Anyone picking near genital area?

Hi! Does anyone of you pick near your genitals? I know it sounds disgusting, and that's why it's so profoundly embarrassing so I can't speak to anyone about it. Do I need to say that my sexual relationship is threatened? All lust is gone when I come to think of the skin underneath my panties... Oh my god, and this has been going on for my whole "sexual" life, ten years now... Ridiculous!

hy frnds my skin next to my virginer is peeling off nd very painful any1 who can help/assidt what can i do?
Get help and reach out if you need it an can't deal with it by yourself if it is severe.
Im literally crying now because i kept saying i wasn't going to do it but my will power means nothing when it comes to this! Im 17 and have been obsessed with pulling hair for years, however just about 2 years ago i moved to my genitals because like many of you have stated it seemed easier to hide from everyone. Now its to the point that i cant control it and my bikini area looks horrible scars ongoing scabs even the occasional puss filled bump =( I try to stop and tell myself not to continue but that only lasts a few days.. then i look down and feel the crusty scab and must pick away. Anytime im intimate with my boyfriend i just feel very self conscious and embarrassed he has yet to see the any of it because i always hide down there from him unless its dark, but even so im worried about what he'll think if he even feels a scab or bump because right away you would think an STD! =( Im glad to see im not the only one, but I NEED HELP!! i have a question does anyone know of any over the counter drugs or remedies that can prevent infection, reduce redness n inflammation, and possibly prevent ingrown hairs? Because for me those lil bastards are the problem! If not i don't really know what to do im really embarrassed, and don't know how to go about getting a gynecologist
try neosporin or polysporin. try keeping around people so you dont have the oppertunity to pick at yourself. Try keeping your undies on. If you can get 3 or 4 days to heal then Good Luck.
Hey teenpicker. I totally know how you feel. I've been dealing with these issues for about 20 years (I'm almost 40) and the truth is that this disorder just doesn't go away on its own. Right now, I'm down to picking one small area of my bikini line but even that is too much for how bad it makes me feel. I'm going to start a 30 day commitment right here right now. Maybe you want to try it with me? Meantime, I always just used hydrogen peroxide on open sores. And clean cotton underwear to allow it to breath. As for the ingrowns, my dermatologist has begged me to let the hairs grow in and wait and see. That is: sometimes what looks like an ingrown will "right" itself by the time it's fully grown in. And he's said again and again that if I wait, I can go into him and he'll take care of the ingrowns in a way that won't make a mess, like whenever I try to "fix" them on my own. I know it's easier said than done: we *all* understand the satisfaction gained from "freeing" a trapped hair but the way we're coping now obviously isn't working. Anyway: Here's hoping that by this time tomorrow I can be 1 day pick free!
If either of you could get in touch with me by email I would really appreciate it. I feel like it could help to talk
I have been pulling for 10yrs now, it started with my eyebrows, then moved to my eyelashes, and finally moved to my genital area. I pull enough now that I start bleeding from it. I tend to also scratch to the point of being so raw it hurts to even take a shower. My now husband understands and deals with my eyebrow and eyelash plucking but hasnt found out about my genital pulling. I hate hiding it, but I'm so embarressed that I cry everytime an episode kicks in. I tryed dealing with it, but now I can't even afford therapy, much less meds. so I'm stuck trying to stop this cycle, and not make myself bleed... unfortunatly I'm losing right now. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.... ever.
