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tamokonut , 17 May 2010

HI, I am new to this site/forum

Hi, my name is Tammy. I am new to this forum. I am not new to picking...but it has not become a big problem until the last two months. I am absolutely mortified that I cannot quit picking my legs and my face!!! In fact, this morning I had a major leg picking episode as well as yesterday and the day before, and I felt so terrible and helpless when I was done - which prompted me to look up skin d I found this site. I am 46 years old...and I have OCD, generalized Anxiety disorder, depression...ADD...and more, lol. I have been under a great deal of stress for a prolonged period of time...and then a couple of added factors the last couple months.l..may have been just too miuch for me emotionally. I have picked my scalp before, the most. I never thought of that as a disorder. But my face...I cant hide that and can't ignore it! I was amazed, when I finally looked up skin picking just a week ago or less...that it is associated with my particular disorders...but that so many people suffer from this. And like any other addiction/compulsion I know for most it is almost impossible to be "sober" from the addiction on our own. So I am gload I found this forum! When did everyone start the 40 day challenge?
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May 17, 2010
welcome, tammy .... you've definitely found a place to commiserate with others with similar problems as well as a site with loads of information and hopefully inspiration for you ... another site is which has loads of information, too, as well as a place to journalize and an online book to read ... there are more and more sites popping up about dermatillomania too so there's lots to take in ... as for the 40 day challenge, we each begin it on our own when we're ready to and keep track of our own successes commenting now and then in the topic ... again, i hope you'll find your inspiration to conquer this affliction. all the best to you !! <3

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