I'm a woman and I pick my breasts! Does anyone else?

Hi there. I've been a fairly serious skin picker ever since I was about 13. I'm now 42. Also saw the A&E Obsessed show and could totally relate. I pick pretty much anywhere and everywhere on my body but my 2 MAIN areas are my face and MY BOOBS! It's just awful! Do any other women have this problem? It's so sad because it really is a beautiful part of a woman's body and here I obsessively destroy it. Anyway, I just discovered this site and forum. It's great. Hope to chat more.

Those are my 2 problem areas, as well. I used to just pick at my arms and face, but once I was able to stop picking my arms, I went for my breasts instead - it's absolutely mortifying. This skin picking disorder drastically affects so many aspects of my life, including relationships. Though I've gotten better than I was in the past, there are still times when I have picking relapses. I'll go a couple of weeks or months without picking at all, but when I end up picking again, it's utterly horrific and I feel the need to hide out for a few days (it'll be so bad sometimes that I even skip my classes, call out of work, and ignore my friends to avoid being seen). My current boyfriend can't quite grasp why it's so difficult for me to stop mutilating myself from time to time (hell, I can't quite grasp it either!), and it certainly has posed many issues between us. It's especially awful when we're getting intimate and I get scared to take my bra off because I feel the need to hide what I have done. Often times, I'm terrified that my disorder will lead to my relationship's end. :/ I joined this forum today because I've had yet another relapse. Last night, my skin was looking lovely until I experienced an anxiety attack that led to hours of trance-like picking. A vast majority of my face is now red, sore, and bumpy, and my breasts are messed up, too. Makeup barely masks the damage I have done to myself, and waiting for it to heal is the worst, because the areas I picked will more than likely be puss-filled or scabby by morning. Wish me luck in leaving it alone!
Those are my 2 problem areas, as well. I used to just pick at my arms and face, but once I was able to stop picking my arms, I went for my breasts instead - it's absolutely mortifying. This skin picking disorder drastically affects so many aspects of my life, including relationships. Though I've gotten better than I was in the past, there are still times when I have picking relapses. I'll go a couple of weeks or months without picking at all, but when I end up picking again, it's utterly horrific and I feel the need to hide out for a few days (it'll be so bad sometimes that I even skip my classes, call out of work, and ignore my friends to avoid being seen). My current boyfriend can't quite grasp why it's so difficult for me to stop mutilating myself from time to time (hell, I can't quite grasp it either!), and it certainly has posed many issues between us. It's especially awful when we're getting intimate and I get scared to take my bra off because I feel the need to hide what I have done. Often times, I'm terrified that my disorder will lead to my relationship's end. :/ I joined this forum today because I've had yet another relapse. Last night, my skin was looking lovely until I experienced an anxiety attack that led to hours of trance-like picking. A vast majority of my face is now red, sore, and bumpy, and my breasts are messed up, too. Makeup barely masks the damage I have done to myself, and waiting for it to heal is the worst, because the areas I picked will more than likely be puss-filled or scabby by morning. Wish me luck in leaving it alone!
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I have the exact same problem. My face is clear but under my clothes is an angry red mess-terpiece. My breasts are my primary target and have been since I was 15. I'm now 18. About a year ago I worked up the courage to see a dermatologist, and she assured me that breast picking is more common than its made up to be. She prescribed me with two ointments which did a lot of good, especially if you're able to restrain yourself for days at a time. When I'm alone, I kick the temptation by wearing crew neck tops. I have miniature pick attacks on a daily basis none the less. Dermatillomania thrives on shame, the more you talk about it, the less of a hold it will have on you.
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I have this same damn problem and I'm 20. I looked into it and it is possibly called dermatillomania (an obcessive skin picking disorder) all I know is I have never let any guy see me naked, ever. And now having read all the comments I'm crying because this really sucks and it really tears people down. You are all beautiful.
