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wecanstoppicking , 16 Jul 2022

A Friendly Challenge

This friendly challenge is 2 parts: 


Part 1: Download a free habit tracking app — there are several in the App Store. I’m using one called Skin Pick. It’s pretty basic. 

Now…start tracking your picking. It might be a pain, but fully commit to tracking every picking episode for at least a week. It’s not to make you feel bad…it’s to help you learn about patterns. 

Sometimes just the simple act of tracking can lead to meaningful reductions in picking. 


Part 2: At your first opportunity, start a running timer / stopwatch (I’m using the clock app on my phone). 

Now…set a goal to NOT PICK for a specified amount of time (If you’re struggling with a picking episode…set a short goal to build confidence).  

Periodically look at the stopwatch over the next several minutes / days. Every second that passes…is a second that you’re beating skin picking.

As I write this, my timer is at 1 hour and 14 minutes…I’m trying to make it to at least 12 hours. 

If you pick — don’t beat yourself up. 

Restart the clock and try to beat your prior “non-picking” record.  


**Please share any other challenges you think would be helpful/motivating**

1 Answer
July 20, 2022

Update: I’m struggling tonight. I just had to restart my timer and chart a picking episode.    

My record so far is 49 hours.  I’m going to keep pushing…I hope you do too.   

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