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CandyRed , 18 May 2010

iPick the skin on my fingers &&iNeed help to stop ,

Hello! I'm 18 years old and I have been picking the skin on my hands my entire life. At first, I didn't see it as a disorder and used to yell at my mom to stop biting her nails. A few minutes ago, I stumbled upon this website and saw that it's more serious than I think and that I am not alone. I've picked until my fingers bled and worn Band-Aids to cover it up. My thumb is constantly raw and sometimes tender to the touch. I am in school now, and soon I will be entering the medical field and would like to stop picking my skin to cut down on my risk for infection. Please, please, PLEASE help me to stop. I've tried acrylic nails. They only work until I get used to having them, then I find a way to pick my skin around them. &&due to a recent fungus on one of my fingers from wearing acrylic nails, I'm trying to stay away from them. Please leave any tips to help me and others stop picking for good. =)
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May 21, 2010
Hugs and kisses for Candy! Thank you for posting this! I'm 66 years old and I also wish I could stop this nuisance. Looking back I find that this addiction fell asleep over longer or shorter periods when I was able to "live myself out" happily at work and overall. As for me I can say that imbalance is the trigger no matter what layer(s) of my intricately woven life is/are concerned. It also seems to me that the trigger works the better the less I'm aware of the particular imbalance(s) or/and overload(s). Could this be a clue to the way out? Right now, I feel there must be more of this happening to/in me than not so long ago. So I promise myself and you to carefully look at this from now on and come back here to report. Sharing this with you makes me feel less far away from breaking away. It makes me realize that I have never ever shared this with other, which may have made the knowledge less available for me when I needed it. Let us share our experience in a month or two! Will you?

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