for hours. They are scarred and they hurt all the time. I hate wearing shoes because they hurt more. When I can't pick at my feet I notice I bite the skin off around my fingernails to where they bleed and at work since my hands get dirty I chew the inside of cheeks and lips. I'm almost always in some sort of pain. You have no idea how relieved I feel that I am not alone. I wish that I could stop but nothing I have tried helps. At all. Thank you for sharing your story. -Anna
When I get anxious, I pick at my feet. I do know how to fix it...and I got it all fixed up in time for beach but when that was over, I was lying awake one night, worrying and it took me quite awhile to work up a spot to pick. I almost feel like an expert I have so many suggestions. First, get neosporin or good lotion & press & seal. Every night before bed get your feet good & gooey and wrap them in press & seal & put on socks. Second thing, I have an electric sander (a mouse) with a low grit sandpaper you can really get your feet smooth and hard to find a place to start the picking. You can also buy a sanding block (for Sheetrock-none of this wussy foot products). Just do a lite sanding on your callously spots every day and keep up with the neosporin wrapped feet & ur feet can be amazing. Now, to do this and settle your craving to pick...get crazy glue. You can put it on ur feet to assist in getting dead skin off or it's kinda fun on the back of your foot, the wrinkly part. I bet an elbow would be fun too. Somewhere with tough skin so no damage is caused. Put it on, let it dry & pick away.
Why did it do my post three times? Didn't see delete so I am editing. That post was too long for 3 times! There you can see why I have the most anxiety I have ever had in my life. The other night I woke on the middle of the night & started picking. He looked up, got annoyed just like my daughter does when she sees me doing it when she's awake. I disturbed his precious sleep.
I did it again today and have a red spot on the bottom of my left foot that hurts a little when I walk
I've been foot-picking off and on for as long as I can remember. I don't think I've ever caused them to bleed, but I have done it enough to cause discomfort
I have been picking at my right heel for years! I though I was odd, and my wife and kids know I do it, but its normal to them now! I don' t want my kids to start, and I really want to stop! But picking is somehow comforting to me! Sometimes I do it knowingly - other completely subconsciously! I went for a period of about 6 months without picking, until my wife mentioned that I hadn't been doing it - and bingo - I started again. Usually it ends up with me limping for a spell of a couple of days or so. Sometimes I can end up with a tiny piece of very loose tissue which is attached inside a sore that I have created but needs to be detached. It can take hours of wiggling about (sometimes sawing at with a small blade) until it comes out - it feels like an achievement when it finally does come out - but is usually excruciatingly painful. The piece of tissue removed feels like a trophy! Also, I sometimes pick at the nail on my right little toe, until the nail comes off and the toe is bleeding! WHY WHY WHY do I feel the need to do this? I'm a (supposedly) normal 48 y/o, happily married with goods kids, and a well-paid job. I have no feelings of insecurity or anything similar which might be an obvious cause for me to do this. I know its ridiculous, yet I can't seem to stop! I decided to see if anyone else suffered with this, and am amazed to find so many others with a similar problem! I will be watching with curiosity to see if anyone manages to free themselves from this ridiculous habit!
I can't believe I found this site. I was just looking to see if anyone picked all kinds of stuff except me. I love to peal paint that is peeling and of course sun burned skin. Lately, though I have started to pick the bottom of my feet, something awful. I can't stand it anymore. It feels more like a ball and chain around my neck. I want out, or at least have someone tell me why I am doing it. I love pretty things and pretty nails. I do not bite my finger nails, or toes. I use to though when I was little. That was only 50 yrs ago. . Can someone out there, give me a decent remedy to stop and fix this. I want my feet to be soft and pretty , not bleeding with giant band aids on them. Thanks.
