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pickingHairs13 , 06 Jan 2023

Picking hairs/lint from fresh wounds. Anyone else!?

I'm new here. I've been searching online for years to see if anyone like me exists and I'm yet to find them!! As far back as I can remember, I've been obsessed with pulling stuff out of any cuts or wounds I've had, or anyone else's that would let me get my hands on theirs. If I saw/see a hair(lint) in a cut, nothing else matters until I remove it.. I could spend hours a day picking at it, removing every last hair I can out of it and I'll do that every day until it dries up, then it's done. If I don't have any cuts, I spend my days day dreaming about some of the "good ones" I've had and I think about picking them and how it felt. I love the pleasure pain of pulling the fluff out of the wounds, I love the pull and feeling of resistance and sometimes even the sound. I'm obsessed!!! The more sensitive the area the better.. a chapped lip cut with hairs dried in to it, plucking the lint out is one of my "banked favs". Am I alone here!? I have yet to meet one person that has this shared obsession 

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October 30, 2023


Thank you for sharing your experience here, and welcome to this space where you can connect with others who may relate to your unique experience. 

You are not alone, and it's not uncommon for individuals to have various repetitive behaviors or obsessions. While each person's experience is unique, there are similarities that connect many people who struggle with similar compulsions. If you haven't already, maybe consider joining the Skinpick Facebook group There are others there who may be able to relate with what you are experiencing and provide additional support to you.

It does sound like your behaviour has a negative impact on your life and causes you distress and stress. Have you considered seeing a therapist? Skinpick has amazing therapists who are specially trained in bfrbs.

You are certainly not alone. Bfrbs are so personal and often accompanied with so much shame and guilt that people often don't openly express what they are going through. Your bravery in sharing your experience can also help others to freely express and share their own experiences.

Wishing you well!

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