Hi, I just found this site a few days ago and I wanted to make an introduction as I'll be looking about the forum a lot. My name is Katie and I'm 16. I am not sure if I have CSP or Dermatillomania, so far we still consider it a bad habit. I have been picking for a long time now; since I was 10 and I'm almost 17 now. I chew on my lips a lot, chew on my cuticles, pick at my scabs and I also pick at acne. I have a lot of scars and it's really damaged my self esteem a lot. But I want to stop and let myself heal. There are times when my picking seems like it won't stop and other times where I'm able to heal at least a little bit, but I wouldn't know what causes my picking as I'd have to dig deep into my mind to find out. I think my worst time of picking was when I had acne, any time there was a pimple or even a developing pimple, I'd make sure it was picked. I saw my acne as imperfections that needed to be gotten rid of. Same with scabs. My chewing of cuticles and lips has always been when I am not even thinking, and I make them bleed quite a lot. Please welcome me ^^ I hope to make friends here.. if you want you can have my MSN

Hi, This has always been a part of my life. I started gymnastics around 4 years of age and got some blisters from it. Those "imperfections" I suppose - well I felt I needed to remove them. Sure enough, the majority of my right palm is constantly in a callous state from so much picking and my right finger was as well. It was tough. I didn't get it - and I just couldn't stop. I couldn't leave one little bit of skin hanging off - it had to be - or at least resemble - a somewhat smooth surface. Here I am now - 23. Graduated from an ivy league school - have a job in new york - yet the problem still plagues me. I don't like to hold hands if people move their fingers so as to be able to see that my hands feel like someone who's been playing guitar their entire life. I also am very conscious about how I hold my hands - to ensure that no one can see. Recently - things have gotten worse - as the callous and blister part of my feet (due to having to wear fancy work shoes for my office) have come to be a source of relapse - or even a new frontier for me. Sometimes I will have to pick my feet at work. It's so disgusting. I hate it, but I can't not do it. Then I say, as I walk to work - this pain can't keep going (cause my feet are raw). Yet, when I get home - and I get a good pick or two - it couldn't be more satisfying. I would love more than anything a way to stop. I've tried to take an interest in my nails so that I wouldn't want to use them. Then there's always the tweezer. Then it gets worse. I feel for all of you - and have always felt like somewhat of a pariah in this respect - although I've always been very socially active with a lot of friends (who apparently don't have the observatory capabilities for the most part to identify it - thought I think some might - but they ignore it as it is a hard thing to confront). I would love to stop - and hope to give any tips to all of you if so. All I can say now is that it is actually never worth it. It's not worth the pain, it's not worth the appearance, and most of all - it's not worth the constant fixation. Like, think of all the other things you can happily think about or engage yourself in with this whole deal out of the way. Alright - I am going to do not pick tomorrow. And it will not stop there. I have stopped for a day or so - but then 3 days later a bit of dried dead skin pops up and the urge is so great. But we have to say no. We have to either - put our hands in water, put moisturizer on, put gloves on, take a deep interest in the look of our nails! (get a manicure), think about how you've gone 3 days without it - why would you put those to utter complete waste. Seriously, put gloves on, or engage in an activity that will deter you from picking (i haven't found that yet - other than my perfectionism displayed in my fingernails once they are painted). I think it's more than we can know, but I think it's something we can stop - even though the urges and relapses may be tempting. When you really think about it - you know you don't want to be doing it. You know. There are other things that are bad about it (aside from pain, discomfort, embarrassment, infection) - the constant need to check to feel if the skin is smooth or needs to be made smooth - that feeling that emerges when you see that it's just not right and has to be fixed....is so powerful, but so intensely disheartening. It can seem hopeful in the relief you will feel in the act - but it will be shame after. I will try. I hope everyone tries. It's something I think we can stop. I've had it for 20 or so years. But never have I ever felt so strongly and hoped so strongly that this can be fixed. I had one picking area on my right forefinger that I ended up stopping (I focused on my palm). But once that area is stopped, it is not a place of interest anymore. The new skin will not be white, uneven or slashed/angled/picked in weird ways. we can get better!