I do the exact same thing! It is nice to know there is someone else who picks at their feet as badly as i do. I cause myself to bleed and pick until it is a very raw. I use scissors to pick and get skin up more.i want to stop so badly
This is amazing you have a site for this. I know how to stop picking your heel. But first I have to say I have picked my heel since I was 5ish. I never would make it bleed or be infected, but sometimes it would hurt. I would peel huge hunks while I hid for hide and seek. I would do it when ever I was bored. My family told me to stop but it was impossible. I would save the big pieces for pride. I didnt see what was wrong with this at all. It almost felt 'nice.' Fast forward 10 years. I was picking both feet, and my big toes. I was actually chewing them and trying to stop. It must be instinctive to chew. I was also picking behind my ears and at my lips. I could easily stop doing the previous two, but my heel received no rest from my nails, which I was growing out longer. I realized that it was no good. (Mainly for cosmetic reasons. I had joined the swim team and it looked disgusting in the water ;) Heres what I did to stop. 1. Choose one foot, and leave the other alone. Once the other is healed, chose one half of the picked foot to leave alone, and so on until your foot is fine. 2. Instead of picking, I scraped off the dead. This provided the same chemical response, and made my heels look better. 3. I used a pumice stone, and ground them so far down, they were next to unpick able. 4. I coated my feet in vasaline and slept with a sock around them. For me, this next tip was what cured my heel picking. Fact: I love Nail Polish Art!!!!! I would cover my nails with polish, and NOT PICK because i didnt want the pretty designs to chip. The more elaborate the design, the better. I know this may not work with everyone. (It probably wont work with anyone other than OCD me) Here are some other tips I think may work. 1. File nails down 2. Put feet in socks and rubber band the tops so they cannot come off 3. Put something greasy on so you cant pick them 4. Type with two hands and leave your hands on the keyboard when you are not typing so your hands dont wander. 5. Or comb your hair to not get the urge. 6. Rub your heel. Don't pick if you really have to put your hands there. 7. Snap a rubber band on your wrist. You can do it :) I did. Please stop, it IS harmless (if you dont bleed) but is disgusting to other people. You cant share your problem. You get teased. Stop and show them you are over it and you have grown up. I believe in ya
Hi,I'm 19 and I'm also always picking at the bottoms of my feet. I've been doing it for about two years. I was a dancer and always had calloused feet. I only pick my heels and occasionally the ball of my foot or big toe when my heels become too painful to pick. I also pick until I'm raw and bleeding. I've done many home remedies to try and make them "less pickable" but I always find a way to pick at them. Is it from nervousness or anxiety? Because I have both, but I'm not sure why. It's comforting to know I am not alone in this problem!
Its not that, picking gives off a hormone that makes you feel good! I would say find something else, but that doesnt work. Read my post above on how I stopped
You are certainly not alone! There are many people among us who struggle with this problem but do not talk openly about it for fear of judgement or criticism. It is possible that the reason you started picking at your feet in the first place is that there was something to pick at! If you have abnormal callousing on the soles of your feet, I recommend having a dermatologist take a sample and send it to the lab for analysis to determine what kind of topical medicine would eradicate the source of the problem. You can find all kinds of recommended natural remedies online (such as daily soaking in apple cider vinegar), but if these don't work, you might consider taking a prescription internal medicine. (Keep in mind and be aware that there is a risk of dangerous side effects to taking this internal medication and ask your doctor about these before choosing this option.) In addition, the picking itself is a kind of neurosis (not too dissimilar from compulsive nail biting or pulling out eyebrow and other hairs). For this I would recommend find a counselor whom you like and trust and begin to address the sources of your anxiety, explore how you can reduce the level of stress in your life, and develop more positive coping skills. Meditation, yoga, DBT, and any type of stress-reducing mindfulness practices will be of benefit. I hope you find this posting helpful. Best of luck in overcoming this problem, my dear!
i wanna knw what steps i can take to stop before my feet get infected. every time i try to stop, i end up doing it unconsciously like when watching a movie and stuff. this is really amazing though to know that i'm not alone. i used to do it when i was like 10 to 15 yrs then i stopped and i started back again at im 22 and still peeling off the skin under my feet sometimes till it bleeds. i used to chew on it long time but not anymore. my family and my bf wants me to stop and they hit my hand whenever im doing it, lol, but that doesn't stop me. why have i started back though? like is their a cause??? someone told me its cuz of stress an i'm a university student, so i wudn't doubt knw asap some steps to stop and why do i do it...tnx
I pick the skin off my feet in long calloused strands. It started after getting a pedicure, about 4 years ago. The guy used a razor on the callouses (something that has been since banned) on my feet. It made the skin FALL OFF. SHREDS AND SHREDS OF IT. It was gross and amazing. I've since bought one myself, and do it about once a month. In between times, I just pick at them. Here's the truly horrendous part. I'm a nail biter and sometimes I bite the sides of my fingers if I have a hang nail. I just chew on that lil bit of skin and throw it away or spit it out. I actually chew on the skin I take from my feet. Only from my clean feet of course. I know I'm weird, but I can't help it.
