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valenkitty , 09 Mar 2023

picking at/playing with belly button

i come back to the internet every once in a  while to see if anyone else has this problem, i’ve struggled with it for a while and now it’s made me severely self conscious. i play with my belly button a lot, im slightly autistic and it’s a form or stimulation to me. i’ve been doing it since i was really young and now it’s discolored and i find it hard to wear crop tops and low waisted pants because of it :( i just wanted to know if anyone else who does this ended up with a discolored belly button and what they did to try and fix it. i’ve been looking into getting it bleached or piercing it to distract from it. i’ve been trying to get more comfortable with my body since it’s one of my biggest insecurities, but people always feel the need to point it out as if i don’t know it there. i just wanna try and make it better. pls comment and give some recommendations on what to do :0 !!

1 Answer
May 08, 2023

Hey Valen,

My name is Andrew and you are not alone!!! I have been picking my bellybutton since I was a baby. I have no idea why but as I got older, I thought it was happen less but it just happens more. I have crossed into another realm, I feel like sexually with it. But that’s another subject. What I can tell you is this. 1) consult your doctor before bleaching especially if your belly button is raw and 2) find things for your fingers to do instead of picking. Rubix cubes are my favorite, games, gloves, something. I still pick but definitely not as much. Hope that helps. 

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