Mucus eating

I have been a very mild picker for as long as I can remember. I think its herediterary for the most part. My mother is a very strong picker and I have grown up watching her pick everything. Anyway, I have never really found my picking to interfere with my normal life. I pick scabs, acne, cuticles, and my nose, but never to the point of scarring or keeping a wound from healing. I do eat everything I pick though. I will also eat the occasional bit of ear wax or discharge from my nipples (normal waxy stuff, nothing abnormal) Im new to the forums, but Im wondering if anyone else is like me. The weirdest thing I do is I wear my underwear for a couple of days, build up a layer of normal vaginal discharge and then I pick that off my underwear and eat it after it dries. It tastes like boogers and is the same texture. I know this must not be sanitary and I have tried to stop, but if its there, Ill eat it. I just wonder if the eating of everything is related to a dietary issue. I do have a great deal of shame associated with this behavior and have never spoken of it to anyone.

It is completely normal to consume anything that our bodies produce except for your poop. Primates eat the products of their ears, eyes and nose which proves it is natures way. I eat my bogies, ear wax, the sleep out of my eyes in the morning, I lick any wound and consume any blood from it, I eat my nails but only when they get too long, I eat my hairs from my head and body that fall out but that doesnt happen often, I eat my dead or hard dried skin sometimes, I have tried my sperm, I try not too bite the skin in my mouth, around my nails or my lips because it makes them sore, I have eaten blackheads and whitheads but when it comes to that I am more of a squeezer than a picker, Ihave eaten my scabs when I was younger but now I rarely get cuts or scrapes but when I do I urinate on them to heal them faster. And lastly I drink my own urine because it keeps my immune system strong and my skin healthy, Ieven wash my entire body in my urine first thing in the morning and now I dont have any spots to pop and eat lol the urine sermed to clear my skin up. your urine is the fountain of youth, it has been used to cure cancer, arthritis in fact every disease known because our bodies produce antibodies when their is something wrong inside or outside of us so in effect our bodies produce our own medicine and cures. remember urine is not a waste product and urine is in fact our blood which is distilled water filtered and purified by our kidneys to give us a golden drink of pure vitamins and everything we need gor a strong healthy body
I read through all the posts on this particular thread and though I don't eat any of the things some of the people who have posted do, I have always had the habit of picking/biting the skin around my fingernails, frequently until they bleed. One time to the point where one of my fingers got infected, caused two trips to the ER and I nearly lost my finger because of it. However, I am not posting to discuss my own issues, but to give some peace of mind to those who do and for those who do not understand to open their minds. For those who eat their vaginal discharge, this is no different than a girl/guy performing cunnilingus on a female. And even some guys/girls will do this during menstruation. So for those who say it is disgusting, you obviously have not have a healthy or experimental sexual experience. This also goes for seminal fluid and even breast discharge. Who knows what a guy or gal is actually getting out of a nipple they are pleasuring during sexual acts? And this isn't much different from a guy/gal suckling their pregnant girlfriend/wife. And for those who eat boogers and mucus from their nose... EVERYONE IN THE WORLD does this. How do I know? Every time a person "sucks snot" when they are ill and swallows it instead of spitting it out, you are doing the same thing, only internally. You may not be picking your boogers/snot and eating them, but they are still in your mouth and going down your throat just like those who do pick and eat. Just like one of my friends once told me who also had a habit of picking/biting the skin around her fingers, "Our skin is the sweetest meat." I always thought that was the grossest thing I have ever heard, but when you think about it, skin doesn't have much of a taste at all unless it's sweaty, bleeding, or otherwise infected. Yes, these issues probably do stem from some sort of mental illness, however nearly all of the population in the entire world suffers from sort of mental illness, no matter how mild or severe. But as you all have seen, you are not alone in this battle, and though society does tend to shame those who participate in these types of behaviors (and pretty much any type of behavior society cannot understand or is willing to admit they participate in themselves), when you have to hide what you do or become ashamed to do it, then you are ready to seek help for it. Like I have told my own son who picks and eats his boogers, if you have to hide it, then you know it's wrong. However, being wrong and being ready to get help does not necessarily mean it is easy. If you want to stop bad enough, you will do everything in your power to make it happen. Otherwise, take heart in knowing everyone in the world has at least one disgusting habit (disgusting by societal standards) that they either admit to doing or hide from the world. You are not alone.
