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lolololo , 31 Jul 2023

Has anyone has similar problem?

In the past i have been picking hair follicules around areola and now have many hyperpigmentations, but i am not sure is it from picking or is it for ingrown hair/pigment from black hair..

anyone experienced the same? 

thanks for your help!

2 Answers
October 25, 2023

It can sometimes be challenging to determine the exact cause of hyperpigmentation as it can be a result from multiple factors, including skin picking, ingrown hairs, and even the natural variation in skin pigmentation. It's possible that hair follicle picking contributed to the hyperpigmentation, as constant picking and irritation can lead to changes in skin color.

If you are concerned, and if it bothers you, perhaps get it looked at by your healthcare provider. They may be able to suggest suitable treatment options (if required).

Wishing you all the best.

November 09, 2023

It’s from picking, when you pluck your hair it shocks your Follicle, just like if you pluck it over and over Eventually it will stop growing, eventually it will pigment your skin. Yes I have same issue on my chin and neck were I have couple think black hairs i pluck when ever I see them, 

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