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zmoder , 25 Sep 2022

31-yr-old looking for accountability/support buddy

I just came across this website & forum and feel a sense of hope. I am looking to connect with someone else who has mild to moderate skin picking. It would be nice to have someone to text or email when I’m feeling shame or guilt after picking or needing support from someone who gets it. 

I am in intense therapy currently for anxiety + meds, but it would be great to connect with someone dealing skin picking. Thank you.   


2 Answers
October 27, 2022

Hi. My English ist not Perfect, but i cant find a parson to talt. Im a Woman with many...  Well thats for private talk. Im also 31. Well writtig for me its not enough. I wanna See yours,and show myself cous my family and friends cant See that. I think that makes me feel much better, and you too

November 20, 2022


If you’re still looking for someone to talk to and have accountability, we can talk. We’re similar ages and I have suffered from skin picking almost my entire life. I don’t have anyone to talk to about it so it would be nice to have someone to talk to who understands.

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