im 15 years old and have been picking since i was 6. i have scars everywhere and i pick everywhere my face my arms my legs. when i was eight i caught a staff infection in my right ankel because of my picking. i was in the hospital for 2months. my leg almost had to be amputated but thankfully the doctor saved. the surgery did however affect my growth. but there no complaining about my hieght im 5"2 which is pretty average. after my stay in the hospital i had to be homeschooled for another month and had a home iv for three. i also hadto relearn to walk. my first day back to school the kids wound up pushing mee off the playground because they said i walked funny. i stayed out of school until i could walk normaly. i dont hate myself and im not stressed but im starting to hate the way my body looks. im a little chunky and im fine with that but my scars feel like they ward people off. when i was frst diagnosed theyre were only really two treatments riddlen and therepy where u were put under extreeam stess. my mom decided not to put me into either wich i thank her for but i hate having to explain cps to people they dont always get it. highschool is propably the worst place for me right now, i hide my scars most days because at the begining of the school year a teacher told the nurse he thought my parent were putting ciggarets out on me. my has Pips with is physcological induced pain so i dont like to stress her out and i dont want burden her with my problem so i was wondering if anyone had any advice

you sound very knowledgeable about your history and the medical implications of csp. it couldn't hurt to read through the information on all the menus on this site and there is a huge online book on .... you haven't asked a specific question so maybe through reading that information and then reading through the topics posted by everyone here you will either find out the advice you seek or will be able to be more specific about what you want advice on. it's great that you're seeking advice and no doubt you will appreciate the information available.
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