I pick at my acne (no matter where it is on my body) and my lips. I pick at the acne to get that zit out! I love the fact ai do it (in some sick way). I pick at my lips because I love the feeling of taking dead skin off and I like my lips smooth (even though they bleed a lot). I have picked my lips to the point where I could not stop the bleeding for half hour to an hour. I had to get those sticks that stop bleeding. I have picked them as long as I can remember. The acne picking started about ten yers ago and has recently taken a turn for the worse. Talk about enbarassing! A lip that wont stop bleeding? Scabs all over my face from picking. Yikes! And it only gets worse! I am starting therapy this week. I believe I do it because I think Im bad or I am punishing myself (absued in many ways as a kid). I am vey hard on myself. I have low selft esteem (its gotten better as my picking has gotten worse). Now that I understand its an OCD and that I am not alone, I have hope I can stop it by figuring out why i do it, and understanding how to stop it by going to therapy. I wish the same for you. Please get help. :)
I am sorry about your childhood but am happy you are getting therapy now. ^^ I do sometimes get satisfaction from picking, especially if it's a particularly hard-to-get one. I feel satisfaction that I was able to rid my body of that imperfection. When I was a kid, I remember picking at my lips so much one night that my lips turned blue and purple. I haven't gotten that bad since but it was pretty bad. I will attempt to find help, thank you.
Hi Katie, I'm Kate. I'm Turning 20 this August, and have the same Acne problem as you do. The moment that a bump appears on my skin, It must be popped. Even far before it is ready. My mother scolds me every time I have my hand picking at my face, but it is a reflex that I am unaware of. Summertime is worse for me, as I also get a lot of mosquito bites, which I cannot leave alone either. I find that when I am away at college, the picking is not as severe because I do not have a mirror in a secluded bathroom to myself, and it is embarrassing to pick, though I have never admitted that before. I am hoping to find some relief from this site as well.
My mom and brother both scold me and so does my boyfriend. The scolding just makes me feel more guilty, it's a downward spiral of guilty. I hope we both find some relief and I am comforted knowing that there are other people out there dealing with the same thing.
bas here. I'm 18 and i just suffered a relapse and began picking again, maybe you read my other thread about that. anyway, if your condition is still moderate enough to be called a bad habit i suggest you start fighting it right away before it gets worse. last year was my peak, and my skin was so bad i hardly left the house. now i have less than ten scabs on my body and my face is clear. so its not hopeless. even though it can't be cured, as my relapse taught me, it can be curbed to a minimum. i also check the forums twice a day but unfortunately new posts aren't that frequent.
I noticed posts were not very frequent. I will go check your thread out now. I am not sure if my picking is moderate or not because I've never really seen anything severe.
Hi All... My name is Samantha and I am 25 years old. I guess seeing the episode of "Obsessed" on A&E made me realize that I have a problem. I have been picking my skin for as long as I can remember, and am now realizing that this is a compulsion. I pick my arms, legs, and face... and anything else I see bumps on. I am so glad that I found this site, because I thought I was just really "off" until I realized that there are others out there that are dealing with the same thing as me! I am wanting to know.... Do a lot of you also suffer from depression? I am wanting to go and talk to a psychologist, because I battle highs and lows, but I have not seen a mental health doctor in many, many years... I guess I would like some advice on if I should attempt to get a diagnosis or whatever... And again, I am so glad that I have found some kind of support to let me know that I am not alone!
I have a depressive anxiety disorder. I reckon you should at least talk to someone to find out if there are others things going on, or at the very least to talk to a professional about your picking. But be prepared to shop around - most of them don't get it.
I too just recently watched Obsessed. I saw some things they did in me, and I felt that maybe I lean more towards OCD rather than general anxiety disorder, but I think we both should get a real diagnosis before jumping to conclusions. I wish you good luck in trying to get a diagnosis and hopefully helping you.
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