ingrown hairs around my eyebrows

I'm 30 year old and have picked skin and hairs all my life, but it escalated severely about 4 years ago, and it's taking over my life!!!! It started when I was 14, I reshaped my eyebrows- picked out most of the outer parts and used an eyebrow pencil for the rest. I am a perfectionist and it was timeconsuming to "make" new eyebrows each morning, but I did for years to come and still do. I only had to pluck a few stray hairs, but they never caused any trouble. For about 5 years ago I got sick of painting my eyebrows and got a cosmetic tattoo, had to go back 3 times to fill in and I still wasn't satisfied, they didi a bad job I thing, uneven and different shapes/placements, so I hade to keep filling my eyebrows anyways to make them look alike. For some reason I started to grow more hair around my eyebrows (under and in between) and I started to pluck every stray here, and ofcourse my skin did not like this and got red and irritated. Today I am wondering if I only imagined those hairs, or if the tattoing somehow activated dorment follicles to start producing more hair. Hair that got thicker and harder to pluck each time, and over time they started to become ingrown and caused ugly bumps around my eyebrows, and so it has been these last years. I can't decide whether my skin/follicles caused the problem, or if I did it to myself. Now my skin in dry and flaky and I have scabs from wounds, scabs that I ofcourse must peel off.... I've tried IPL at home and that hasn't helped so far. It's frustrating to see a hair trying to come through my dry skin, creating a bump.. I just have to get it out!!!! So when one is out I move on the next, cause there is always a next. I have had periods where the skin has been ok and I thought I'd never pick again, but then comes a bump, and the hairs are so thick it's almost impossible to get it our so I have to dig it out. Not so nice. And then comes the anxiety and shame over ehat I've done to myself. I have to cover the skin up with make up so be able to go out and to go to work, but at the end of teh day the makeup is dry and a scab is being formed and sometimes it starts to bleed and I can't take it anymore. I've called in sick several times this last year, beacuse I can't show myself. I work in a department store, spots in my face and customers all day long, and I just take a deep breath each day and try to hide my skin. It's not easy, being so close to the eyes. and I KNOW people see how disgusting my skin is. I've tried all types of ingrown hair solutions, moisturizers, topical treatments, band aids, vitamins and oils and desinfectants and make up brands and U name it. my skin is so damaged and dry and red so that a hair has no way of getting out withour causing irritation. I am obsessed with my skin beeing smoth, so the least irregurality makes me go crazy with the tweezer. I been able to hold up for a day or two but when I'm alone in my bathroom under the lamp, I know I'm doomed. Also I have bdd, so I CAN'T go out without makeup, I must look in the mirror at some point of the day. I feel my life slipping away over a little thing that's taken over my life. What to do??????

You described my situation perfectly! Ever since I began plucking my eyebrows they have been a mess. I have tendencies to pick every bump I feel because I like having my skin smooth as well. After I started plucking, I noticed I would run my fingers along the bottom of my eyebrows. Every time I feel a new hair poking through I have a VERY strong urge to pluck it. The skin under my eyebrows is red, dry, and scabbed... I always wondered how normal people pluck because it doesn't seem to matter what I do, I always get a few red bumps after I pluck. I have tried everything to prevent these bumps, but they always end up popping up. Ever since my severe acne went away I've managed to stay away from the rest of my face for the most part, but how do I stay away from my eyebrows when I have to keep them up? I have a feeling I would still have the same problem if I waxed. I wouldn't dare wax now though because the skin is so damaged I'd worry about it just ripping off. I have missed so many days of school and work over this, not to mention social occasions. I swear that ever since I started plucking the hairs have gotten so much thicker and abnormal. They never grow with my brow line and I just don't know what to do! I have been thinking a lot lately and if I can get my eyebrows healed by July I think I'm just going to start electrolysis treatment. From what I've read it will cost around $45/half an hour session and will probably take 10-20 sessions. I may not have a lot of money right now (I'm a broke nursing student), but to me it is worth it. I keep going through a cycle of having red marks, then they dry up, then they start to flake off (and my skin looks better), but then I have to pluck, and then I get the red bumps, and then I pick... and so on! I just want the hairs that are bothering me to disappear and never come back!
It has been about a year when this suddenly started happening to me as well! Its a nightmare and I am also in search to how to fix this because I rarely even leave the house from having to pile on concealers and such which still I look a mess! This is the first search I have done for this and your article was the first I have read. If I can find a cure I will post it here. Its nce to know that it is not just me cause I have felt like it was seeing this is so odd and random and terrible.
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