Wow I thought it was just me I pick my feet all the time, I have tried everything to stop and eventually i just end up doing it with out thinking late at night is the worst for me my feet are raw and bleeding as I sit here trying not to feel for that rough part. I sometime use my pet pedi to smooth my skin out so I don't pick it seems to work the longest, I also pick my cuticles around my nails, it drives my husband nuts
I'm 53 and have been picking at the bottom of my feet for many years. My son is the only one who knows about it, and he used to try to get me to stop. He knows I can't though. I just sat and read through every post here, picking the entire time. I put all of the skin on a paper plate, and if I get up to do something, my dog will come up and eat it. I rip and rip until it is too painful to walk. I also use neosporine and cover with bandages until it heals, which is pretty quickly usually. I've even had to wrap my foot with an Ace bandage just so I could walk. I have a plantars wart on the bottom of my left foot. I went to the foot doctor (had to try and let my feet heal before the visit) and he froze the wart several times but its not going away. Each time (after the severe pain goes away) I take sharp toenail clippers and cut away at it. The calloused skin just grows back in a couple of days. I wish I could stop, but I have panic disorder and do find this comforting in a weird way. I do it mostly when I'm watching TV, but I also mindlessly do it if I am wearing flip flops when I am sitting in a doctors office or other waiting rooms, even restaurants waiting for our food. My son catches me and tells me to stop. I've even done it in my car waiting for the light to change! I used to pick at my cuticles but I don't do that anymore. I wish we could all find something else to take the place of this!
I'm a foot-skin picker. My family knows I do this and they get "grossed out", but I enjoy it, and I'm not going to stop. The bottoms of my feet are quite calloused, which is great because it gives me more to pick. If I'm careful, which I have the skin-picking perfected, I don't get so deep that I cause pain or bleeding. But I have been doing this long enough, the bottoms of my feet are very hard and I get to pick newly calloused skin every 5-7 days. It is so relaxing to me. I don't eat it , like some people have said they do. I find it quite hilarious to gather up a pile of it from what my family calls a "sole-ectomy", and mess with my husband with it. I've tricked him into holding it by saying "Here I have something for you" and dropping it in his hand when he has no idea what I'm going to do. It totally cracks me up to see his reaction. I know it sounds rather "cookey", but I don't care, my family loves me and understand my somewhat warped sense of humor. My foot skin-picking thing pretty well remains our secret and stays within the walls of my home. They know I do it, would rather I don't, especially if they find a piece of skin laying around, but I do enjoy it very much. The situation, I will also say, does cause my feet to itch. This can be a problem if I'm at work or somewhere that I cannot just kick off my shoe and itch them, but when they do itch and I can "dig in"...I love the way it feels to kill the itch. Anyway...for those of you who feel shame about your foot picking...I would like to suggest that you don't worry about it unless you are trying to hurt yourself, in which case, that does sound like a bigger issue. But for is not something I will share with everyone...but I have no intention to quit. There are a lot worse things I could be doing than this!
I stopped, and you are making me jealous :) Bringing back the old days and the euphoria. Theres no substitute for picking that giant piece of skin.
