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Xpick , 19 May 2010

Urge is so strong I don't mind picking myself for hours. Crazy?

I am 26 and I don't remember when I started to pick but surely started with fingers when I was little. Compulsive scratching of my legs for over 10years on he same spots until bleed, cuticle picking and biting until bleed, scalp, surfaces of both feet, and pinky toes are hedius and started to pick the skin around and behind both pinky toes. Of course until they hurt and bleed. I think I do more when I am stressed out, but Honestly also to get attention sometimes! Not my feet but fingers and legs. I was able to control myself when I wanted "them" to look pretty for summer season but nothing else motivates me. I like the pain and usuall doesn't care abt the looks, though I don't like to show. Fix? I will soon want to.
2 Answers
May 19, 2010
if you like the pain... have you ever considered plucking out the hair in your leg with tweezers. i did that for a while. i gives you that pain but doesnt leave the terrible looking marks. I use to do this in an effort to take the focus off the stuff in my face that I had a huge urge to get out of there.

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