oh my gosh...everything everyone has said in this topic is me! i have never heard of this condition until i stumble upon this page. i never knew it's a condition or that it's a disease or that it's not normal! i'm kinda sad now to know that i have this disease...dermatillomania. i thought i was the only one who does all these. i feel so alone and afraid and embarrass to talk about this to anyone. i started picking when i was around 12 years old and now i'm 29 years old. that's 17 years of picking! it first started when i hit puberty and started having acne on my face, then my pubic hair and the rest of my body. i wasn't able to enjoy my teenage years because i was always ashamed of my body. other girls had beautiful and flawless skin. their faces were so clean and beautiful. mine was bloody and red and scarred. i remember back in middle school and high school i would have scars and scars on my face from picking. i would pick and pick until i get the stuff out, no matter how much bleeding. during that time, my chest also had acne too. i picked on my chest so much that it bled and there were scars. i had to wear turtle neck shirts or shirts that would cover my chest to my neck from middle school onto college. my arms are always red and had scars as well. my cousins them pointed out to me once that my arms have scars. that made me so embarrassed that i never wore sleeveless shirts after that day onto today. i never wore sleeveless shirts or any shirts shorter than my elbow. even today, i cannot wear sleeveless shirts outside no matter the weather. in addition, i started picking on my genital areas as well. i'm so embarrass to say this, but i'm really ashamed of it looks. it's all scarred and discolored and ugly. i'm so afraid that no guy would like me or want to have sex with me. perhaps that's why i don't date because i'm so afraid to expose myself to anyone. when i was dating my first boyfriend, we had sex in the dark so he didn't see how my genital area looked or how my chest looked so that was okay...but now i'm very afraid to get intimate with a guy. so afraid that i'm starting to think perhaps i should remain single for the rest of my life. i'm able to control picking my face for the last year. i'm picking less, but i'm picking more on my underarm and my genital area. sometimes i would pick and pick and it would bleed and bleed and i would not stop until i get that hair out or until something comes out. if not, i continue to dig with my nails. if that don't work, i would use a tweezer. if that fails, i would use a needle. and i would not feel any pain, or perhaps i was too distracted to feel the pain, until i'm completely done with my mission. if i have any free time, especially when i'm in the bathroom, i would look around my body, mostly my arms, underarm, genital area, and chest to see if there is any new bumps for me to pick. when i see new bumps on my arms i get happy and quickly pick on it. when the white stuff comes out i feel happy, satisfied, accomplished inside. i seem to enjoy that. for the longest time, i thought i was the only one suffering this. i feel so much better knowing that you all share this as well, even thought i wish we never have this condition. it's good to know i'm not alone in this. now that i know it's a disease, i will try my best to not pick as much. i'm so ashamed of myself and i feel like i've destroyed this body that God had given me and yet i continue to destroy it uncontrollably. i feel like i'm caged in my own body, inside my own skin, and i don't want to be. :'(
I have sought help for many things, but not this. I am too ashamed. Though it's been very helpful to hear all your stories. I never gave a second thought to my pubic hair, except to trim or shave to maintain it. That's why I can't believe I'm so obsessed and for so long . Except I used to pick my under arm hair, which I could care less about now, then my eyebrows, which are thick now and look good. It appears I am prone to it, and just moved on to another area. But this is the worst! Though not the entire reason, I haven't had sex in a year. I loath myself when I do it and I feel like a freak, (now without my clothes I look like one too). So here's what I did. I put my "tools" away in a cabinet but out of sight (in another room if I have to) and far out of reach when I'm sitting on the toilet (my trigger activity). Throwing them out is not an option because I need them to groom my brows and nails. I put silly putty and a small can of playdoh by the toilet just to keep my fingers busy if need be. I bathed and shaved the area, then applied first aid cream and 2 large bandages entirely covering the area. Right away, it helped that I couldn't actually see the area anymore, especially during my trigger activity. Not seeing it also allows you the chance to stop and think before you touch it, feel the anxiety building, and talk yourself down from it. Also, you can't see the damage so you automatically feel better about yourself. Note it's best to leave some on until it heals and the hair has a chance to grow back. I never change the bandages during my trigger time (when I get home from work). Only during rushed times (when I get ready for work). Then I don't have time to hurt myself. And I am hurting myself. Why? Is this a lack of confidence physically manifesting itself to ensure what I may secretly believe, that I'm unworthy? Idk. But I can't do this anymore. I hope this helps someone. Wish me luck.
