Client Reviews

When asking our clients for feedback, we ask these two questions:

  1. How do you sum up your experience with the program and was it beneficial?
  2. Would you recommend it to others who suffer from excoriation disorder?

Here are the replies we get:

This has been a beneficial experience. Thanks to your knowledge and feedback to raise awareness and clarity in me. With the guidance I have delved into areas of my life that had bounced around in my thinking/feeling world. These thoughts are a bit more orderly now, less emotions attached to the people and events. The one to one writing is a good way to communicate and do therapy. I could focus more on my thoughts/feelings, without the distraction of face to face communication and at the times that suited me, like late at night or whenever was a good time to get into this. I have more control over my urges to pick, my pimples are not a ‘big’ thing anymore, though they haven’t completely gone, I can leave them alone more and this will be ongoing with my determination. I understand my behaviour more now.

Past client, finished the program in April 2021

My experience was very positive and helped me get to the root cause of this bad habit. I found the sessions helpful and insightful. I feel I have been given resources and strategies to manage this issue. I would recommend this to anyone else struggling with skin picking.

Past client, finished the program in February 2021

Overall I found the program to be beneficial because it helped me better understand why I pick which has helped me reduce my picking. I would recommend the program because it provides support and realistic approaches. I've tried many methods of reducing my picking and this program has been the most helpful.

Past client, finished the program in January 2021

I would recommend the Skin Pick program to anyone fed up with the behaviour and who is willing to commit to themselves to having an honest look under the hood, to unpack what is happening in their lives, what their behaviour is trying to tell them, and be willing to give themselves compassion and acceptance, and willing to take even small steps toward healing. My life has been changed through this program and I am no longer a skinpicker because of understanding the reasons why I was doing it and changing those things.

Past client, finished the program in December 2020

The program is very well founded - and the only one of its kind for skin picking. It provided me with valuable tools and, moreover, I now have a much better understanding of my behavior and of myself as a person. My therapist has helped me identify many underlying issues. All of this is a good basis for reducing the behavior of skin picking. When using the the program you should make some weekly time for it.

Past client, finished the program in November 2020

1. My experience with SkinPick was phenomenal. My skin picking before this program had plagued me for over 10+ years, and through their program I have gained valuable knowledge and skills to help work through my urges and understand why I pick my skin. It was seriously a breakthrough! I now know and understand why I have the urge to pick, but now I have the tools to help me work through these feelings and put my energy to doing more productive things. I now spend a A LOT less time picking my skin than I ever did before this program. I seriously think this program has/is going to change my life and the way I look at picking my skin! 2. YES! I would absolutely recommend this program to someone who is also struggling with skin picking. It is seriously worth the money, as your therapist really helps you pull back the curtains and understand why this behavior is happening, and provides you with great tools to help overcome this. My therapist was great and always wanted to help and provide ways to aid me through this process that has been a habit for me for almost half my life. This program will seriously change the way you look at picking your skin, and help you work through the thoughts and feelings of skin picking so you can change the behavior. Anyone who has problems with skin picking should try this program!

Past client, finished the program in November 2020

My experience with the program was extremely positive. I learned many practical techniques for helping reduce the behavior and addressed many underlying issues from past experiences that I had never considered before. I've done in-person talk therapy with a licensed councilor before, and in my opinion this program was more beneficial because the prompts were very specific to skin picking and my skin pick therapist was extremely responsive. I would (and have already!) recommend the program to anyone struggling with skin picking.

Past client, finished the program in October 2020

The program was beneficial to me as I learned to think about skin picking differently. Picking is something I have lived with for a very long time, and I suspect it will continue to be a part of my life. The program prompted me to reflect on and practice approaches to have a healthier mentality overall. While I had hoped this program would help me stop picking entirely, it has helped me have tools to reduce my reliance on picking as an emotional outlet. I would consider that a success. I would recommend this program to someone else who is looking for help with the behavior. And I would encourage them that regular participation is really important.

Past client, finished the program in October 2020

My experience was beneficial because it helped me explore my triggers for skin picking and helped me come up with alternatives to stop that behavior. As well as exploring the reason why I pick and limiting the situations where it leads to that behavior most. I would recommend this therapy to someone else, however it’s easily dragged out longer than it needs to be, so be proactive with the sessions and worksheets. The longer you wait, the more expensive is gets, so stick with it and the treatment will be shorter and more beneficial.

Past client, finished the program in October 2020

I would sum up my experience as follows: it wasn't just the picking that was addressed but other aspects of my life and mental health (managing stress, my core values, my relationships). I found it very helpful with understanding why I pick and learning what I need to do to resist the urges. I found it most helpful to be accepting of myself and realize what I need to add to life to help deal with stress, anxiety and unrealistic expectations. I still have urges and pick but it doesn't feel like an uncontrollable problem anymore. I would absolutely recommend it to someone else struggling with picking. The program surprised me with how in depth in issues we went - 'under the skin' so to speak.

Past client, finished the program in September 2020