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footpickaddict , 01 Nov 2022

Eating the skin i picked

Hi I dont know what i am supposed to write here. I guess i never really thought about the existence of a skin picking community but I like it. now I feel less alone, because I knew it was common but I figured nobody talked about it or didn’t want to.   

my problem with picking the skin off my foot, started when i was 7 or 8. then it was gone a while and came back super strong in my twenties. Not only do i pick the skin, but i have a problem with chewing and swallowing it to. I dont want to but its actually a soothing thing for me and i am not even aware half the time. I am looking for anybody who has the same issue as me? Someone who can relate and understand because  it is effecting my relationships with people around me. I try and I’ve been on several «breaks» or a period of time where i dont do it, but i always fall right back. What stuff has worked for you? Any advice? 

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