I dont really pick anything but daily tweeze my pubic area. Its gotton so bad that I pick hairs that havent even broke through the skin yet. I go "digging" for them . I have a whole bunch of tweezers, from sharp edged ones to small , dull , rounded. there sort of hidden all over the house. I panic if I cannot find them. At first it really hurt &I liked the sensation. As time went on the roots were not so developed so hair was much easier to pull, but I didnt get the same satisfaction from "the pull". Now my whole area is red and painful. Im so ashamed. I was abused as a child by an uncle. He is dead so I cant confront him. Im wondering if its a control /pain thing. Its been going on now for almost 3 yrs. after my diagnosis for Breast Cancer. I need to be positive to stop plucking. Idle fingers make for bad company...
Clarice, sending lots of healing good thoughts your way--along with a plea to consider tossing those tweezers and following some of the suggestions made elsewhere on this thread (like how to heal wounds and cover the area so you're not tempted). I know from experience just how pernicious this problem can be...and how addictive the hunt for hairs can be. I'm hardly saying it's easy to stop but establishing a NO tweezers, (plus NO saftey pins, etc.) rule in the house can be really helpful. I even gave my brooches and other decorative pins to a friend to hold for me until I feel ready to have them in the house again. I know that fingernails can do a ton of damage too...and that cutting them down to nothing only helps temporarily... but, for me, anyway, getting rid of the tweezers--especially the sharp ones!--made it a lot easier to start keeping my hands off the area. Best of luck...
Thank you so much for taking the time to post your testimony. "Trigger activity." Wow. Mine is EXACTLY the same thing; the same way. Why do we do this? The best to you.
Omg, I thought i was the only one that did that! I'm so embarrassed to talk about it to anyone. It started off innocently enough, plucking out the few ingrown hairs I had from shaving. Then it became more than that. I got a sense of satisfaction from pulling out hairs that were just about to grow through the skin. Now I find myself wanting to do it at work and making excuses at home as to why I need to be left alone right now! It hurts when I'm done and I wonder why I can't just stop it then. But then soon enough...I'll start thinking about it. And the hairs that are thick at the root or a previous commenter said its like striking gold. I don't know what to do or how to stop or anything. Mainly I'm just happy I'm not alone in this :( (as much as I wouldn't wish anyone else to do this....)
I have been picking since I was a little kid. I am now 26. I discovered that this was a problem about a year ago. What I have found out is that a lot of psychiatrists and psychologists do not know much about dermatillomania. Sad but true. I have been put on OCD meds and I felt like a complete zombie. Psychologists have suggested peeling stamps which is quite stupid to me. So now I don't see anybody and I continue to pick.. My latest area is my butt and arms.. I have sooo many scars that I don't even wear shorts, ever!. I hate having dermatillomania but I guess it could be worse. I can obsessively pick just about anything from my scalp, skin, nose, dried up residue from tape on a table, stickers off of lighters, wrappers on bottles. Just about anything. This is my story, thanks for reading.
You are not alone. I pick at the skin around my fingernails (though acrylic nails have helped a ton with this the last few months), my face, my arms, my butt, my stomach, the backs of my legs, my back, my neck. I pick my nose and lately have begun scratching and scratching all over my body. My doctor has suggested I try taking a seratonin-something-or-other, but I'm afraid to get into the whole try-this-then-try-that-because-that-was-too-much-and-that-was-too-little, zombiefy my brain game ~ not that the outcome can get much worse than this reality I'm already living. Sigh... thanks for sharing and the best to you as you cope day to day with this terrible condition.
I can totally relate to you. Ever since I picked up a tweezer at about age 11 or 12, It became apart of me. I always had a fascination with hair I guess. When i was young, I used a scissor and cut off my eyebrow, from what I recall my mom telling me. As soon as my pubic hair grew it, i would pluck pluck pluck and now I have scars and bumps. I just really can't stop. I'm 19 now. It's been going on for 7 years. I can't tell anyone or go to the doctor because I'm embarrassed. I'm not ugly and I do want to have sex. I just don't want anyone seeing down there because its not pretty. =/ I'm not sure how I'm going to stop.
i was in the same boat as you, until i later met my bf (when i was 20). i managed to stop completely when he told me its ok to have hair down there, its normal! i was really embarrassed to show or even talk about it, but he was understanding. i guess what started in my early teens was i thought having hair there was imperfection and it got scarred/bumps. if you let it grow out, the scars are not visible anymore and you can maintain the length with trimming. less maintenance too. its been 3 years since. -coming from someone who kept plucking for 9 years.
