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AR1995 , 30 Apr 2022

Words Of Inspiration

Use fear as a motivator to live your best life.

Take each new day you are given to better yourself.

Live your life as if nobody's watching.

Don't seek perfection.  Just do the best you can and then let it go.

Getting out of your comfort zone is scary but it's necessary so you can live the best and biggest life.

Don't postpone living.

Be willing to let go and move on from your past.  It's not who you are anymore.

Burst loose and don't let your fears keep you from living.

Faith is the strength needed to get through difficult times.

You can survive anything.  You are a warrior.

5 Answers
July 16, 2022

Thanks for sharing. I find that, after a picking episode, it’s VERY challenging for me to stay positive / optimistic.    

I’ve been having a rough week, but your post inspired me to share some encouragement / positive self-talk of my own…: 

  • You are not your appearance.
  • A pimple, mark, cut, scar, etc., does not make you less of a person. You do not need to be ashamed, withdrawn, or hidden. 
  • Perfection is an illusion — and everybody (I mean EVERYONE) struggles with something. 
  • You tend to over analyze and hyper-focus on your “flaws”.  Other people DON’T PAY AS MUCH ATTENTION as you think — Do you judge every perceived “flaw” on another person’s skin? 
  • Every second that you refrain from picking, is a second you are controlling the behavior. 
  • Setbacks happen. They are part of the process — learn from them, but do NOT allow the setback to catapult you into more picking. Actively push back on urges. It will be uncomfortable, but the goal is to lengthen the time between episodes.  
July 16, 2022

Thanks for posting this.  

I’ve been having a rough week, and it’s challenging to “stay out of the darkness”. I’m actively trying to “fight back” by challenge negative thoughts and engaging in healthier thinking…:

Thanks for inspiring some positive self-talk: 

  • You are NOT your appearance. 
  • A pimple, cut, mark, or scar on your body does NOT reduce your self-worth.
  • People care about how you make them feel — not what you look like.  Don’t let your insecurities keep you from engaging in life. 
  • You do not need to punish yourself or put yourself down. You are not a bad human because you pick your skin. It’s a habit that got “locked in” at some point.  You can “unlock” it…but it takes time, practice, support, and dedication.
  • Actively try to look for the good around you — family, friends, nature, etc. There is good when you look for it. 
  • Use your pain for good. Be kind to others — support/connect with others — we are all in the human experience together and EVERYONE (I mean everyone) struggles with something. 
  • Every second you refrain from picking — is a second that you are controlling the urges. Keep increasing the time between episodes — keep learning — keep growing.   


July 17, 2022

Thank you for your kind words.  I really do appreciate it.   

Remember that you are worthy of living just like everybody else.

God bless.

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