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Skinpick is an online resource and community, for people who suffer from the Excoriation Disorder (aka Dermatillomania or Compulsive Skin Picking). We offer treatment and information services for the skin picking community.

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"Do I have Dermatillomania?" - we created this online assessment tool to help you get a better idea of whether or not you exhibit signs of Dermatillomania and if you do, how severe they are.

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Our Flagship Product: Online Therapy Program for Compulsive Skin Picking.

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Live online counseling with one of our experts, via online video.

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The complete guide to compulsive skin picking disorders.

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Monitoring App

Self-monitoring App – A Free Tool to Monitor Your Skin Picking Behaviors.

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Free Services & Tools

Skin Picking Test

Online tool to assess the sevirity of your skin picking behaviors.

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Here you can tell your story, ask questions, and support others who have same compulsions as you do.

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We publish a popular blog with news and updates on everything that has to do with skin picking and related disorders.

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Article Base

Visit the info section, where you'll learn about skin picking, its symptoms, causes, treatment, similar disorders and more.

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Therapist Directory

We maintain a list of treatment providers who treat compulsive picking disorders.

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Ask the Expert

Visit our "Ask the Expert" page, where you will find answers (by Dr. Ted Grossbart) to commonly asked questions about skin picking.

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Are you a Therapist?

If you're a licensed mental health professional, and you have experience in treating the excoriation disorder, this section is for you.

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