Break Free from Skin Picking

Our personalized online therapy program empowers you to retrain your brain and find freedom from skin picking.

Imagine a world where your behaviors don’t run the show.

You no longer think in limitations, and instead feel free to live life on your terms.

Suffering from skin picking is a constant struggle for control of your body and your life. Therapy is the key to recognizing your triggers and building the tools needed to change your response to them.

You’ve done the research. Now is the time for action.

We created our program to provide everyone with access to therapist-guided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The most effective treatment for this disorder to date, CBT helps patients develop important tools and strategies for dealing with compulsive behavior.

In just eight sessions, you will set goals and make changes that will allow you to stop picking and start living.

Learn more about how our guided CBT-based program works.

Evidence based therapy that works.

Our program uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you identify skin picking triggers and retrain your brain. CBT is considered the most effective way to treat compulsive skin picking among specialists for the disorder. This therapy is effective because it empowers the patient to develop responsive skills and strategies.

Professional guidance every step of the way.

Your case is unique, and your treatment should be too. We connect you with a personal therapist who will lead you through the program and provide individualized support. Every therapist is certified by the TLC Foundation for BFRBs (body focused repetitive behaviors), and specializes in the treatment of skin picking with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Work and grow from the comfort of your own home.

Your privacy is important. This is a 100% online program, which means that you can participate from wherever you’d like. Nervous about opening up face-to-face with a therapist? Your communication with your therapist is text based via our secure messaging system.

A fraction of the cost of traditional therapy.

We developed this program to make therapy available to everyone. Full access to the program costs the same as roughly 2 hours of traditional therapy. Even better, studies show that online CBT-based therapy is just as effective as face-to-face therapy.

Meaningful therapy from any device.

The beauty of a 100% online program is that it is built to fit your lifestyle. With no need to schedule sessions or visit a therapist’s office, you can access the program when it’s most convenient. Enjoy compatibility with laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Keep things confidential.

We understand the personal nature of this program. Special care is taken to secure your information. Anything you share with your therapist is under therapist-client privilege (a confidentiality agreement). You may even remain anonymous if you wish.

What Our Clients Say

Like tools in a tool belt, this program gave me useful and practical tools that I needed first to understand and then to deal with my skin picking behavior. Even after finishing, I’m still reviewing and practicing the things that I learned. I’m encouraged and hopeful for how the things I’ve received will continue to benefit me and others. And i would recommend this program to anyone looking for help!
First of all, I want to say THANK YOU!! You have been such a tremendous help and I am so grateful for that. You have truly changed my life because picking no longer rules it. I would love to provide my feedback: My experience with this program has been nothing short of amazing. Before the program, I felt alone and like I would never be able to stop picking my skin. Now, I don't have any problems whatsoever with skin picking. I will forever be grateful for this program! I would absolutely recommend it to someone who needs it. It works!
I would absolutely recommend this program for someone who is dealing with similar behaviors such as skin-picking. The program helps you to break down what seems like an insurmountable issue that you have no control over into smaller, more manageable pieces. Investigating the whys of the behavior is the first step in stopping it. Thank you for helping me to gain some control back in my life. I can leave my house without makeup on!

You can’t change what you don’t know.

Are you ready to learn the techniques you need to take control of your picking? Sign up to take your first step towards a life free of compulsions.

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Client Testimonials

I would sum up this experience as life changing. I learned more than I ever thought I could about my condition and along with that information, I was given the tools to successfully overcome my picking problem. It was extremely beneficial. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone suffering from this type of behavior. This program is worth every penny and I am so thankful I went through with it. I have taken what I have learned and applied it to not only my picking problem but to several other areas of my life. Because of this program, my life and my outlook on life has improved significantly. I am very grateful for SkinPick and my therapist!
If you'd told me I'd be where I am now back at the beginning I would not have believed you. I have not engaged in serious picking for weeks - perhaps 5-6 weeks- and my hands have healed so that I don't have to hide them and am starting to feel normal. I still notice strong urges when under stress and am aware I have not been tested more seriously, but I am applying the strategies daily and am overcoming the urge to pick - even leaving loose pickable skin alone. I could not have done this without the CBT program and am very grateful.
This program has equipped me with several tools that I can use not only to decrease the amount of skin picking that I do, but also to become aware of and address the triggers that lead up to the skin picking. I love that this program focuses on changing the way you process your thoughts and instructs you on how to reframe them as well as focusing on the actual physical behavior. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who struggles with skin picking or similar behaviors. I have tried so many other things and I am happy to have finally found a program that helps now and will continue to help me for a long time to come.

Build Your Own Tools

Take a sneak peek at some of the coping techniques you’ll learn over the course of the program.


How to be more aware of your picking, by recognizing and understanding your behaviors.

Replacement Techniques

How to minimize picking by replacing it with alternative behavior.

Reduce Environmental Triggers

How to minimize picking by reducing triggers in your environment.


How to stop controlling your urges and start accepting them.


How to distance yourself from your thoughts and urges.

Goal Setting

Set life goals based on your values and learn to live your life to the fullest.

We’ve empowered clients all over the world to take control of their behaviors, and their life.