I do my chest and arms the worst :( My chest bothers me more, the skin is so thin and pale it scars really easily. You are DEFINITELY not alone. Right now I have some spots that are infected and wearing a bra sucks. I'm seeing a psych now and having some good luck with Zoloft in addition to trying to stop by myself, I hope you make progress soon! Scars will fade, it's not too late :)
Hi I have this problem is there any way to reduce the size of the lumps ?
hi im 40 and i started picking bout 4-5 yrs ago on my face and breast also covered in scabs its so stressful but i cannot stop it drives my husband crazy i feel out of control :(
i started picking right after i stopped drinking 5yrs ago and became a diabetic plz someone help ,im on antidepressants and antianxiety meds nothing is helping
i pick til im raw and bloody sometimes
Hi. I just found this site. I am a 42-year-old single mom of four. I've been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was a teenager, at least. With medication I've had that under control most of the time. Although, I've never had any relief from picking with the medications. I've never known anyone else to pick their breasts like I do. Obviously I knew I wasn't the ONLY one in the 7-8 billion people on the earth to do this but it sure felt like it. I, like most as I've been reading on here, began picking my breasts when I was about 12 years old. I had already been picking my face for years before that. I began getting acne when I was only six years old. My father would force me to stand there while he picked at my face often leading me to tears. He continued forcing this obsessive, controlling, downright mean behavior well into my teen years. Side note - he, on VERY many levels, was a mean, abusive, terrible excuse for a father. I've always contributed my obsession with picking due what he did to me {specifically in this respect}. After reading so many messages from fellow pickers I'm thinking it may be more than just having grown up with it. Either way, besides over eating, picking is what I'm most ashamed of. It has caused me embarrassment and shame for as long as I can remember. Until just these past few years I would NEVER let my partners see me naked. I'm going to be 43 next week. That is OVER 30 YEARS of suffering from this awful habit. I have scars all over my body from picking. And tons of scars on my breasts. Like many of you, I always tell myself I'm going to stop. Then I do it again and again. I don't experience hardly any pain to speak of when I'm picking but the satisfaction of squeezing it out or picking it off is unbelievably addicting. Sometimes I'll go a day or two without picking my breasts or anything else to the point of it leaving a red mark or puffy irritated skin, which almost always happens. But I honestly don't think I've ever gone a day without picking at least a couple black heads or otherwise clogged pores on my face. Although, picking my breasts and the scars it's left is the most humiliating. And here's something I've NEVER confessed to anyone, not even in a private journal: I also eat what comes out if it's solid. It doesn't taste like anything. I'll do this with my nose, too. I know this is terribly repulsive and if anyone ever found out or caught me doing it I'd want to just die. It's so unbelievably shameful. I wish I knew why I do this. It's so compulsive. I'm also pretty obsessive about plucking hairs, mostly on my face like eyebrows or nose hairs and now the ever-increasing old lady whiskers on my chin. WOW! I can't believe I said that "out loud"! (((Deep breath))) What now? Therapy? I read on here someone was going to try hypnosis to try to help her stop. I may give that a try. Thanks to all of you out there sharing your stories. I want relief from these afflictions for all of you as much as I want it for myself. Thank you for reading my story/confessional. Hugs.
I pick, too. I make myself so mad by the time I am done. My skin isn't that bad on my face, some adult acne (I am 34) but I make it sooo much worse by digging at it with my fingernails and tweezers. Lately I can't leave my eyebrows alone, like if there is the tiniest hair beginning to grow outside of my "arch" (defined brow), I want it gone and I make such a mess of my eyebrows by tweezing at the hair that is way too small to grab with tweezers. But I am so determined! I keep at it until I am bleeding and I have a mess. I am ashamed of this, I am ashamed of how my face looks. I don't want to go anywhere because of it. I haven't been to my church in a month because I am ashamed of my pic marks and redness. I feel so hopeless. My dermatologist said to stop picking and gave me some topical acne stuff and a blood pressure pill that helps with acne. I used accutane 15 years ago and I wish I could get it again but I know it's pretty bad stuff. I did good on it. Anyway, I just need support for the picking, the physical scars, but mostly the emotional scars this is leaving. Help.
I have had ocd my whole life and I am 30 now and I am at rock bottom fighting this. I found this site and am praying that it is a sign or something. a way I can finally get to stop somehow. I pick at my skin constantly and have out of control panic attacks. I think about not being here anymore a lot because I am sure of it that I was not born and chosen to suffer and I am in hell...everyday and all day. if someone is there,, that can help me in anyway...even if it is to chat...I would be so incredibly thankful! I don't know what to do anymore! the only reason I am still alive and will be is because I have two amazing children that I will suffer for the rest of my life for just to be with them. but im not happy and I know they sense that. this is why I am trying my absolute hardest to get help and quick! these counting and repeating rituals and my skin and embarrassment-mentally and physically exhausts me. somebody please help me!
