Ever since the day I was born, I started to suck my thumb. I noticed that as I grew older it was an embarrassing habbit and i was ashaimed of myself infront of my friends. By the age of twelve i stopped sucking my thumb and started ot bite my nails. After I realized that that also was a disgusting habbit, I started to chew the skin around my thumbs. I didn't think that my knuckles would blister as bad as they did and my ring finger on my right hand was also badly blistered as well. Recently I have noticed that the skin is looking even more unusual than normal. I immidiatly became conserned and went online to find that other people do it as well. This biting habbit has been running through my family and I want to stop to save my fingers from infection!!! I believe that I have the will power to stop like I stopped sucking my thumb and biting my nails. I just hope that there will be no other OCD's after chewing my fingers and I can stop this ongoing addiction with these odd and embarrassing habbits.

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