We’ve treated thousands of clients with body focused repetitive behaviors from over 20 different countries.
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Latest Client Reviews

When asking our clients for feedback, we ask these two questions:

  1. How do you sum up your experience with the program?
  2. Would you recommend it to others who suffer from excoriation disorder?

Here are the replies we get:

The program was helpful to me and it clearly has been beneficial; paying the money actually helped me make the commitment, and the personal feedback kept me engaged and made sure I was understanding the program. I'd definitely recommend it to someone else.

Past client, finished the program in October 2018

I am so grateful that I decided to try this program. It has taught me so much about myself, my skin picking and the reasons why I do it. I leave the program with a compassion towards myself and the urges to pick. I still pick, but a lot less and less frequent. And now I am usually aware that I am doing it and am making an active choice to go ahead - whereas before it was almost always an automatic procedure that just took over. It has also taught me a lot about being mindful. Most importantly, I've learned to think of what I do in terms of whether it's something that aligns with my inner values or not. That is probably the most valuable lesson to me, because now I know that I don't actually want to pick. It's a habit and a coping tool that I've used for 16 years, but I have outgrown it and with this program, I can start to move on to making healthier choices by solving the problems that feed the urge. It's an amazing program for anyone who is ready to talk about their skinpicking. There's no easy fix for dermatillomania - this is a long-term plan that teaches you to soothe yourself and the difficult emotions in a healthier way. It's all about tenderness and self-compassion. It's gonna take some honesty and it's probably gonna get a little uncomfortable along the way but boy, is it worth it. There's no greater victory than accepting and loving yourself. Then you can take on the world. And that's the path this program has set me on.

Past client, finished the program in Sep 2018

I was somewhat sceptical about an online therapy program, but at the same time desperate after suffering for over 15 years and willing to try anything! In fact, this program has been transformative and far more effective than any other intervention I have tried, including face-to-face talking therapies. I am not totally ‘cured’ of skin-picking, but I have learned how to re-frame my thinking, not just about picking but also about the underlying fears I carry with me through life and manifest themselves in different ways. I now think about myself differently - and I have this program to thank for that. Yes, I would recommend this program. It’s not always easy, you have to commit significant time and energy, and be willing to be very honest with yourself, but it’s worth it. My therapist was excellent and very responsive throughout the entire program.

Past client, finished the program in Sep 2018

This program took me through a real-life learning process. I tend to be impatient and want to read/learn everything right away and try to implement it all at once. This program forced me to slow down and go through the process of understanding my habit and the root cause of my picking. I had to learn the hard way before I could begin to change my thinking patterns. Coming into this therapy, I didn't believe my acne would ever heal. I thought I would learn techniques to control the picking and accept my acne prone skin. Now that I've completed the sessions, I've learned two important things. 1. My acne and picking has very little to do with my skin and everything to do with my emotions and spirit. I used to view my acne and picking habit as a curse. Now I see it as a blessing that allowed me to discover my true values and learn about myself. I have a path to realizing true happiness and ease by acknowledging and observing the fear that my ego creates from an objective viewpoint. By separating myself from the feelings of fear and observing my thoughts, I can create a new approach to addressing or releasing my fears. Because of everything I just stated, my stress / anxiety levels have reduced immensely. This is causing my skin to clear up more than anything I've ever tried before. I know my acne can heal, because I'm watching it happen, and it is happening faster than I ever imagined. I've been struggling for 24 years. I've been working on this program for 8 weeks. The real learning has happened over the last 4 weeks and my skin improvement aligns with the real learning! I'm so excited to see how I feel and how my skin improves over the next 4 weeks. I would highly recommend this program to others. I live in the US and have a Health Savings Account (HSA). To my surprise, I was able to use the HSA to pay for this therapy. I visited a dermatologist and asked him to add this therapy to his notes. I then submitted a request to my HSA provider for the funds. This made it much easier for me to decide to invest in the program. Looking back at what I've gained, I would recommend the investment even if the HSA wasn't available. This is an investment worth making.

Past client, finished the program in Sep 2018

By the Numbers

Reduction in symptoms during the program
Percent of clients experience reduction in symptoms after just 3 sessions.
Percent of clients experience significant reduction in symptoms (>20%) by the end of the program
Percent of clients would recommend the program to others with the same condition

Stop Picking. Start Living.

Prior to joining this program, our average client had suffered from compulsive picking for 16 years. That's 5840 days of living with picking compulsions.
Are you ready to experience substantial reduction in your picking and see real improvements in your life in just a few short weeks?

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our program, you can contact us for a full refund.

A word from one of our clients

I have recommended this program to three estheticians. I hope that they will share it with people who compulsively pick. I think that many people suffer from this behavior privately and feel a great deal of shame about it. I want to tell them there is help available which is both accessible and affordable. Sharing this information with others has been helpful to me, reducing shame and cultivating willingness to openly acknowledge and address the behavior. I started this program because I was hurting. This program and the therapist brought healing, understanding, and compassion for my own suffering and that of others. There is a way to end the suffering caused by skin picking. I hope others will discover it and give themselves the gift of healing, self-forgiveness, and constructive action that can be found through this program. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Traditional therapy costs around $150 for a single session.

SkinPick offers unlimited access to your therapist over the course of the program for less than the price of two traditional visits.

One time fee

Normal price: $400

Limited offer: $239

You Save
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