why do i eat my scabs?

I have been picking at my scabs and biting my fingernails/cuticles for as long as I can remember. I have always ate my fingernails and the skin around them, now i eat the scabs i pick too. Where ever i can find something to pick on my body, i will eat it. I will pick at anyone that will let me; their scabs, pimples, nails, dead skin, etc. But i have recently started eating my boyfriend's too. I only eat his and mine.... it's still gross, but i can't stop! I used to hide the eating part from him but now he knows that i do it. He is grossed out by it too, but we both know it's obviously a problem so he's not mean to me about it. Everyone that knows me knows i pick, but i hide the eating part from everyone but my boyfriend because it's embarrassing and disgusting. However that is not enough to make me stop. I constantly have visible sores all over me and plenty of scars from it too. My nails are also embarassing and so not pretty. I want to stop picking/ eating to stop the damage and scarring..... but i don't really want to stop picking/ eating because i like doing it. It's almost satisfying in a way. I have been diagnosed with anxiety, OCD and depression, but again i feel this is a seperate issue. Do you have any advice answers or anything that could help me?

read as much as you can about dermatillomania on this site and on stoppickingonme.com and you'll find out a lot of information about it. also read the topic about denial on this site. it is very much a part of why people continue doing something they know is harmful and disgusting.
I do the same thing, the only person that i have told about the eatin however is my mom, and she told me she does the same thing too. I wonder if this is herriditary? I recently bought the book from this site and I am very excited to read it. If it is helpful i will let you know!
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