I'm a foot-skin picker. My family knows I do this and they get "grossed out", but I enjoy it, and I'm not going to stop. The bottoms of my feet are quite calloused, which is great because it gives me more to pick. If I'm careful, which I have the skin-picking perfected, I don't get so deep that I cause pain or bleeding. But I have been doing this long enough, the bottoms of my feet are very hard and I get to pick newly calloused skin every 5-7 days. It is so relaxing to me. I don't eat it , like some people have said they do. I find it quite hilarious to gather up a pile of it from what my family calls a "sole-ectomy", and mess with my husband with it. I've tricked him into holding it by saying "Here I have something for you" and dropping it in his hand when he has no idea what I'm going to do. It totally cracks me up to see his reaction. I know it sounds rather "cookey", but I don't care, my family loves me and understand my somewhat warped sense of humor. My foot skin-picking thing pretty well remains our secret and stays within the walls of my home. They know I do it, would rather I don't, especially if they find a piece of skin laying around, but I do enjoy it very much. The situation, I will also say, does cause my feet to itch. This can be a problem if I'm at work or somewhere that I cannot just kick off my shoe and itch them, but when they do itch and I can "dig in"...I love the way it feels to kill the itch. Anyway...for those of you who feel shame about your foot picking...I would like to suggest that you don't worry about it unless you are trying to hurt yourself, in which case, that does sound like a bigger issue. But for is not something I will share with everyone...but I have no intention to quit. There are a lot worse things I could be doing than this!
I cant believe how many people do this! I started this a few years ago at age forty seven. I have had other weird habits as a kid,such as blinking ,Pucking my lips like a fish! HAHAHa! Thank god I stopped that a long time ago. But I cant believe this feet picking crap. Tonight I peeled the skin the size of a half dollar off my back heal down to the pink skin. I know have ointment and a sock on. I joined this site awhile ago and been wanting to post but tonight I had to. This has to be hereditary no? We are natural pickers? Please bare w/me Im trying to find some humor in it and stay positive there is hope?
I'm so happy I found this site! I'm 15, but I have been picking my feet since I was 8. I only bit my fingernails at first, which my mother thought was disgusting, but I did it anyway. Then I started biting the skin around my fingers, until they bled and I'd have bandages on my fingers everyday. One day, I just noticed the dead skin on the under side of my toes and I just grabbed the nail clipper and clipped it and from then on I couldn't stop. Now I pick both the under sides of my big toe and my pinky toe. Sometimes it bleeds and it hurts a little to walk so I have to wear fuzzy socks to help. Now I usually take longer showers now , not to get cleaner, but to see the dead skin that I didn't pick off better. I take the dead skin and put it in my mouth as well and just chew it for a while before I spit it out, but recently I've discovered I get more satisfaction when I leave the skin somewhere to dry and chew on it the next morning. My boyfriend already knows that I pick at my dead skin, but I'm sure he'd be mortified to know I chew on it as well. I know this is really disgusting and I want to stop
I am truly amazed that I am not alone. From the age of 9 years old and I am now 37 I have constantly picked the skin off my big toe, under the big toe and heels. It seems weird but I like the feeling when the skin is being peeled off. It gets to the point that it is so red and raw that also hard to walk but socks and joggers make it a bit more comfortable. I also like having baths and soaking the feet not for comfort but when wet you can see the layers of skin which are still able to be picked. Even more stranger but I get satisfaction out of ripping off the skin and then putting the affected area under the bath tap with the warm/hot water running. I know I am strange but there is a level of satisfaction from this. I also having been medicated for three years for anxiety though this does not stop the addiction to feet picking. My partner is aware of it and when the areas arn't to bad he will actually tickle my feet. He hates it when I am watching tele and ripping off the skin. I felt completely alone and feeling the subject is so taboo it made my anxiety even worse. I would love to go and have a nice pedicure one day but am horrified thinking about the look on the beauticians face when she sees the bottom off my feet. Any ideas on how to stop this strange behaviour???
SO RELIEVED TO READ THIS! I really thought this was my own bizzarness until recently when I asked a psychologist about it. Im a longtime foot picker. Im 35 but started when I was about 10 years. The feeling it gave me was a bit like the satifaction one may experience when they pick at a scab. I now know it is a form of self-harming. Some people cut themselves, I tear at dead or hard skin. I was intrigued that, just like me, its not just the foot that gets favoured buts also lips and scalp. I chew the skin on my inner lower lip. Also I scratch at my scalp which will either weep or bleed and then form a scab. Then I dig at the scab. Sounds horrendous I know. When we do it and feel the pain it makes our brain release certain pain killing and mood enhancing chemicals. Thats what we are actually addicted to. I do take anti depressants but I take them as ive been coping with a chronic illness. I have hundreds of hobbies, am very peacefull etc. Not everyone who does needs psychiatric help as one commenter above said. Self -harming, in various guises, is suprisingly common. Its an instinctual, primal coping mechanism. It allows us to naturaly produce the chemicals we other wise, normaly, lack for needed pain control and anti-depressants. Dont be embarressed about it. Chances are you know someone who also does this. Tell your family doctor. It could prove as usefull information! Most importantly, keep any wounds clean! Wash the areas if possible and use an antibacterial or antiseptic product. Ideally, no more picking but ive not managed it so far. I do go through phases, maybe a few months or longer where I dont feel the need to then I guess something throws my eqaulibrium and im back in the game. So glad I found this site!