I can relate 100%
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I do this as well. Squeezing what looks like black heads. I also have the white matter coming out from some pores on nipples. Does anyone find that the amount of breast tissue has seemed to have gotten smaller and their breasts are sagging from this?
I relate
hi there im kylee from new zealand, im new to this site. I also pick my breasts. started doing it from 2010 after a series of events that was happening in my life before that i used to compulsivly pull my hair into knots. I have scars on my left and right breast i feel ashamed as when i look at the top half of my breasts i just see so much anger. I have majar depression for so many years im 38 yrs old
I do and it's sore as fuck sometimes.
me too!!
Hello all- I am 20 years old, and have not been dealing with picking habits for long. It only recently got bad this year, but has gotten progressively worse. I'm hoping that by admitting it now and asking for help, I can stop my picking before it does serious damage. First of all, I have had mild eczema all my life on my arms. There have been various periods where I would pick at them to the point of bleeding- especially when I was distracted by reading or watching television. Then, last winter when the heels on my feet started to dry up and crack, I began to peel the skin off of them. Sometimes my foot would be raw or sore the next day, but getting the dead skin off was so satisfying. However, I stopped doing my feet after I really started to spend time picking at my face. I believe this was triggered by a magnifying mirror I had gotten to apply makeup. For the first time I could really see the clogged pores on my face and would spend up to half an hour squeezing them out. This habit STILL hasn't stopped... plus about a month later I added a new one. Picking at my breasts is an almost daily thing. It happens pretty muc every time I take my shirt off, picking sessions are before I get in the shower and after sex. I hate the fact that I make my breasts have red and swollen bumps all over. My boyfriend knows and I have asked him to help make me stop, but when he does I get angry. I can even spend up to half an hour picking HIS back and he hates it. There is no bad visible damage on either him nor me, but I know if this continues for years my skin will suffer. I'm so glad I found this forum tonight because I had no idea there were other women who picked at their breasts like I have started to do. Even if I have to cut of my nails, I am determined to stop squeezing at my pores and bumps.
I honestly had no idea that this would be something other people did as well. I am 18 and I have been picking since I was very young. I have keratosis pilaris on my arms and I've completely destroyed them. My problem with picking got much worse though and I began to pick my face, thighs, and boobs. Recently, my boobs have gotten SO much worse because I haven't picked at my face. Every time my boyfriend and I have had sex it has been in the dark...I really want to have sex because we love each other so much but I don't want him to see me naked anymore);
I have been picking since i was 5 yrs old and now im 20! I also have keratosis pilaris. I pick at my face, arms, chest, and boobs. I have managed to stop picking my boobs so much, but I still have many scars around them from many years ago. I am really ashamed of those. When I turned 20 I decided to get counseling, but I am still too embarrassed to admit that I pick there to the counselor. It is so weird how you know its disgusting and illogical, and you are doing more damage to your skin than if you left the imperfection alone, yet you still pick over and over and over. This has really taken over my life and I want to get my life back, but I cant remember a time when this was not a part of my life. I really hope this disorder will be researched, I would participate in any research if i thought it would be able to help others with this disorder. I read that in one case a women picked through her muscle on her neck and tore her carotid artery and bled out. I know that seems crazy, but I can actually understand how she could do that, and that really scares me, that my mind is that dysfunctional :/
Yes, I have picked at tiny imperfections on my breasts too. I have a few tiny scars.
I understand. its so painful and I cant stop!
I'm in tears reading this. This is me. 7 years married with all sorts of excuses why I can't be seen naked. I wish I could just enjoy being naked with my husband, but I never can. He's patiently waited & sort of knows why but we've never really discussed it. I've been doing this for 16 yrs but got worse about 4/5 yrs ago. Only my breasts usually. I can't talk to my doctor about it, I just can't. He can't see me. I'm not alone. That makes me feel good but also sad at the same time because I know how shameful it makes a person feel.
I feel the same pain and embarrassment. The lights are always off or I leave my shirt on. I feel so ugly and ashamed because of it. I want it to stop, I need it to stop. No one understands this crazy problem I have. I am seeking help from a specialist and I hope this will finally help.