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I eat my dog's scabs. I love the taste and can't wait til the sore heals a little bit so I can pick that salty blood taste. I love the texture too. No I'm not joking. Maybe I'm iron deficient - but I do love the taste.
I read everyone post and I can say I used to pick on my nose, scabs, bite on my dead skin on my finger nails and eating them and lick under my nails from young age. I kept on doing it till my late 20s. With that I noticed I was always hungry and I notice in my poop a bacteria since my hands were always dirty and in my mouth. When I saw that I stopped entirely. I wash my hands constantly and hygeine freak. I read stories about bacteria that it can cause a lot of problems. Yes its a habit that nothing to be ashame of. But seeing something moving in ur poop made me think twice and completely stop.
I would like to say to all of those who are looking to quit their picking habits. I hope this helps; your body has natural ways of removing pollutants, irritants, and toxins through body fluids and secretions. By picking and ingesting what is purposefully expelled means you are reintroducing these pollutants, toxins, and irritants back into your body. Nose mucus contains bacteria, pathogens, etc that your body is removing in order to keep you from getting sick. Whiteheads are bacteria, sebum, and dead white blood cells that are supposed to leave your body. I can't say the same for cuticles and nails BUT those things are natural barriers keeping out harmful and foreign bacteria and fungus. Next time you pick, just remember that you are turning against your natural system and could get yourself sick beyond belief. I wish you all the best of luck and getting yourself healthier. To those who say it is okay to taste what your body MAY be right. Usually though, you can sense something is wrong just by smell alone. Have a great day all
then why do primates pick their ears and noses and eat it if it is harmful??? i will tell you why, because it is actually helpful and makes your immune system very strong i eat my bogies, ear wax, my hairs from my head and body that fall out which doesnt happen often, dead skin, the sleep out of my eyes in the morning, drink my own urine and if i have a cut i immediately lick the wound. eating these things helps our bodies decode the information to see if there is anything wrong with our bodies and then creates antibodies which come out in our urine which is why i drink it. only thing i dont eat are my poo and my sperm and i also eat my nails but only when they get too long
Wow. I totally feel so much better about myself knowing I'm not alone. I am a nail biter and nose picker since before I can remember. I developed trich during my late teens after my first serious run in with depression/anxiety. I was diagnosed with ADD shortly thereafter. I bite nails when I'm bored or during "brain engaged, body off" activities like reading or watching movies. I like to chew and eat the skin as well as the nails. I love the taste of my boogers. They're salty and sweet. My trich is isolated to one spot on the right side of my scalp toward the back. I pull the hair and pick the spot. Sometimes I make it bleed so there will be a scab to pick off. I don't eat the scab but I love to examine it. I use sharp objects to pick at it sometimes. I also love sniffing my own feminine odor. Especially on freshly worn underwear. I haven't the faintest idea why I enjoy it so much. But I do. I also love to pick black heads. Black heads are so satisfying. I just collect a small pile of my pickings and stare at it. Admiring it.
rachel,i get you competly i even do the kinkers thing too. its never affected me . i pick and eat scabs,snot,discarge,warts,coldsores,dryskin pretty much anything i know if you ask someone on the street if they do this they'll say euk! no never. but everyone's done one of these thing's at one point in there life. but don't go over board girl . you don't want to hurt your self =]but, it's like eating nutella with a spoon you just can't help it. hope it helps, lovemedd =]
Hi. I've been a picker and eater of a long long time. I used to pick my nose and eat it but I only do that once in a while. since I've developed eczema on my palms I love to let the blisters dry into round little scabs and I can peel little circles of skin from my palms. Because it has the dried serum fluid from the blisters in the center, chewing on it is so satisfying. It is the only thing I pick and chew consistently
OMG!!! I can't believe all of this. I swear, I am 55 years old and I thought I was the only one for so long. I'm going to read through all of the replies. Nobody admits to this. You are all so brave. I'll be back.
