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Grapefruit , 05 Aug 2022

Alternatives to Sensory Oriented Picking

Hello.  I have had this disorder for probably 10+ years now and, with proper diagnosis of neurodivergence and a sensory processing disorder, have the proper insight to actually start fixing this problem I think.  In the past, when I have tried fidget toys or attempted to cut the habit cold turkey, my efforts were either ineffective or birthed new and more problematic habits.  While it is not the only reason, my picking seems very tied to a need for sensory stimulation on my skin (as my skin likes to ping pong between hypersensitivity and numbness). 

I was considering buying a cheap face massager to use as stimulation during times I know I run into a risk of skin picking, but I was curious to hear if anyone has found anything that works better before I waste my money (or knows if there is some detriment to using a face massager that I don't know about).

1 Answer
November 22, 2023


It's fantastic that you've gained insight into your condition through proper diagnosis and understanding your neurodivergence and sensory processing disorder. Recognizing the underlying reasons behind your behaviors can be a crucial step toward finding effective strategies to manage them.

Fidgets and other accessories have been shown to be effective, however, it is also important to recognise that not all will work for your unique needs/condition and they may also not be effective right at the start. Finding what works best for you might involve trial and error is key.

I have personally not heard of face massagers being effective, however, this does not mean they are not. Let's hope others who have used this can also contribute and share their experience.

!! FYI, Skinpick is hosting a webinar on Fidgets in January 2024, you may find this discussion helpful.

Wishing you the best and well on your healing journey.  

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