I found that just knowing I want to hav sex with my boyfriend and look good for him will help me stop picking at my boobs for a few days, but then my willpower will crack. I need to find the motivation to last longer without doing it.
I feel the same pain and embarrassment. The lights are always off or I leave my shirt on. I feel so ugly and ashamed because of it. I want it to stop, I need it to stop. No one understands this crazy problem I have. I am seeking help from a specialist and I hope this will finally help.
Yes! I too mainly pick at my face and breasts...It's like any tiny imperfection, pimple..anything..needs to be removed and I think that by picking at it and digging at it that will make it all better...Obviously it makes it 1000 times worse and the scars, especially on my breasts are humiliating. I feel like my body as a woman is ruined... I remember the most embarrassing situation happened when I was 17 and was getting my nose fixed ..I was on the operating table..( oh did I forget to mention this was in Beverly Hills, Ca...The land of "Beautiful perfect women?!..I was definitely in the wrong city..I should of known I would be a huge imperfect specimen of a woman there! Ha!) anyway... well they put me under and of course u have to get naked when ur in the operating room...well they began working on my nose and for some reason I kinda woke up in that twilight sleep and just then the doctor and three nurses were all gathered around and they began to put the heart monitor pads on me ..so they had to remove the sheet I was covered with..and they must of thought I was totally out because I heard the doctor say.."Oh My God!..Oh..No..oh..blah..blah.blah!" and the nurses also seemed disgusted...I am 48 now and I'll never forget the awful shame I felt!! I'll never forget that and so now..even though married for 25 years...I think that would be everybody's reaction so I hide my self as best I can. So for any other woman out there...I know the shame of it..your are definitely NOT the only one! And I hope sites like this were we can REALLY be honest will stop this obsession.
You have no idea how accepted I feel after seeing this post and everyone's comments. I have picked at my breasts for at least 6yrs now and I'm almost 20. I have scars on my breasts and it's extremely embarrassing for me, I've also recently taken to picking the back of my legs, which has led to scars there as well. I'm a big girl so I already have a hard time thinking my body could be thought attractive by any man, but these scars make it even worse. I tell myself I will stop picking, but next thing I know, there's a new spot and I HAVE TO pick it, it's almost like I can't control myself anymore. I'm terribly embarrassed and afraid I will never stop picking or feel comfortable enough with my body to show myself to a man. I'm sorry to vent about it all, but this is the first time I've EVER talked about it, and although it's anonymous I still feel a little bit better.
U know after reading ur post, I want so much to tell u it will be okay. i know the feeling of destroying your skin to the point that u think u could never be naked in front of a man. I've been dealing with this since i was 17..I am know 48. I have been married for 25 years and I only have sex with my husband if the lights are off..I tell myself he doesn't notice the scars..but after all these years he must. But then I realized..he must love me a lot to still find me attractive even with these imperfections ( to say the least)...Of course we need to to somehow deal with this terrible habit...but I'll tell u...if a man really loves u..he will not care. I know that when your just dating that's hard because all first impressions count and the last thing you want to do if you really like a guy and you have this problem is show him your body...Believe me, I've made a million excuses why I wouldn't jump in the shower with someone..or why i won't have sex in the morning..or for that matter when it's daylight...It's been heartbreaking for me.. I always think.."gosh..if i had perfect skin I walk around naked in front of my husband..but never have I. I guess what I'm trying to tell u is that..YOU ARE NOT ALONE! All of us who suffer from this know all the shame..embarrassment and lack of physical freedom. But it's okay..I think we all need to be brave enough to go to a Dermatologist..be honest about what we do..the worst part is probably having to actually show them our bodies...but now that I know there's more of you out there..I don't feel so alone..and that this is an OCD condition and there is help..and besides..Dermatologists probable see way more weird skin rashes and conditions...So we probably wouldn't shock them! Please feel free to email me at ar920@att.net if you need to talk...This site has been so comforting to me!!!!!