I have done the following: 1) eaten my boogers 2) eaten the secretions from my eyes 3) eaten skin from my feet 4) eaten skin from my lips 5) eaten vaginal secretions 6) eaten pus from my zits 7) drank my piss 8) licked my poop once I don't do this anymore.
lol dont eat poop but do drink your urine and eat everything else your body produces because it strengthens your immune system and heals your body. primates pick and eat their ears, eyes and noses so it cant be wrong, it is nature
as a sophmore in highschool, reading through these comments makes me feel like i am no longer alone. for the past few years, i have secretly dealt with severe depression and recently anorexia. i have always eaten. always. for as long as i can remember. i remember trying to avoid my family while doing it when i was little. i also struggle from anxiety attacks and the picking gets really bad during and around each episode. the skin around my fingernails is worn down and scabbed over. ive always picked at and eaten all of my cuticles, feet and hands. the skin on my feet is really thick, and i love to pick at that. ive also gotten into the habit of plucking the hair from my nostrils, eyebrows, eyelashes, and scalp. i pick at my scalp. ive done everything i can see in these comments before me, and while im not proud and i avoid people while doing it, i dont think i could ever change. i think ive used it as a part of my anorexia because while i am eating, cannot possible gain any weight because im eating the weight off myself. i love the taste of skin and im addicted to sucking at my own blood. it does get a little messy when that time of the month comes around (Im a girl). i just love the release feeling i get after i get my fingernail under a scab. ive even used toilet paper to help cuts clot faster, then i eat the blood ridden paper. because i have to be super careful about the state of my teeth because i am genetically missing two teeth and i have bridges, i stopped chewing for the most part at my nails, and they usually look fine, but i eat the top layer when it peels off and i cannot stand hangnails. whenever i am alone, reading a book, watching tv, doing anything, im always picking at my ears, my nose, my pimples, earwax, the oil on my face, anything. i cannot stand the feeling of my oily face and i end up scraping my forehead and nose and chin over and over to get rid of tiny pimples and i eat whatever i find under my nails, skin, dirt, anything. i dont have like normal ocd, and my room is a pigs sty, but this is like anxiety driven, and with two ap classes and all advanced looming over my shoulder along with hours of extra curricular activities, im always booked and always stressed, and i feel like i cannot escape this because wherever i go, my skin is always there. ive grown accustomed to using my fingernails to scrape dead skin off of any surface and eat that, and when i get sweaty, it really builds up on my palms and my feet and my cleavage. im just one super messed up person with one super f*cked up life, but it is really good to know im not alone.
Hey, listen to me. When I was little, I was shamed for biting my nails and picking my nose. My aunt told me that I would get nosebleeds from picking my nose. But now that I'm older, and I have been trained as an evolutionary biologist and been a mom to two boys, I want to tell everyone that is not a disease or problem, unless you are doing something so excessively that you are actually hurting yourself. It is normal to want to taste everything about yourself, because that is a primary way for us to gather information about ourselves. If eating your own boogers or puss or pimples or scabs or vaginal fluids or seminal emissions or whatever, actually hurt you in some way, then you should try to stop. Why shouldn't we touch or taste ourselves? It is a good way to notice if you're experiencing a bacterial or yeast infection. Men and women often enjoy their partners' fluids, right? Even find them sexy. Otherwise, it is only society wanting to force us human animals to behave in an unnatural manner, imposing shame for perfectly normal behaviors. Just see how shameful it is for people to even fart or belch. A lot of older women and men have trouble with incontinence to some degree, and it isn't their FAULT, just a natural part of getting older, but they still feel very ashamed for their loss of control. It is unfortunately that we are so ashamed, that we can't even acknowledge that some things don't need to be controlled, and shouldn't have to be. Try to learn to be comfortable with your urges and just let them be private. If people don't want to see you do it, and it doesn't have to happen in public, then no big deal. If anyone makes a comment, stand up for yourself and let them know that is a natural grooming and information gathering impulse that hurts no one. Almost all animals engage in self-grooming involving some eating/picking/licking/smelling, if not extensively, and we might be better connected with our health and fitness if we did more of it for ourselves and our loved ones. Grooming each other is primal to social intimacy, which is very important, and it is so sad that in our society many of us have to visit and pay "professionals" to get this done nowadays. Then when the massage or pedicure is over, we go home and that moment of professional intimacy was wasted in a way, because it contributed none at all to making stronger bonds between you and your family and friends.
best comment I have read in this thread so far, everything you wrote is true.