OMG! Again..So happy to have found this site..Years of thinking I'm the only nutcase who does these terrible things to my body! I have picked at my feet too to the point were it is hard to walk.. It's true..for some odd reason it does make me feel better. All of us obviously have pain or anguish that we hold inside and picking somehow tends to relieve it..well just a little at the moment we r doing it.. For me, it gets so embarrassing and shameful that I can't even go to the gynecologist for my annuals. I pray she doesn't make me have a breast exam..but last time I went..she did and said..she see's a lot of women who are scarred on their breasts..she didn't make me feel even more terrible. I really think this is so much more common than we realize but for obvious one wants to talk about it because they think it's just one else in the world could possibly do these things to themselves.
Hi- This is for all of you who have the habit/compulsion of skin picking. The best advice is not how to just cope and carry on being miserable. You would benefit greatly by seeing a psychiatrist and a recommended therapist (no need to feel ashamed- you'll feel better sharing your story and doing something proactive to stop it, besides they've heard it all before) The skin picking is a symptom of trying to deal with stress/depression/anxiety(boredom can be a symptom of depression). The best remedy is to learn to stop- not cope. You could also suffer from OCD . Through (cognitive) therapy and the right medication, you'll find the support you need to find more productive habits/hobbies which you'll be able to do and enjoy when you learn to deal with/eliminate your stress/depression.This is not to be taken lightly. It's your body sending you a message that it's not coping well. I also suggest reading "The Happiness Advantage" where you'll learn to incorporate a new habit- takes 21 days to basically reprogram our brains.I suggest exercise,limiting caffeine, a healthy way of eating, meditation, and finding your passion.Don't wait to feel motivated, that actually comes after you start somehing new. It's up to you.
OMG!!!!! I can't believe there are other people who do this! I was so excited when the show "American Pickers" was scheduled to air. I thought it was going to be about people like US! Stupid, I know.................. Like others here, I have become quite skilled at this rather bizarre art. I know, most of the time anyway, when I've gone a bit too far when there is any measure of blood. I have found cuticle clippers are the best way to get that little piece that may snag on the sheets at night and cause immense pain (been there, done that) OUCH!. I typically cut off that little piece and move on to a fresh area and there are MANY to choose from! Lucky me! I indulge in this mostly at my computer reading articles. I prop one foot up behind me on my chair and go to town. I have to switch feet often or else my back begins to hurt.. I'm 50 and just started my habit of "heel picking" a couple of years ago, but picked at my scalp for many years prior to discovering this much more gratifying experience. Problem is, I've TRIED all kinds of potions and creams that DO soften the callouses, but then I'm angry with myself because there's NOTHING LEFT TO PICK! For me anyway, making the skin nice and smooth is just frustrating. What I need is a way to re-train my brain not to WANT to pick!!!! How????? I agree there needs to be a support group out there for us!
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Oh my God! I didn't realise other people did this! I honestly thought it was just me, and it's disgusting. It used to be worse, I would constantly pick at my feet until they bled, once they started bleeding I'd stop but then I'd be left with bits of skin that I hadn't picked off because it hurt too much. It doesn't usually bleed now although I've got a verruca which is basically the bane of my life and I know that picking it won't make it go away but it makes me feel better to try. My brother caught me doing it a few times when I was younger and he was like "Ew, what are you doing?" so I just hid it by wearing one or two pairs of socks. I'm 18 and I still do it, it's awkward but I do it all the time, I physically can't stop myself, sometimes I actually use scissors to do it. Writing this down just makes it seem that much worse. I also pick at my acne, which everyone tells me not to do but they don't seem to get that it's not something you can just stop. I don't want to tell anyone about it though because it's disgusting. I've just started treatment for my acne so hopefully if it goes away I'll stop that because there'll be nothing to pick. I bite and pick at my lips really badly as well. It's weird though because it's not like I've had a traumatic childhood or anything, I'm a really happy person, got teased a bit when I was little but I'm not a little kid anymore and yet I still do this.