Wow. Thank you for your post. Maybe this is largely my problem. I have this fascination that there shouldn't be any hair on my body. I have been shaving my entire body for years. I'd like to let it either grow out (can't do that on my legs though) or I've also thought about whether it would help the skin achieve a greater balance with less bumps if I had laser hair removal. Expensive, but maybe worth it? Has anyone here had laser hair removal and noticed less bumps and, overall, less picking? Thanks all!
Hey y'all, I'm reay excited because I've been dealing with my dermatillomania for about 3 years, I can't really remember what started to but yeah. "down there" is my favorite part although there isn't an area on my body I haven't picked. I like the sight of something coming out and I feel like I've one a prize when I pick out a hair that hasn't even surfaces. It's pretty horrible down there because I do you needles and tweezer and will dig till I bleed just to get the hair. My boyfriend knows and it kinda hinders us, but I just make sure it's always dark. I can lock my self in my room or bathroom for hours on end just to do it and it really interferes with my life because I have stuff to do but my ocd distracts me. Hopefully i can stop soon so I can have a child one day . . . Because I'd hate for anyone to see me down there . . .
I am exactly the same way. I can literally lock myself in the bathroom for 2... 3.... 4 hours? Just searching and searching for the next bump or hair or discoloration or slight imperfection to dig / cut out. I now have such extensive lower back troubles (that I know stem from my contortionist picking ways) that some days I can barely walk. :(
Why the bathroom? why not the bed where its comfy?
hi. am getin real scared. my genital is itching and the pink round my hole has turnd white and is peeling off.what to do.
Hello, my name is Angie and I am in my 40's, I have picked compulsively at my genitals and inner thghs for the last year or so, it started when I got thrush which I have had constantly for the last 2 years but I find the scratching/itching cycle gets much worse in this warmer weather. I have been chronically depressed for the last 10 yrs or so and am taking venlafaxine antidepressants, but find the urge to scratch is much,much worse when I am having a bad day or am stressed out. The pain is "good" in a way but then I feel like my whole genital area & thighs are on fire and I cannot sleep, I am also restricted as to what clothes I can wear because of the constant friction and pain. I'm thoroughly disgusted with myself bedause I can't stop picking, and I have absolutely no friends who I would be comfortable enough with to talk about this problem. Sorry to ramble on and on and if I seem self-pitying but this problem makes me feel downright suicidal sometimes. Hope to hear from you anyway and please take care everyone xxx
Hi Angie. I'm new to this group and I appreciate your post. I have wanted so many times to talk with friends or boyfriends about my picking, but I don't think it's their problem. It is such a big, complicated, scary, full-time issue that I don't think anyone should be burdened with it. I have seen counselors, doctors, plastic surgeons, and no one so far has been able to help me. If the professionals haven't been able to help (and if a sharp and determined person like myself can't get a grasp on a 26 year addiction), then I much doubt my friends will be able to help. I don't want anyone to feel like they need to take time out of their schedule to counsel me, nor do I think it would help. The few times anyone has called me out regarding this issue, it's made it worse. The stress is so much that I end up picking through the night and wee hours of the morning. I didn't overreact this way with the counselor I was seeing; she just wasn't very experienced and couldn't provide the level of help a seemingly put-together, closet freak like me needs. Thanks for listening.
lol my name is rachel as well and not only have i picked at my body and face hair, but i have had some times where i pull out my pubic hair in the lips of my vagina. I've gotten big bumps, and ingrown hairs, and i'm wondering if there is a way to atleast stop from picking. Sometimes i'd look in my underwear after going to the bathroom and there would be pubic hair there even if i ahdn't picked that day or even that week. Does it cause it to fall out or what?
