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Raineeee , 08 Feb 2023

Picking toenails & skin around (Seeing Dr finally)

I was Googling treatments to help heal the skin around my toenails & toenails and here I am instead... .  .  I'm quite embarrassed to see my doctor about it but it needs to be done. I've been putting it off for years. Because at this point I have no idea where to turn too for treatment on this one. I have made an appointment to see him tomorrow.  .  I'll see if my doctor will prescribe me with any treatment / ointment, or even to see a specialist... Who knows but happy to let anyone know what's given / recommended to me if you like, just give a comment.  .  .  .  I was diagnosed with OCD 10 years ago and as time went on, I picked up new things. Skin picking on my face which I can manage & heal with treatments, picking around nails on my hands, again which I can manage, the same thing with picking dry skin on my scalp.... .  .  But when it comes to my toenails, it's a big messy deal that I can't manage. I'm over it, I want to stop but I can't. It's gotten so bad that I repetitively remove my pinky-toenails. I use tweezers to get in between the skin of my big toe and the nail to remove skin deep within. Every single toe is either red, sore, the nails have become brittle, dry & dry skin around. I spend roughly 3-6 hours every couple of days just inspecting and removing something on my feet.  .  .  I always look in shoe shops wanting nice sandals but walk out empty handed. Wanting to have foot spas, pedicures etc but can't.  I'm wanting to go to Thailand this year but have been avoiding because I can't wear open toe shoes, I've already traumatised my family hah. .  .  Anyway, I guess I just wanted to vent a bit about this. This is the first time I have spoken of it outside of my family. It's kinda a relief to know I'm not alone in this...


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October 30, 2023


You are so brave and amazing for sharing your experience and feelings. It's courageous to open up about such personal things and what you've been going through. 

You are indeed not alone, and there are many people who struggle with similar challenges. 

Your decision to see a doctor is a significant step toward improving your well-being. How did it go?

Have you considered therapy? Skinpick have amazing therapists that can guide and support you through this.

You deserve care and support on your journey. You deserve all the things you want in life. You deserve to go to Thailand and not worry about your feet. You deserve to wear all the gorgeous shoes you want.

Don't forget to be kind and compassionate towards yourself. Wishing you well!

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