I am grateful I have found this site and I find comfort in knowin I'm not the only one who picks my feet. It all starts off when my feet get itchy and I scratch them to hard and I notice a bit of skin so I pick at it and rip it off leaving raw skin on my feet and they often bleed when I do it I hate it I can't stand doing this but I cannot just leave it if there is skin hanging off I have to pick. My feet are so sore that I can hardly walk when I do it my feet look disgusting they are scabby and horrible and the thing is it is only one foot that I pick and the other foot is clear as anything but I'm just too embarrassed to wear flat shoes like all my friends do because of my foot :( so I'm constantly in socks which doesn't help with the itching I've tried all sorts of creams none help. Does anyone else feet look disgusting because of there picking or is it just me?
i understand about the skin picking as i have been doing it for about 10 years now especially on the bottom of my feet as you can't see that right! also the skin around my finger nails and especially when i watch tv but i notice a lot of people pick their fingers even while they are waiting for something on the computer to come up, tough if you have a slow computer. i think some of us enjoy this picking but not after its done especially if we draw blood, then we worry about infection. thats when the supplies of anti bac ointment comes out and the plasters and heal it up. i find that if its just skin i pick off when i have stopped i just put a thick layer of vaseline jelly over it and an oval cotton pad and stick that on and leave it covered for 2 days and it has healed. if we could only change this habit for a positive habit like putting hand cream on or sitting with our hands in olive oil and then put on white gloves. it is destructive but a hard habit to break. good luck to us all. keep writing it really helps everyone.
I do I take nail clippers and clip the bottom of my feet until they bleed. It also hurts to walk. but here's a tip walk very slowly and wear socks until the Feet heal because walking in socks makes it hurt less. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who does this.
I do too. I've hidden this for years.I do it when I'm feeling anxious or nervous. and then again I do it while I'm watching TV. for some reason I find it comforting. I will actually get tweezers or nail clippers to assist. I hate doing it but I can't stop either. there is 1 more thing that I do that I haven't heard mentioned here. this is the first time I'm even saying this or the mentioning it. the pieces of skin that I pull or cut off, I eat them. I'm not kidding and I know it's messed up. I don't want to be judged by this,and I'm glad and ever so grateful people even share my foot picking problem.I thought I was the only 1 in the world.I am 46 now and I have been doing this for 40 years, at least. I need help. this is a disgusting habit. Not only am I am I mutalating myself, I'm devouring it.
Oh my gosh! Haha I am so thankful you had the guts to say that. I'm 16 and I not only peel the dead skin off of my heels but I also eat it. I really thought I was a disgusting freak and I have absolutely never told anyone. My boyfriend knows I pick at it and he doesn't think it's too strange, but I would NEVER tell him I eat it. I'm relieved I'm not alone.
HI Lisafer i think we need to rock while we watch tv, i am thinking of getting a rocking chair. if we are anxious when sitting still rocking will help and may reduce picking. rocking produces serotonin in the body which calms anxiety. hope this helps
your deff not the only one. i hate doing it but i absolutely cant stop!! it sucks going in the water and having to hide my feet from people because it gets so pruny and weird looking:(
Ok, so I'm relieved that I'm not the only foot freak. However, I'm clueless a to why I can't stop. Yes I am suffering depression but I'm getting treated and I'm not convinced the foot thing is linked. I savage myself as lots of you also admit to doing. I rip myself until I bleed and have to walk on tip toes. Every day I think, I have to stop. I use creams. It doesn't work. Its satisfying, ripping it off. And even when it hurts like he'll and I can barely walk, even that satisfys me. Basically, its it self harm?