My name is Rachel, I'm 21, and I've picked all my life. Starting in middle school, I began to over-pluck my eyebrows. Eventually I stopped but then I began to tweeze my pubic hairs. It doesn't hurt as bad as you think it might. This behavior went on for years. I had my tweezers and my needle. I would teeze and tweeze and tweeze for hours at a time. I dug deep holes into my skin and would take a needle and dig it into the holes as well, convinced there was an ingrown hair. Sometimes I would hit a nerve with the needle and the pain would be terrible. I had a bloody cloth under my sink that I used to wipe the blood away only so I could still see what i was doing. In high school, I had sex for the first time and I didn't even allow the guy to take off my underwear. I just had him move it to the side. This habit continued until last year. I really can't explain why I stopped. It just happened. I no longer had an urge to dig out the hairs or to go at any bumps with a needle. The behavior just stopped all together. Now, I shave and will occasionally get ingrown hairs bit I can just take a pair of tweezers, pluck them, and move on. No big deal. No blood. The skin no longer has any scabbing or discoloration. I look like a normal girl now. I pick at my back as well. I've been picking at it since middle school. Last week, I decided, like so many times before, that I wanted to finally stop. And guess what? It's working. My back is healing. The scabs are going away and it doesn't hurt to scrub my back in the shower anymore. I can't explain what happens to make a person just stop one day what they've been doing for years. It's not like I had hit a significant breaking point or anything. I just didn't care to do it a anymore. Someday, all my scabs and scars will fade and I'll have confidence I've never had before. I already feel more confident than I did two weeks ago. I'm going to heal completely. I don't need therapy and I don't need medication. It's in my power to stop and that's exactly what I'm going to do.
Congratulations! Wishing you the best with your recovery. I'm jealous of your progress. I'm in my 30's. I will go on streaks where there is minimal picking, but being back at it in full swing, I know, is always right around the corner. Keep us posted.
Wow!!! I thought was the only person who picked down there... Iv been picking for as long as I can remember and I got scares all over my legs and my inner thighs and butt and arms.. And I'm tired of being embarrassed and coving up my body.... I can't even go to the beach In A bathing suit I wear shorts and a t-shirts during the summer I wear jeans always.. I wanna feel pretty... Is there any advice I can get for stopping...
i pop black heads and whiteheads downthere around shaft and on shaft
always in the morning I wake up with stuff in my fingernails from itching my vagina and bum while I am sleeping. I really think its digusting and dirty and would like to know if there is a way to stop it.
i do... when i get bumps/ingrown hairs from shaving i pick at them. there usually isn't more than 1 or 2 and my bf knows about my problem and thankfully is understanding and doesn't judge me for it. still hate it though :(
Yes. I don't do it any more but I used to do it constantly. Something like an ingrown hair or razor bump could start the avalanche. But I loved the sensation of plucking the hairs out, especially around the lips. My husband couldn't understand it especially since most women hate this part after a wax, those random pluckings. He always asked me why I don't just shave if I'm so bothered by it. But again he didn't understand it wasn't that I didn't want hair there as much as it was the sensation of pulling the individual hairs out. I'd be especially excited if I nabbed a hair with a particularly bulbous tip on the end. Those really thick ones were like striking gold. I found it much easier to pluck here than my upper thighs, which were also a source of contention. I'd go after all and everything, my pubic region, inner and upper thighs and groin....but nothing was as satisfying as the hairs from my labia. It's strange, it felt like an accomplishment. I started out just doing a little and found myself going farther and farther back, in terms of proximity, especially the more anxious I got. Have to admit it, this was/is by far another one of those things I would swear no one else in their right mind does. If my husband has even one ingrown hair he turns it into this huge traumatic deal of getting the one out (because to him he wants to preserve his skin and you know, be healthy and all that stuff that many of us don't think about when we go on our missions). To me I'd be like, "oooh, let me help you with that! We just need a needle and a pair of tweezers!" Sheesh, he's been shot twice so I'd think this whole "pain" thing would be put in perspective. One pubic ingrown hair was like the Gulf War. He'd rather face an armed assailant.
