After you feel depressed?

My feels so terrible for me. I'm only 15, and I dunno how can I reduce the effects of my skin picking... I don't use to eat my skin that is so gross for me, sorry... :'( I just know that i do this 'cause i'm realy stressed, and my disturb with attention just turns everything worst! When i pick myself i feel so depressed and sad after... i would like to know if you feel like that too... thanks.

Hey Lara, I'm 15 too. After picking at my skin i feel terrible too. I feel stupid because i could have just stopped myself and didn't and have no one to talk to about feeling helpless like I do. I feel even worse when my parents notice it because they seem so dissapointed or even angry sometimes. I'm angry at myself too. keep your chin up =) keep trying.
Im 16 and i spend hours picking at acne on my chest every night. I cant even look at my chest after Ive done it and i just feel like crying. Im so glad i found this website i thought it was just me! Ive tried creams and tablets over the years, but have now realised its not the acne thats the problem.. its the picking! Hopefully now i can find out why im picking! Good luck to everyone
Sweetie, you're definitely not alone. After I pick, I step back and look at the damage....geez, I take my glasses off during the picking but when I put them back just looks terrible and I feel so depressed after-wards. I'm trying to find a way to stop and I'll let you know if I find anything. I'm close to your age (sixteen), so you're really not alone in this. Take care!
thank you very much! when the classes over i'll try to do different activities for cheering me up like painting, singing lessons, sports, anything that make me feel better maybe it works for you too... kisses
Hey there! I just started a forty-day plan thingy! Check it out, it's on the forum. Yeah, I know that it totally might not work, but at least I'm trying something! Let's get our lives back! Hugs and kisses!
lara, I started picking around twelve and am now 29. I am disappointed as well as relieved every time I pick...which is everyday. Try to get help to find better ways to processyour stress only gets worse.
thanks! :)
and i forgot to say that the doctor that is helping me with my attention disturb and my mom are not sure yet if I have skin picking or not...i have no doubts about it...
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