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Hazel22 , 16 Dec 2022

Toenail picking

So, I finally decided to Google "Why am I obsessed with picking my toenails completely off...I found this site and to my surprise I'm not alone! First let me say it's a comfort to know that I'm not alone...I'm so tired of just not being able to stop...I pick and think I need to stop or my toes are going to be red and it will be throbbing and sore enough to hurt to walk later...but it's like I can't stop. My two older children (4 and 7) will stop me because they know I will start's horrible Because I just wait for them to look away and I start again! How pathetic is that?!?! I've been doing this as long as I can remember but it has gotten worse the past couple years. I'm not sure why. My life isn't stressful. I have 3 incredle kids! A great hardworking husband... he is gone for long periods of time with being in the navy but I don't feel like that is connected to the picking...the time I normally pick is while watching TV. I want to stop...I'm not sure if I should seek out help or who to even ask for help...I also pick the dead skin off my heals to the point of my feet being sore and sometimes ill pull my eyebrow lashes out....Thanks for reading

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