Thanks for the humor in your post. I loved reading it. Have you ever wondered whether it's not the repetitive hair pulling and picking that we love, as much as it is the repetition of such painstakingly tedious and small-scale work? Sometimes I wonder if I would have as much passion and find as much joy in, say, carving kernels of rice under a microscope.
Yep I do. I have genital psoriasis... which makes it worse!
Hi all, This is my first time in this forum so be gentle with me. I have a problem and its bad. I have anxiety issues. I used to be a upscale escort for 13 years. 4 years ago I stopped I had met a great man who later became my husband. just luck I soppose. I had scratched big holes in my left foot I mean the top of my foot looked mangled, the scratching and picking was and is so painfull yet when im doing it I feel relaxed untill it hurts. That had been going on for about 8 years. well 4 years ago I uped the anti and went after my vaginal area. Look I don't have any stds or yeast infections I checked alot. I scratch and scratch I pull out the hairs on the inside of the lips. I have had abcesses down there and had 3 lancings. but I can't help doing it I scratch when I go pee or when I shower, before I masterbate and after. The dr said that escorting was my release from stress. and now that i don't do it I have all this pent up anxeity. Look I think theres something really wrong with me becuase I do this and I see im not alone. is there any dr's out there that have real answers . I mean I cut my nails off I wear gloves and socks. but still do it I have had the same wound on my foot for 5 months now. errr. Thanks for reading and letting me vent .
Oh my gosh. I am so sorry! Thanks for posting your testimony. What an interesting concept that the escorting was your stress relieving outlet. I'm going to ponder that for a while. I need to get better at wearing the gloves; plus someone posted above about putting band-aids on the parts of your skin you've destroyed so that you can't see it or get at it. In order for me to do this, I would need to buy, basically, a whole body compression sleeve. I ordered some sleeves for my arms, but it didn't fit right. I should probably try and order another pair / custom pair next time so I can't get so easily to my frequent picking spots.
hey all i have started pickin at my face for more then 8 years just a year back i started thinking this had to be more serious the i thought well thats not all! ive been picking arrounr my genitals for quite a while also, not inside of my vagina but in the outer lips and around the anus too and i have developed this zits that just dont go away, does this happen to any of you? hey get better en then they come back! i had surgery in 2 of them where they opened them and extracted what ever was in there, bu this 3 new ones habe been active for more then 8 months now and in going vrizzy because this doctors an ginecologist keep prescribing the same pill for infections and nothing happens!!!! i fell that i have to extract the infection because they itch at night and i just have to extract whats inside. i dont know what to do any more because the last time i went to the gino he told me no more surgery ( of course i at like i dont know waht going on i i never admit is an ocd) you have a hormonal disbalance and prescribed me nore medicine again.... i dont know if this has happened to any one or what kind of advise i can get ANYTHING HELPS. o my sexual life is ruined too by the way..... but im sure this has a cure and in the dark wont be such a big deal. till he whants to go down grrrrr!!!
there is no magic bullet to stop someone from self harming behaviours ... it takes a lot of determination and maybe some antidepressant medication and maybe some therapy, but there needs to be the deep desire to stop it ... try to see how long you can go without doing any picking ... try again if you have a setback and see if you can go longer ... if you manage to go longer than a month, then go back to your doctor ... his approach might be different if he realizes that you aren't self harming any longer ... imagine a doctor's frustration with patients that keep harming what he tries to heal ......