Hi there im 19 and im a serious picker aswell. Been doing it for years. this kills myself esteem. My breasts are ruined and i do it to my face aswell. I have had a lot of trauma, sexual abuse and rape throughout my life. My therapist says its a way of punishing myself, and also my coping mechanism. I have so much self hate, and keep it a secret. I hate that im self harming and i dont know how to stop. best of luck to everyone. This is a soul killing disorder i feel your pain and can relate. x
Hi there! I am a woman, just turned 26 and have been picking my skin since I was 10. It started with my face and breasts then started doing it on my bikini line and under my arms. When I turned 26 a couple of weeks ago I realised I had been picking for 16 years on average 15min per day and I promised myself I wouldn't let it be 20 years. I am giving myself 4 years to get rid of it and I have started doing meditation at the yoga studio I go to where the teacher is helping me sort out what triggers my 'picking sessions' so I can work from that. I barely picked the first week after our first meditation together but when I went yesterday I can home and picked at my breast for almost 2 hours and I am feeling very sad today. I told my friend about it and she said I should focus on the whole week without it and how good and proud I felt, and to see that I feel miserable when I do it. Today I am going to focus on a diet for the next few days to help heal my skin : fully vegan, mostly raw and packed with vitamins. I also have my first hypnotherapy session this Wednesday and hope to get something out of that as well. Let me know if you want me to keep you posted on my progress or if you want me to give you ideas for my healing diet. This is all experimental and I will try everything to have beautiful skin on my breast and face again!
I have exactly the same problem! I focus primarily on my breasts but also anywhere else I can reach. Its ruining my life. Im 23, started at 14. Im too scared to get a boyfriend and have lied saying I am asexual to avoid intimacy. Any ideas what to do?
I am 27. I pick everywhere, but mainly my face, back, and breasts. I have told many people I was asexual. Intimacy is a problem for me as well. I am keen to experience sharing moments with the opposite sex. ;) I am starting to own the scars, but I'd love to stop picking to not have sores anymore. I just made a post on the forum about email chatting every day, maybe at the start of the day and after, just so every day it's on the forefront of our minds and no one feels alone.
Sometimes I find tiny red bumps on my nipples that look kind of like zits, and I pick them a tiny bit, but I really don't want to damage any more of my body, especially such a sensitive area, so I leave them alone. I already do my face, chest, back, and occasionally arms, legs, and even stomach and..... ahem, pubic area. So embarrassing. And if I find a little bump on my body, I immediately scratch it until it's irritated.
I'm fifteen, and I have the same problem. I went through a serious of traumatic events, and still am. I'm not sure if i pick at myself because I'm ashamed, or what. But I'm strangely relieved to know that so many other women do this. It's become so obsessive. It started with my face, now all over my breasts,, chest, all over my back, shoulders, arms, legs, and my scalp. I try so hard not to. People tell me I'm a pretty girl all of the time. I cover my scars with make up. If they knew the truth, I can't help but to think I'd be considere disgusting. This whole time, I thought I was a freak, until I stumbled onto this website while I was searching for a way to stop picking or make the acne or the acne scars go away. I'm thankful for that. It helps knowing I'm not alone. I just need help, though. I'm covered in deep scars, and it's not stopping me. In a few years, I can't even imagine what I'll look like. I'm really worried and ashamed. I wish the best for all of you. And I hope you wish my luck with my problem, as well.
You are not a freak, and I'm sure you are beautiful. Good luck, and I hope you can stop picking soon.
I am in tears reading this. I've felt like a freak for so long. Something in me tonight told me to google - just see if other people do this. Maybe I haven't done it before because I figured that if I didn't find anything it would mean I really am just weak. I pick at my breasts. I think it started as a way to not pick at my face because I was so ashamed of my skin. No not even the shame can stop me. I pick around my nipples and it's caused little scars which collect pockets of white matter. This makes it harder to stop because I know they're always there, waiting. A while ago I caused a slight ingrown follicle under my one nipple. This didn't stop me. In fact getting it out made me feel good. I can't believe this is an actual disorder and that I'm not weak minded and weird. I pick at my face despite the fact that I work in television and am photographed regularly. The make up just gets thicker. I use to have stunning skin and there is no reason I should be doing this. I have no issues or history of abuse. I don't hate myself. NOW I've moved to my upper and inner thighs, arms, upper back and legs. My scalp is a mess. I can barely comb my hair without it hurting. I'm worried about skin cancer, which is in my family, and never being able to stop. One by one I've given up on my dreams of modelling and now I'm caring less about my tv career every time I have to stop because a shoot is coming up. Now that I've spent the last few hours researching this, I realise that the change in how I see myself could also be due to this. I haven't felt sexy or sensual in ages. Because I have so much to hide. SAD but hopeful. Parker, 26.