If it affects a persons life to the point of not being able to interact normally or feel comfortable and at ease around people, feeling so ashamed or that you can't talk to anyone or that it is such an extreme issue then a person should either see a doctor because their may be underlying medical issues, talk to a professional because there may be disorders that they can't control or shut down to where they can have a productive or enjoyable life. The other thing.. as a person with a lot of health issues I have to be on a lot of medications and some that are high risk medications that leave me with very little immune system.. it would be extremely dangerous for me (with everything that is being said and done) if even with normal daily interaction I was unaware and passed bacteria, parasites, infection, mucus, blood etc and that can be done many ways but especially if you are intimate with someone or date, kiss etc and they are unaware of your situation and what all you do (how mild or how severe) and what you could be passing to them. That is a health hazard for anyone but it is dangerous if someone has health issues. So for that reason they have a right to know (especial if you're intimate) and if they don't care or aren't concerned about risks then that is their choice but for them not to know.. that isn't right and can be dangerous. I completely understand a medical condition and realize it is a medical condition.. I think for the persons health and well being and anyone they are with they should talk to a doctor first (nothing to be ashamed of.. doctors hear everything and nothing is shocking or no one needs to feel ashamed. There is usually an answer or a condition..) But PLEASE think about your health and the health of the people you may expose or the person you are with. People that don't have health issues may not think it's a big deal but I give myself shots every week along with a lot of medications for arthritis, fibro and other health issues and I have to be careful around my own daughter cause even a cold can be dangerous and some things can be fatal. I think about not knowing and if someone didn't tell me and knew how dangerous exposing me to bacteria, mucus, blood.. parasites, everything has bacteria and germs but you can really carry some dangerous or harmful things. If you don't realize it research what all is in what you are eating, putting in your mouth, what all is under your fingernails, in your nose, hair, ears, genitals, feet etc just research what all you can carry then digest..
Thank you so much for that intelligent, thoughful, forgiving statement. I'm sure you helped many people who read it.
Hi I know this is an older post, but I am 19 years old. I've struggled with scab picking, I like to put peroxide on the open wounds afterwards. And I always eat the scabs, I will pick at my scalp and eat what's under my nails, I eat my boogers, I chew on my cheeks, lips, and tounge until it bleeds and then rinse my mouth with peroxide to feel the burning sensation. I like to eat my whiteheads and blackheads, and eat the dirt under my nails and toenails. I'll scratch the dead skin inside and behind my ears and eat it, and also eat the skin around my nails. My mom knows about some of this but not to the extent I do it. I really thought I was weird. But at least know you're not weird, and I can know I'm either.
I do the same as you. It started in my mid-teens. I am now 43. I am disgusted with myself. Wish I could stop, but I really enjoy eating the whiteheads and scabs, much I hate admitting so. I also have trichotillomania, bipolar and add. I'm a mess.