I've picked my inner vagina as long as I can remember. It's so embarassing I've never talked about it. My skin is a mess down there some is white and raw that's usually what I pick off. My doctor has never said anything about it when getting a pap or anything but now i am 5 months pregnant And am sure someone will end up seeing soon :( I do it alot when my fiancée is sleeping. It makes it so intercourse often hurts :( I also make sure we are always in the dark. I also pick my lips constantly they look horrible. How can I stop this?
oh thank God I decided to read through more of the older topics! This is actually the first area that I started picking... mainly because I was a swimmer in middle school and high school and this was the only place that wasn't noticeable (at least thats why I think I picked and scratched and tore at my skin down there). I also remember my mom catching me picking down there at one point (sometime in middle school) and she asked me if it itched. I said no and from that point on I have been a bathroom picker hiding it from everyone. I scratch and pick while I'm asleep and every time I go to the bathroom (sanitary I know...). I have done so much damage to my pubic area (im talking about skin discoloration, constant scabs, white hairs because I have damaged the tissue so much (and im only in my 20s)). As I have gotten older, I have started picking in more areas including anus (ugh...), back, shoulders, chest, nipple, scalp, face, hands (im a rower so I constantly have blisters on my hands that I pick at)... basically you name it ive picked it (with the exception of my legs... not sure why I've left those alone). Last year I had finally had enough so I sought help (having no success so far but hopefully soon). The only thing is I didnt tell my therapist about the genital scratching (she does know that I pick at pubic hairs though). My therapist doesnt seem to know too much about skin picking though and is just treating me as an OCD patient (which I also have other signs of). So maybe I should start looking for someone else??? Random question to all of you other genital pickers... Have you been to a gyno or doctor and shown the area to them? I am terrfied to show my pubic area to anyone (which is why ive never had a true relationship) but I really should go to the gyno since Im at that age now. Plus I've been having a lot of symptoms (serious weight loss (over 15% of body weight without trying), abnormal bowel movements, swollen lymph nodes for several months in head, neck and groin that didnt go away with antibiotics or steroids) which I fear may cancer related (especially since my body is constantly having to repair my skin, it wouldnt be unreasonable for some of those cells to get out of hand and become cancerous), but I am scared to go to the doctor for fear of how they will react... So basically I'm just wondering how the doctor reacted to your situation... Thanks...
I don't pick at my genitals however i do have scars all over my bum checks from picking, I have had to show these in a gynocologist appointment and the doctor merely asked if they itched, how long and i simply said there were from spots and he didn't ask any more. He wasn't judgemental at all and acted in a very cool and professional manner. I suggest you go see one as soon as possible, it's probably a really bad infection from picking but please go as soon as possible.
Hi Delta...Yeah I also had sores appearing on my bum cheeks too that I couldn't stop picking at the end of last year 2009.....luckily they've healed now but not 100%....for some reason no sores on my body ever go away 100%.....always leave just a tiny little bit behind just incase 6 months later we decide to start picking it again AHHH......go away sores 100% please and leave us alone.....
Hi there. It sounds like you are in a lot of pain and fear. I pick my genital area very mildly, but I still feel anxiety wondering if my gynecologist can tell. I know this will take a lot of courage, but I hope you can push through to go see a doctor. Picking and the anxiety associated with it already causes us so much agony. It would be so awful if it also caused you to neglect your physical health. One of my main issues is scalp picking. Going to a hairdresser is a rare, stressful event that takes months of planning for me so I can let some scabs here. The one time I had a good experience was when I took a different approach. I walked into a supercuts, and as I was sitting down I just said very matter of factly that, by the way, I have OCD and I often scratch my scalp. Don't be alarmed if you see evidence of that. To my surprise and gratitude, the stylist went on as normal, and even started chatting to me about other clients he's seen that are hair pullers. I know my anecdote is mild compared to what you are facing, but I share it to make the point that you don't have to apologize to anyone. Gynecologists and hairstylists have no business judging you. If they do, get a different one. (Or, you can schedule a brief appointment just to get to know each other before a different appointment for the actual exam. That way you can see if you feel comfortable with them before you show them anything). You don't have to explain all the issues around your picking, because you are there to have a conversation about your other physical symptoms. Good luck, and Courage!!!!