I find a cream like Lamisil or Canesten Once Daily Bifonazole Cream, Im from Australia, I dont think you can get this over seas, but its an Anti Fungal cream that you use for Athleats foot or Tinea , It helps to prevent any infection and helps the feet to heel, once they are healed and fungal free, maybe a regular pedicure to help keep the skin on your feet healthy and remove any dead skin, As for you other body parts, keeping them moisturised will help reduce the dry skin and prevent there being anything to really pick, your scalp, finding a shampoo and conditioner that doesnt dry out your scalp will help as well. Hope this has helped, and Good Luck :)
Wow,This is i great to know there are others out there that picks at their feet.My feet crack and is peeling.At night when i don't have anything to do,but lay on the couch and put my leg up and start picking,I will pick so much and take off so much skin,The next moroning i can't step down on my foot.I thought this was a medical condition.But i can't find anything on the net about this condition.My husband,hates me doing this.He keeps telling me i have to stop,Theres only so much skin on the bottom of your foot.I have ugly feet and i hate for anyone to see them.My husband says he loves everything about me,but my feet.Is this a medical condition or not?????I thought it was like a nerves problem.If anyone knows,,,,,LET ME KNOW.
Wow, I was completely unaware that people actually did this. I am 19 years old and I have been on and off with my foot picking addiction. It started when I was young, when I'd go swimming I'd pick the dead skin off my feet, I think you all know what I'm saying. I would do it every summer when i'd swim, until around 10th grade, when my feet started to show signs of callus's and tears in skin whenever i'd go to the river, which would cause me to pick at it, and I had to deal with that for about a year. I also just realized that I pick on the sides of my big toenails. I oddly get some satisfaction from doing this.. Anyways, I went to the river recently, and I've been at it again! But this is worse than any other time that I pick at my feet, because I have been stressed recently so I pick constantly even though I tell myself not to.. 1. My mom and dad announced that we can't afford to live where we live anymore so we are moving away from where I grew up. 2. I can't get a job, which means my girlfriend will get a ride over here and start whining about being bored. That means that I have to drive us places which kill's my parents' gas. That leads to me stealing from them by telling them we are going job hunting when in reality we are going to the mall. 3. I am also afraid my parents will kick me out because I can't get a job and I am too lazy and forgetful to get into college. And 4. because of all this I feel like a useless bum, because I really want to try pumping out job applications, but I just see the World of Warcraft icon or League of Legends icon on my computer and will forget everything and play games for 2 hours. All of this causes me stress, and also I went to the river so my feet got all nasty, which means I pick at them constantly. This morning I woke up because it hurt to walk for the first time and I am getting worried. I am not asking for help, I will attempt to get this done myself with cold turkey, so thank you for listening to me if you read this. Goodbye.
My names Colin & I'm 28 years old, I been picking the bottom of my feet for the past 13 years & if I can't find nothing to pick I'll get a Razor blade or a pair of scissors & make cuts just so I can pick them until they get sore or bleed. The reason I do this is because I'm deeply unhappy in life & can't find the help I need and instead of smashing things up like I use to I'll pick my feet instead. I got a lot of issues... Guilt, Self hate, Depression, Social anxiety, Not good enough (too many 2 list) Childhood was not good, I was bullied at school then stopped going altogether & ever since then I have locked myself away from all people & been stuck in my room, it's like being in prison. During that time I put on a lot of weight & got to 19st, Since then I have lost it all by doing 2000 rows every other day & just eating salmon & broccoli. I am now 11st, You would think to lose all the weight would make me happy but I still hate myself. I was suicidal at 1 point & didn't look after my teeth that well. I went to the dentist about 4 mounts ago & he could not believe that someone who has not been to the dentist for over 14 years had such healthy teeth, No tooth decay nothing. The problem for me is the cosmetics of my teeth. Never had a gf because of extreme shyness & I Don't want to show them my teeth because I know I would see disappointment on there faces if I was to smile which would not make me feel very good inside. I've said too much but I just needed to get some of it off my chest. Because of all this I'm picking my feet even more & it sucks, It's a messed up situation. Take care all x.
