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cherrycolalola , 22 May 2010

72 hours pick free!

Hey all. Just thought I would check in because its been a bit since I've posted on here. So I havent picked at all for 70hrs and 25minutes to be exact haha.(i use my Iphone timer to keep track of exactly how long Ive gone without picking. Its a great help I suggest trying it). Anyway I just thought I would share this small, or I should say HUGE success, since any amount of "clean" time is great. Im feeling hopeful today. I feel like if I keep doing the work necessary to stay on top of this addiction(and its a lot of work!) I can do it. and that goes for all of us. I have been struggling with this for about 7 years now, but I believe this "monster" or whatever you want to call it is starting to loosen its grip. One of the ways Im doing it is to keep the faith that it is possible to beat this and stop completely and for good. Hearing other people share their success has kept me going, even when Ive felt hopeless, so I hope that by sharing I can do the same for another picker. Don't give up, no matter what! One of the things that keeps me from trying my hardest (and often leads to relapse) is my scars. I feel hopeless and ugly and often think "whats the point?"...but Im recognizing now how unfair Im being to myself by thinking that. For one, surgery is an option. But even if that doesn't work I realize I STILL want to stop. Just to beat this thing. It goes beyond physical appearance I think. I just don't want to be ruled by it. And if affects so much more of my life than my body, like relationships/self-esteem/ my ability to cope(because Im always picking in order to check out when negative feelings come up) etc etc. Anyway, Im just grateful to have this forum to come and vent on/connect with people who completely understand what its like to deal with picking. I'll be thinking of you all tonight and wishing you nothing but success!
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