Hello fellow pickers, picas!! We have always been ashamed of our behavior! (I bite my nails,when I'm stressed till they bleed, eat everything skin/snot/earwax wise, wearing false nails helps me I still chew on the falsies just harder to break,not great for my teeth.Anyway just wanted to let you all know something.WE ARE ANIMALS! Ever watched animal planet and seen monkeys grooming themselves or others? They all eat their boogers,and scabs,flees,ticks and the skin that comes with it. Ever seen a dog with a cone around their necks? Because it is INSTINCT,to lick and pick with their teeth at their wound. Ever seen a anxious cat groom itself till its fur falls out and pull on its nails. My point is we are not disgusting we are human animals who suffer from various forms of anxiety /depression,mild OCD or ADD.YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF! Talk to your Dr if you want treatment.As you can see you are far from alone.:D
Hello I am a fifteen year old girl who is (not to offend anyone who enjoys these habits) suffering from most of the mentioned compulsions. All my life I have been a nose picker and booger eater (earliest memory of this habit being five years old) and was just recently able to stop myself from biting my nails. As the years went by and I hit puberty I fell into new habits such as; tasting my own vaginal discharge and eating puss from pimples anywhere on my body. If I am alone I cannot help touching my face and picking at pimples. I have enough self control not to create too bad of scabs and I know that I do not have nearly as bad of acne as I did when I was thirteen. Sometimes I find comfort in these activities but most of the time I am embarrased, or frustrated at my lack of self-control. I do not want embrace these habits or diss on any of you open people. I just want help. I am about to confess some of theres habits with my mom and boyfriend, I know or am at least sure that all of these habits stem from a lack of self control. Please feel free to give me any advice
I stumbled upon this conversation after a google search on 'picking and eating pimples'. As a teenager I've had acne ranging over my face, chest and back. I also have Rosacea - basically I blush really easily. My pimples used would aggressive red or bloody from the amount of popping and picking I would do and pretty soon I started eating the puss. Since then, I still eat all the puss from pimples that I get now, I often pick the grit out under my fingernails and eat it, i pick at the skin on the sides of my nails and rip it off with my teeth. I chew my lips dry and occasionally clean my ears with my finger and taste the only outer ear wax. When in the right mood I have tasted my own cum. I try to keep to my habit at home, but occaisionally my family see and mostly glance away or tell me to stop biting my nails (heard that all my life from my Step-Mother!) Reading peoples posts, I didn't even realise it was a thing and I guess its nice to know.
Thank you so much for being so honest and posting. I feel so much better knowing that I am not alone. I do or have tried variations of everything you do. Just, omg I am not alone. I am so happy that you shared. Truly, thank you.
Hello, first time here. Thought I'd post becausecI just realized my habits. Ever since I was little, I've picked at my scabs and ate them, I've had dandruff and ate whats under my nails after I run them through my hair, I've also eaten my boogers and now as I'm older, I realize I pop my pimples, eat the puss, and eat my black and whiteheads I have always been very ashamed of it and this is the first time I'm open about it. Now I know I'm not the only one. I want to quit so bad, but its very hard. And I don't want any counseling or anything. I'm very weirded out by this realization.
You and I are completely alike. I have been picking my big toe caullouses (and munching o the skin) since I was a child, along with eating bogers. I know ay habit is shared by other people, but I would never think another woman eats her discharge like I do. This really bothesr me, but those 2 are big big secrets that only a few people know about (the toe, not the discharge), but I've picked up picking at my LIPS (face, not vagina) and it's awful. I look like I have herpes when I'm disease free and just feel awful about it. Thank you for psting this. I signed up JUST to comment and let you know you're not alne.
I'm so glad I found this site. I've been a puller (hair) aka trichotillomaina but in the last 2-3 months it has moved to other parts. I pick at my scalp and sometimes my pimples... It grosses me out personally (no hate on anyone who does) but I don't know how to stop. I've been living in denial for so long that it's taken me about 2 years to even look up what I've been doing to myself!! and now I'm really freaked out that I might have Rapunzel Syndrome or something..anyways, this is a great place to vent, I'm so happy I'm not alone, I can now have support in taking steps to end this. Thank you all.
So glad to know I'm not the only picker/eater out there! I've been biting my nails (and chewing them until they're dissolved) as well as picking my nose and eating the boogers for as long as I can remember. The nail biting/chewing came from my dad, he actually has my mom save her nails after she clips them for him to chew, I don't go so far as that, I only chew my own. The nose picking came from my mom, but I don't do it in front of anybody. When I was in high school and had pimples, I would pop those and eat the heads if it was hard. I also enjoy popping my boyfriend's pimples, but I don't eat his just my own.