Hi. Like most of you I thought I was alone in this horrible habit! It is weirdly reassuring to know other people suffer with this. I really hoped I'd grow out of it, I'm now 32 and have been picking since late teens! It started with the backs of my arms which is somewhere I've seen my mother pick on herself and also my brother. After my first boyfriend commented on the fact he'd prefer me less hairy between my legs and I naively shaved in response (I was 17) and since then have suffered with ingrown hairs that I pick at mercilessly! It's a mess of scars and I know it looks really unattractive but that doesn't seem to stop me. I've had no childhood trauma or hard life to deal with, but I guess I'm pretty lonely and do spend a lot do time by myself which gives me ample opportunity to attack myself with no one to stop me. I'm not an unattractive person and whilst I know if I found someone who loved me the scars wouldn't matter, but I really can't imagine anyone loving me so I guess I've got to the point where I don't really care about the scars. Although I must care a bit to be writing about this and I do use antiseptic creams and bio oil in the hope to limit the damage and I do fear a proper infection as a result of picking. I'm also a little concerned that the constant application of these creams and absorption to such a sensitive area could affect my fertility and cancer has also crossed my mind. My family and friends are aware as obviously my arms are visible sometimes and over the years I've reduced the picking in this area (although has flared up recently). No one's ever said anything apart from strangers asking what happened to my arms and I've made up some excuse about insect bites or rash! I would like to stop and have like many of you made myself promises that I don't keep and I know it's bad at the moment because I've let myself get overtired and I'm lonely. I'm sorry I can't offer any answers but it does feel good to talk about it and to know that there are other people out there with the same condition. My only advice would be to the younger ones on here to really try and get help early to try and stop it because you don't grow out of it and as you get older your skin doesn't heal as well or as quickly and it really is a shame to damage your skin especially when it's at your youthful best! Good luck everyone.
I am ASTOUNDED to learn how many other women do this, and have been doing this for as long as I have. I am 24 years old and have been compulsively picking my breasts, thighs, and upper arms since I was 10. I have not gone a single day without doing it. If I'm given an opportunity to start, I can literally do it for hours at a time unless I'm stopped or something interrupts my picking spree. I have suffered from anxiety my entire life, and for me, picking is the equivalent of having a cigarette. It calms me down when my anxiety peaks. I have done it for so long that my breasts, arms and thighs are riddled with scars- I have never been able to expose my chest and will only be intimate with my husband if the room is blacked out and/or I have a shirt on. Summer is a dreadful time of year for me. I will wear men's t-shirts so that the upper parts of my arms are covered, and refuse to wear anything revealing or that has a low neckline. This includes tank tops, spaghetti straps, swimwear, etc. I LOATHE the the site of the areas I pick, and avoid mirrors at all costs. I have destroyed my breasts more than anything else, and I never liked them much to begin with. My husband asks me what it is I'm picking, and I tell him blackheads. The truth is that I believe I'm picking out hair follicles; I only seem to have true blackheads and pimples on my upper arms and the odd pimple on my thighs. That said, I will pick at anything I feel can be picked. I don't know how to stop. I truly don't feel counseling would help someone like me, nor medication, nor will power. I often don't see a point in stopping since the damage has already been done and the condition of my skin (with regards to the scarring) has been ruined forever. I am relieved to know I am not the only one, and I hope that you are ALL able to stop <3
this will be a short message but I am EXACTLY the same. minus the accepting husband lol. Im 23 and have tried counselling but nothing seems to be working. Have you managed to find anything that helps yet?