Thank you for your reponse and for the support Alameda!! I definitely understand your example because I often just avoid getting my hair cut because I'm embarassed by my scalp. Almost always the stylist confronts me about my scalp and I come up with some story (including allergic reaction to a hair product and chemical accident in the lab I work in... pathetic I know). But next time I may try your approach and just tell the truth :) While I am not as embarassed about my scalp as I am my genital area it is still a point of concern and I never let anyone I know touch my scalp. Because of your encouragement I now have a doctor appointment with my PCP tomorrow afternoon (its not the gyno but at least its a start... and we can try to work through my symptoms and run tests as needed). I am going in with the intention of telling my PCP everything, hopefully I remain strong and dont chicken out... thanks again for your support... its great to know that I have people to discuss this with :)
Omigosh, good for you!! Please, tell us how it goes. Hang in there.
soo... i didnt do so well with the whole telling my PCP everything... I did tell her that I was OCD and had anxiety but I left out the part about the skin picking. Grrr... I guess this is a baby step towards where I need to eventually end up. My lab work came back normal, but I think that scares me more now because many cancers do not show anything on a normal CBC (hopefully im worrying for nothing). Also, my lymph nodes are slowly getting bigger (but they are nontender... another indicator that something more than an infection is going on). The nurse I talked to told me that I should just rest and eat well... I love how everyone thinks they know my body better than me (especially family and friends who just keep telling me its stress... yeah everyone loses 15% of their body weight when they don't change their eating habits and stop working out) I don't know... I'll probably stick it out through the weekend and if things still havent changed ill end up back at the doctor and hopefully tell her everything so that maybe she'll order more tests and we can figure out whats wrong
Dude, what you did was not a baby step. It was a really hard thing for you to do, and you still went in! That alone is a really big deal. Good for you!!!! It sounds to me like there are two things going on. One, the anxiety of telling a gyno that you pick. Second is the fear and obstacles to getting the medical attention you need. The picking may or may not impact the overall health issues. It seems like the picking is more a barrier to you being willing to be your own advocate and being willing to keep opening up to a really sensitive issue to Drs until you find one that takes you seriously. I totally agree with your comment about ridiculous it is for someone else to think they know your body better than you do. Drs and nurses may have more technical knowledge about the body, but you are the best person to know about your overall wellness, and identify if something is off. For me, my anxiety issues often leave me having a really hard time determining if it is legitimate for me to be concerned about something, or if it is just the incessessent anxiety spinning around my head. Of course it's impossible for me to comment on what may be going on with your health! But whether it is a serious medical issue or just worrying, I agree that it is worth more than just one doctor's visit to find out!. It's so difficult that the burden can often fall to the patient to not only face their own fears to just go talk to someone, but then have face even more fears by pushing back if you don't get the answer you want. I don't mean to act like some armchair psychologist, but I just feel it's really important to celebrate all the successes you've already achieved by getting this far! I wish you all the courage and comfort in the world as you keep moving on with this.
I agree wholeheartedly with you about celebrating every little stride, Alameda. Thank you for being such a supportive voice in this forum.
Well, its been quite a while since I've been on the site... I've been trying to get my life in order but things are still not great. I have been to quite a few doctors and had lots of testing but still don't know whats wrong (as far as the weight loss and lymph nodes among other symptoms goes). I now have a new PCP and a gastroenterologist but I failed to tell them about the picking. But the good news is that I have selected a gyno from my insurance companies website and I will be calling to make an appointment with them at the beginning of next week. I figure once I have the appointment there is no turning back (since I told myself I was going to tell both the PCP and gastroenterologist (especially him since he was going to be performing a colonoscopy) but I didnt say anything...) because it will be inevitable, they will see the damage no matter what. I need to do this otherwise I will just keep putting it off (and my lymph nodes all over my body are continually getting larger...). I've also looked for a therapist to start behavioral therapy because I have realised that I cannot do this on my own!! so wish me luck as I take this next step!
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