I do have a problem I do pick scabs on my scalp face and body and eat them I also have picked my nose untill it is scabby and infected inside my nostrils. I fear I may have carried something from my scalp to my nostrils because they are sore swollen and scabby inside. No one knows nor is it visible but my scalp has several scabs especially one very painfull even pussy one on the back of my neck in my hair line which weeps into my hair yet I still can not leave it alone. I scratch the oil of my face and scalp and scrape it from under my nails with my teeth I scratch the plaque off my teeth and eat it. I do not look like the scabby nose picking type but I am and I want to stop I am 45 and it seems to be getting worse every year. I do not want my girls to pick up this habit and I would hate my husband or friends to realise. Does anyone know why this happens if it is a primitive habit or a nervous disorder. Also is any one else suffering pain from the scabs on their scalp.
Hi, first time poster! I have been like this for as long as I can remember, started with nose picking but it is like I have an obsession with mucus now! I have tried to stop but this has never worked I'm now trying to embrace this behaviour quality. Just interested as to whether you guys think there is a reason behind us doing this? I've been asked by some friends before if it relates to something that happened in my childhood which I think could be the case...
I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be rude, I understand its a desiese, ya really disgusting one for that matter, but pick what u want to pick! But that one user who said she picks at her 7month old baby! Now that's sick! U get turned on cleaning her nose and ears! That's disgusting! U need help! And ur child needs to be taken away from u!! What comes next!!!!?????
Do you struggle with this condition? If you don't and you're just browsing, please, walk a mile in our shoes and then say those things. It is really hard to stop, and we pick mostly because were upset. I'm sure tons of us get plenty of teasing about our skin. Don't add to the stress. Thank you.
These postings provide me to stop eating boogers. I thought that this behaviour is normal. However it's not. Thanks everyone that I'm not alone.
Hello! Ok #1..... To the rude and inconsiderate ones, IF WE DISGUST YOU, STOP READING AND MOVE ALONG! No need to judge and be hateful! We have to live with that enough in the real world already. #2..... So glad I'm not alone! I also have trichotillomania as well as dermotillomania. I'm 234 days pull free though so yay! I too eat my pimples and boogers. My mom has caught me occasionally and it's embarrassing but I don't even realize I'm doing it sometimes. :-/ Take care everyone and try your best to ignore the haters. YOU ARE LOVED!
Thank you all for posting, I'm sitting here crying because I always thought I was alone. Recently at the dermatologist I the doctor quickly said, "Well you obviously have OCD" and just left it at that. I have always felt embarrassed and alone, Recently the picking has gotten so bad that I have scars down my leg. I pick my nose and eat it, I eat my scabs, my nails are chewed down to nothing and I make my toenails bleed I bite them and peel them so low. I got here by accident after clicking a recipe on pintrest and I think now that I have information I'll have more confidence in stopping. I'm a teacher so my students always see my hands which makes me so nervous on interviews, and I've been taking acne medication again to help stop breakouts because I pick my face less when it's not broken out, but that makes me go for scabs instead. I'm just so happy that I'm not alone.
Hello everyone? This is my first time on here. I eat boogers, I use to eat snot. I like to eat the clot that comes when your nose bleeds. I to eat scabs fingernails and toenails the skin around them. That's disgusting. Eating vaginal discharge is super disgusting, at least from like a health perspective. I don't mean to judge, I'm just saying.