It is so good to know that I'm not alone and that I'm not some freak who does this. I am becoming aware through my research that this is extremely common, that it has a name and is a disorder, not something I can control. All the long years of hating myself for what I deamed to be a lack of will power (weakness) can now stop. I need help ! Four days ago I covered my bathroom mirror in posters saying things like stop don't do it stop picking , that sort of thing but after the second day I have failed and taken to my face and breasts . Now I'm so mad at myself feeling guilty and ashamed like always after going to town on my skin . I have been a picker for as long as I can remember !!! When I was young it was the backs of my arms and then when I turned 19 and started to break out it was my face and when I fell pregnant it was my breasts and my face . My son is 5 now and I am 26 years old. That's 7 years of off the charts awfull picking that has left me very scarred with the classic dark brown spots that acne pickers have . This disorder has taken over my life , it killed my self esteem so much I got myself involved in a physically and psychologically abusive relationship which I am now out of but now I have been single for a year. My son and I stay in a women's refuge . I hardly socialize with my friends anymore I have isolated myself , consuming my time up with study and my sons school and activities (swimming, karate,rugby) I hide away under expensive Mac foundation that I have to wear a lot of to feel somewhat happy with my appearance. I don't have sex , the thought of dating scares the hell out of me , my confidence is in complete tatters and I see no end in sight to this awful life controlling disorder I have. There seems to be no where our there for us . I almost wanted to start up a PA (pickers anonymous) just so I could be in a supportive environment with others like me !!!! I am in Perth if anyone is interested in that idea too . So nice to have found this forum ..... God I'm so disappointed in myself for picking tonight !!!! Face is so sore ! P.s I'm a picker who uses needles .... I will pierce and stab my face with the needle sometimes half the length of the needle will be in my face . Anyone out there knows of things that help please let me know I'm desperate !!!!
Hey ladies, Im 19yrs old and have had a drug problem for about 3 months now.. ever since i cannot stop picking at my skin! My face has always had black heads but i have begun to notice them 10 times more now. ill pick /squeeze or pinch a pore until i see something come out.. just to make sure its gone. and yep u bet it grows back 100000 times bigger and redder :( also my boobs have got black heads/ pimples on them waaah :( so gross!!!
I'm 16 years old and I started to pick at my skin a few years ago. I pick all over my body at any bulging pimple I can find on my body. However over the past few years it has gotten worse and has reached the limit to where, instead of picking at the pours on boobs with my fingers, I BITE them. I know I must sound like some kind of freak but I can't help it. It's a habit that has seriously grown out of proportion and has reached the extent that i cant even go to the doctors about this because I'm too embarrassed! I was so relieved when i learnt that I am not alone, that other women too pick at their boobs, but I feel like a freak because it sounds like such a disgusting habit that I actually use my teeth. But i seriously need help in how to stop! Being a young teen I struggle to do the everyday things that my friends do like wear low cut tops, getting changed in the changing rooms, wearing bikini's etc and obviously I've reached the age where I may want to have sex, but obviously i cannot do any of this because of the hideous marks left on my boobs. I hate it so much that i cry at the thought of why i do this. I really need some advice or treatment because i want to stop NOW before it follows me into adulthood. I am ruining such a beautiful part of the female body and I am so determined to stop!
I'm so very sad and started crying reading all of this. I have been picking for 10 years. I'm 20 years old. I do believe it started when I was molested and since that point, I've felt dirty on the inside. I've been on anxiety and depression pills, and developed Mersa when I was 16, but I felt like I couldn't stop ever. I pick everything that has pores!! I usually don't repick scabs, but I can count 100's of scars on my body. BELIEVE ME, YOU ARE NOT UGLY!!! No matter what, I've noticed men don't look at our skin like we do. If they care, they point it out, but if they love you, they see past it. NEVER FEEL UGLY AND NEVER GIVE UP ON A RELATIONSHIP! We can fix it somehow. I think meditation helps the most. You get to find your inside, and maybe, if we can find that, we will stop needing to do this. There is always a way. Reading this has helped me realize that I'm not the only one, and if they can find a cure for the most terrrible epidemics, we can find a cure for this. We're beautiful!!
I do too. I pick and pop little pimples I find on my boobs :(
I do it too! I thought i was the only one.. I pick at my breasts mostly, and my face.. It's hard to stop and wish I could sometimes.. I'm only 16 and I've been doing it for about.. 5 years now? I've had breasts pretty much since I was 10.. But it started when I was 11 obviously.. But if anyone has any tips on what to do to stop? It's just so hard sometimes.. Especially when I get an urge to... Even though I know all you ladies say you do it, I still feel a little weird and dumb for doing it.. I am happy that I'm not the only one though!
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