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There are a lot of people suffering from compulsive skin picking who are looking for answers. Some find what they're looking for on, other websites and forums dedicated to the topic, or books about skin piking. However a lot of people don't find exactly what they're looking for, due to the particularity of their case or any other reason. Plus, not all are ready or willing to get professional help for skin picking.

We decided to help by giving people the opportunity to ask questions about their condition and receive expert advice from a professional.

Hopefully we will help many people just by answering their question. A broader goal is to compile a list of Q&A, which on itself will be very informative and helpful not just to people who send in the questions, but to all readers.

Dr. Ted Grossbart, a known expert on CSP and related disorders, will answer your questions.

To submit a question please visit this page.

Answers will be posted about once a week on this page.

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