BillyOB, Please be aware of the way in which you say things, Its not a nice feeling to be told what you do is 'disgusting', Fair enough you have the right to say what ever you like, but Please consider other peoples feelings, You may not understand why people do the things they do, these people have obviously come here to ask for help, advise, or even just to get something off there chest that they feel they can no longer keep to them self, these sorts of things are fragile and you need to be more considerate of peoples feelings. I personally dont understand why you do the things you do, But I'm not judging you, I never would. I most certinally would never make you feel horrible about it. If you would like someone to talk to or you are asking for advise, or even have some helpful ways of overcoming these things that people wish to stop then by all means do so, but if you just registered here to tell people there 'disgusting' please dont, because this is a place where people can open up and get help when they feel at a loss of what to do. I am by no means having a go, just looking out for peoples feelings. :)
Yes, BillyOB should really evaluate his own post--from another person's perspective what he does is "disgusting" I'm sure. Keep the judgment away from skinpick!! :)
hi, this is crazy. i can't believe how many people r on here. i do the same thing. fucking EVERYTHING. its been such a problem since i was a kid. the only people that really know about it are my close family. iv honestly been in self denial for such a long time. the worst i pick and eat is my dandruff. i just cant stop scratching my head and eat what i find under my fingernails. theres something so comforting about it. however i can keep the picking of everything else under control, and wait until I'm alone so no one can see me. its only recently that I've been able to admit it to myself. I'm even too embarrassed to admit this to my therapist. i know i have a mental disorder. and I'm on medication. but it doesn't change the picking. the only reason I've really realized I'm not alone is that i just caught my boyfriend of 2 years picking off some dead skin from his foot and eating it. i was like WTF. and he froze, wide eyed. but i couldn't help laughing because i did the same thing. we both pick and eat scabs, any dead skin and boogers. but he does tend to chew on his fingers a lot too. however I'm better at hiding it than he is. so i wanted to look this up cuz i was wondering wtf is wrong with us?? im 19 right now. i have really pretty hair. I'm really worried that i will go bald with how much i pick at my scalp. I've been able to stop before, but never longer than a month. because when i run my fingers through my hair i can't help but just notice something. & once i start i can't stop.
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I think this is very gross but if it is a habit I say you should not eat the stuff in your underwear and on your nipples just wipe it off with a kleenex or a baby wipe.your face just try to annoy it and your nose pick it out with a klenex and throw it away.Hope this helps! ;) Peace,love and cupcakes!
It is not that simple. Generally, speaking we pickers are dealing with much deeper issues that manifest themselves in these habits. Or, as some have pointed out, getting back to our evolutionary "basics." Your comments are actually very judgmental and frustrating to read, even though I know you don't intend them to be. If it were as easy as you seem to think it is based on your "advice" this forum wouldn't exist.
Ladies and Gents!!! I'm soooo glad I found you guys!! I have had this habit for a long time I'm 28 now but I can't remember a time I wasn't picking something and eating it!! I slowly found out that everyone else wasn't doing it.. So I had to sneak and do it.. My BF caught me with a scab in my teeth nibbling away.. He said what's that! I said huh nothing! I think he has caught me more than that and just hasn't said anything.. I'm always in my nose!! Oh well I'm not going to stop. It's my boogers scabs mucus vaginal fluid and whatever else I pick and eat!! And like it.. Thanks everyone for sharing!! We need to have a club or group!! But I live in Hawaii who else is here..? Im excited I found y'all!! Love picklick.
me too. I'm sure my husband has caught me picking either my scalp or my nose and chewing it. He's never said anything and I try to be very discreet but in 33 years, I'm sure he's caught me. I have always thought it was the sickest habit and I'm so glad to find all you people doing the same thing. I almost feel normal.
Wow, you guys have some crazy mental problems. It's so crazy I had to go out of my way and register just to say something. Never in my life of surfing the internet have people's words made me gag. Some of you guys are fucking disgusting. Please, I urge the people that pick and EAT their putrid discharge to go see a doctor. Wow, I just can't get over how disgusting this is. Eating your own pussy blood? And other dried vaginal discharge? What the hell. This is a joke, right? Sadly I know it isn't.
People get really upset about their skin picking.there is no reason to add to their picking. These people and I pick because were upset. Don't add to it. Please. Walk a mile in our shoes, and then comment.
Loroseth, wow, you need to get a life!! How petty and childish are you to register for this forum just to post a spiteful and hateful comment? You must have so much free time on your hands, perhaps you should do something positive with it!
please like the previous replyer said be nice. not all of us are the same there are various dermotillomania symptoms like how i have skin picking problems pls keep your vulgar comments to urself.... i had to comment just to say so. and you seem not to be not too good in vocab seeing all the vulgarities u used i know people use this but honestly, here where people are sharing some of the secrets they have tried to keep hidden from their families and offering friendly insight is just too much and anoying . for our sake including yours pick up a dictionary. this is a fun friendly place act like you got some common sense. and please dont grammar nazi me your english fails much worst . Thankyou,
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