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flyersfan22 , 18 May 2010

how bad is your skin picking

just trying to see how bad other peoples pick the skin off there fingers. how far you will go, for how long, what your fingers look like, i just wanna see if mine are as bad as others. i feel comfortable talkin about this with people that have the same prblem as I.
4 Answers
May 19, 2010
I mainly pick skin on my thumbs, especially around nails. Almost always you can trace some blood, open skin that are sometimes deep and always red. No biting nails but skin below and on the sides of. My boyfriend thinks it's so ugly and terrible. But I can't careless though he is right.
May 19, 2010
My arms have been destroyed by my skin picking. It looks like I have pock marks from doing meth, although I have never used any recreational drugs. I can't wear tank tops or suimsuits. It's so embarrassing. My boyfriend always yells at me for picking, and he says all I need to do is just leave my arms alone. So much easier said than done. When I see an imperfection, I can't get my mind to focus on anything else until I pick at it. Now my arms are covered in scars, scabs, and open sores.
May 19, 2010
i chew around all my fingers, thumbs all around, there like permanently swollen, its so embarrasing for me especially getting out of a pool or shower, i hate when people ask about it to. i wish i could stop. they say it could be stress but ive been doing it for so long its like a daily routine. do u guys know if this could be passed down to your children, i have a 2 year old. i hope he doesnt start doing it to
May 19, 2010
my fiancee has grown on it, shes try to help me out, no success but it makes me happy that shes disgusted by it

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