Finally amongst people who understand......

i am so well happy that i have found somewhere that i can discuss about skin picking without having to struggle or feel ashamed......but more important people who UNDERSTAND what i am going through. Started skin picking from a toddler ....around my fingers....teens the habit really kicked in as i got acne. made me so depressed being at a girls school made it even harder as the girls were bitches. i would just dig at my face in the mornings before school.....then i got acne on my chest and back and then that just fully depressed me. would pick at those thinking if i squezzed till it bled thinking it would heal theory was wrong covered in scars. anything with a raised bump i would try out that lil theory of mine.....:( 23 working for a fashion company is so hard....can't cover up, all about beauty and looking amazing. though i love winter as i can cover up but summer ......o god i HATE summer! most of the time i cover up and hide away but now i am working i can't......thank god for foundation and cardigans that sort of work...but social wise not good making up excuses so that i dont have to sit in the park, go to the beach etc..... but what i really want is to eventually time but to fully stop and i want to be happy with me. i dont care about other people but just me to be happy.....i think once i start accepting what i do i think then i can start stopping. but i am in constant denial........its nice to come on here and see tips about how to stop......just getting the will power :)

Welcome Anneka : ) I just discovered this website also and it is a great relief to know others are going through the same thing. As far back as I can remember I have had an addiction/obsession with picking. I am 27 now and it seems to be worse. Actually the worst was when I was still using drugs but I continue to struggle with it everyday. I am getting married it less than 2 months and I really want my arms to be clear and smooth.... I am trying to apply the things I have learned in a 12 step program I go to regularly(Narcotics Anonymous) to help me not pick. Please feel free to talk or ask any questions. I know I need all the support I can get right now!
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