I am 29 (almost 30-ugh) and just hobbled out of my room and decided to google this. I have been picking the bottoms of my feet as long as I can remember. I had a rough childhood and although a functioning adult with a great family, still have issues with guilt etc. I think I do it as a coping mechanism. I mostly do it in the summer since my feet get dry and I wear flip flops etc. in winter it's not as often a problem since I wear socks. I too pick untill I bleed and have walked on my tippy toes so long it hurts my back and other leg. People at work as me what happened and usually I am honest, but not to people just passing by and ask if I'm ok. I usually have to tempt myself to stop by saying "if you love _____, then you would stop." works for the day but I go back, as a day is my personal rule. I also get satisfaction out of seeing the biggest piece I can tear off. I bite the skin off my fingers too, like you mention above. I'd like to stop but I think there is an emotional gratification aspect I can't figure out. I doubt I'll stop and had no idea other people do this! Oh forgot to mention it really bothers me when I see other people with skin on their feet that they don't pick. I have had that issue since I was a kid too and tried messing with my moms heals. So weird haha at least I'm not alone! I'd love to know if there was a medical term for this :)
i do the exact same thing except im only 11 ive been doing this since i was at the least when i new i could chew my nails i have deppresion angzity znd seperation angzity a big peice of skin fell off my foot it only hurts if i put my foot a certian way(wich is every way)i need help i will ask my therapist next appount ment but its good to know that im not just the gross discusting one(thats sortoof what people at my school say) that eats about any thing that comes out of her body(i dont eat my fecies or pee) HELP...
Wow! Ive been doing this for almost my entire life (Im 16) and i thought that i was alone. This has made me feel so much better that other people do this! I pick the skin off of the heel and ball of my feet and the underside of my big toe and then i eat it (I know that its gross) I also bite the skin around my fingernails and chew the inside of my mouth and lips. I have found that if i have something else to pick or fiddle with then im ok. I pick infront of the TV or when im on my laptop so i find having something to destroy (Picking apart a pen or something) or fiddling with a rubix cube really helps. I also find that painting my nails and then picking off the nail varnish is a good thing to do. I dont think that its anything to do with stress; ive heard that it is OCD related although ii dont think that i have OCD. I pick my feet when they are either really wet and easy to peel or dry and hard so i found that using a pumice stone and really wearing the skin away so that it is smooth stops me from picking once i feel the smooth skin (Something i have very rarely felt). Im very glad that im not alone and i think that it is more of a 'mind over matter' thing and we have to stop it, like giving up smoking, we have to be hard on ourselves and pledge to stop it. I hope that we all find ways to stop or find the cause of our problem! Thanks for being the first to post it, you're very brave.
Yes! I pull the skin off my heals as well. I'ts so sore and I can't wear flip flops either. How do you stop from this!!
Everyday I tell myself, this will be the day I stop, I'm stronger than this and I can stop, but then I find myself slowly reaching down, ripping, picking and pulling the skin from all over my foot. I constantly think to myself, if I could just get all this loose skin off I could stop, but I'm not sure if that's something I really believe or something I just tell myself. I only pick at one foot, and the other one hasn't been picked at all. Most days I can barely walk and other days I have to saturate my foot with vaseline or neosporen after. Once it's to painful to keep picking I finally stop, but just for that night or that minute. I tried keeping my hands busy by sewing things, I tried knitting, I even tried putting glue on my hand and letting it dry to pick it off, but nothing seems to be as satisfying as picking my feet. I'm tired of not being able to wear sandals, being embarrassed about being barefoot; I've always wanted to go to the nail salon to get a pedicure, but that's out for now. If anyone has a suggestion or just wants to chat about this mutual addiction we're trying to kick :-); I will check back as often as I can.
This is my first time on this site and it is a relief to know I'm not alone!! or crazy!! As of this morning, I completely picked the bottom of my right foot raw. I just kept going and going. I mostly just do the heels. I'm like you that I won't do it for months and then my skin gets really dry and all of a sudden I feel the urge to pick. Or there is one small piece of peeling skin and I just go for and can't stop. One thing that I found that helps is that when it does get dry get one of those Pedi Egg things where you rub it on the bottom of your foot and it scrapes all the dead skin off. The dead skin collects and you have to empty it. That gives some kind of gratification if that sounds crazy then I don't know what. Put lotion on afterwards and wear socks! Obviously I did not do this. Lol. I have long natural fingernails (not a fingernail biter) and today for some reason it was to hard to resist.
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